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Astrocam the 2nd

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Country: Canada
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Favorite book: Diablo: The Sin Wars and House of Night series
Member Since: Aug 29, 2008

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Into the Underworld

Novel by Astrocam the 2nd
Posted: Dec 8, 2008
This is a modern day fantasy, about a girl named Derian...

In the Dead of Night

Novel by Astrocam the 2nd
Posted: Sep 3, 2008
Abby's best friend, Tish, is pregnant. To make matters...

Hey, my name is Alicia and I'm 20 years old. My birthday is Sept. 28th, 1988. I have medium brown hair and hazel eyes.

I like to read and write basically anything.

My favorite band is Simple Plan. I also like Three Days Grace, Metallica, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Dragonforce, Papa Roach, Chris Daughtry, Faber Drive, Adema, Atreyu, a lot more.

My fave movies are POTC (all three), Star Wars (all six), Titanic, I haven't seen any Naruto movies but when I do I'll be sure to put them up here, The Simpsons Movie, etc.

My favorite TV shows are The Simpsons, or Naruto Japanese version. My favorite Naruto character is Gaara of the Sand.

I'm actually shy and insecure in real life but I open up to people once I know them.

I'm short for my age (4'9) a lot of people don't believe I'm 20. It gets irritating at times.

If you want to contact me, I'll reply to you.

I can write with both hands.

I have my close group of friends rather than a whole bunch, and it's really hard for me to make new ones if I wanted to.

I have a boyfriend named Jesse, and our anniversary is on the 23rd of August, 2007.

Because of my insecurities I have trouble finding a job.

I have a younger sister who's taller than me and she's 18 *sigh*

I have a cat, well two cats, a chinchilla, a bunny and two horses. No, I don't ride horses. My sister does.

How to Write Stories

1) Please spell check and use proper grammar, people. It's not that hard. If your writing program doesn't have spell check, there is such thing as a dictionary. Use it.

2) If someone leaves you a review that points out a lot of mistakes in your story, use it wisely. Don't say things like "don't diss my story it's an awesome story you're the only one who's left a bad comment and everyone else thinks it's great blah blah blah" Well everyone else just has no backbone to tell you how much your story really sucks. Thank the person who left the bad review because it really does help in the long run.

3) If you can't accept those kinds of reviews, then you're not a real author anyway. Suck it up and learn how to write. People are going to find things wrong with your story so get used to that fact. No one's a perfect author. I'm not.

4) If you're going to write a fantasy strory that dates to a while back say the 1800's, then write using the language they actually used back then. I don't think people in the 1800's used words like "OMG" or "She cried her eyes out." Research before you write.

5) Think of your own storyline. Don't do something that's been done a million times before, unless someone requests it.

6) If you're 13 years old then please don't write lemons. Lemons are what we call "a sex scene" and if thirteen year olds start writing them then what is this world coming to? If you can't say the word "penis" without laughing your head off or blushing bright red, don't write a lemon. You're too immature.

How Not to Write Reviews

1) If the only reviews you can leave are "OMG update soon" then you're not a real reviewer.

2) If you curse out a person who points out even one little mistake, and stick up for your online buddy author, then you're not a real reviewer. You're just a kiss up trying to get into the author's good graces.

Please don't complain and whine to me. I want to start telling it like it is, so don't comment if you're only going to chew me out. It would be so immature, and I'll just bite you back. Yes, that's right. I'm a vampire and I like blood. *rolls eyes*

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