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Doodle Girl

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Country: United States
Favorite book: The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins
Member Since: May 20, 2011

Featured Writing


Swimming With Angels

Short Story by Doodle Girl
Posted: May 29, 2011
This is an entry for zadudet1's contest. It isn't...
Tags:love, angels, friendship, children, drowning, swimming

Writing Portfolio

Still Just Ruth, here.

Novel by Doodle Girl
Posted: Dec 10, 2011
:) Please read it.

The Province Game

Novel by Doodle Girl
Posted: Sep 19, 2011
There are ten provinces ruled by one Capitol, ruled by...

Submit a character

by Doodle Girl
Posted: Sep 18, 2011
In the comments, submit your entry. :)


Novel by Doodle Girl
Posted: Aug 16, 2011
The village Taio was unknown to the modern world. It was...

Screw Normality

Poem by Doodle Girl
Posted: Aug 8, 2011
I took my quote, 'Screw normality' and wrote a poem for...

My Verison of a picture contest

by Doodle Girl
Posted: Jul 12, 2011
I know that a lot of people have picture contests, but...

Given a Gift

Short Story by Doodle Girl
Posted: Jul 11, 2011
We are all given a gift.

When You Cry.

Short Story by Doodle Girl
Posted: Jul 9, 2011
This song is based on a song I wrote. I really hope you...

Fun Writing Excercises! :)

Novel by Doodle Girl
Posted: Jun 18, 2011
Hi! Doodle Girl here! Before I start, this is not an...

The Face of a Fighter

Poem by Doodle Girl
Posted: Jun 1, 2011
I wrote this last night.

The Ocean Smiles

Short Story by Doodle Girl
Posted: May 30, 2011
Ocean is not a mermaid. Mermaids are just a myth, a...

Contest!!!!! :P

Short Story by Doodle Girl
Posted: May 30, 2011
This is my first contest! Please leave a comment saying...

Swimming With Angels

Short Story by Doodle Girl
Posted: May 29, 2011
This is an entry for zadudet1's contest. It isn't...

The Doodle Girl

Novel by Doodle Girl
Posted: May 21, 2011
The Doodle Girl. She likes to draw, and paint. But what...

The Evening Report

Script by Doodle Girl
Posted: May 21, 2011
This is a play that I wrote for my friends and I to...

My Shadow own.

Poem by Doodle Girl
Posted: May 20, 2011
A poem by me...its kinda cheesy but what eva! XD

I singing~I writing~ I drawing~ I acting

Online [  ] Offline [ x ]

Be good to the world, and it will be good to you. Or don't, and you will get struck by lightning. Your choice.

You broke my heart, I break your face.

I have a goal to reach 100 fans so please help me out if you like my writing!

Reading Requests:

Here is the deal with reading requests. If you want to give me one, read a piece of my writing first, and give a good comment.

Thats what I try to do when I give reading requests. But if you don do that, I won't read the piece. And mostly, I like reading

short stories. So, reading requests are always open if you follow my rule.

I love nature! ♥♥♥♥♥


I love writing, (duh) and also drawing! I don't like to share my real name online, but a lot of people just call me Doodle, so you can too! If you have any ideas for me to write about, I wouild be thrilled to hear them! !Thats all! Please read my writing!           My goals to accomplish on Booksie are to make new friends. Also, I would love to some day get into featured. That would be amazing!

And I would love to finsih a novel. its something I have always wanted to do but I'm not very good at commiting to it. (Feel free to encourage me along.) :P

I love animals and wild life, especially climbing trees. (Its fun to climb up high into a tree where you can't be seen and throw pine cones at people. It really confuses them.) XD

I don't like gum. I honestly never have. I find it gross, and it hurts my teeth. (RANDOM!) I am a proud red head. I hate it when people tease people for how they look. Its awful.

I don't tease people. At all. Once a friend actually asked me, (And I quote,) ,'Do you tease people? Because we are going over to make fun of her.' I obviously said no, and I made sure that they didn't tease that girl. The girl that they wanted to tease had disabilities, and to tease somebody because of a disablitliy is plain old cruel. I love chocolate! Most people do. Not everybody, though. If you don't like chocolate, comment on my page. Just type in the letter 'Q' and I will know what you mean. I love random polls.    

Recommended authors:

Zadudette1 (Just because your are awesome)

aj101 (Because she always gives me such sweet comments.)

Mckenna rose   (Also awesome!)                      

EvaJones- I love her novel called , 'I will Find you, ' SO much! You should check it out, and click the like button!


I love water! I get most of my inspiration from it.


Spoons are amzing. I ♥ spoons.

I love the idea of a fork in the road...inspirational. what inspires you?


Live, laugh love.

Life is like a dove.

Embrace, and be free,

or make a bitter enemy.

Quotes By Myself:

"Fight to the finish, so you get a slice of victory cake!"

"When the going gets tough, buy an ice cream."

"The world is full of dangers, but that doesn't mean not to explore them. Just bring bandaids!"

"I do art and create things to make up for all the destruction I cause."

"EW! Kissss--ing!"

"When you don't know what's going on, babble like an idiot so nobody else will either."

"Screw normality."

Coffee: Its what keeps us form turning into zombies evry morning.


>.<  |-3- |-_-'   Awwww! Little faces!!!!! In the comments, tell me your favorite little face ever, and I will put it up here with your name beside it. We can become a big family of tiny writers! :)




Oh, and random things about myself?


I have impeccable aim with a bow and arrows.


I have red hair, and I usually wear it with a braid.


I have hypnotized somebody with my brown eyes. >:)


I am an honor student in school


I have freckles, and I name them. :):)


In second grade, I wrote usually three pages a day of fantasy stories.


I hated writing in first grade because my teacher never let us be creative about it.


I can climb a tree faster than you can sneeze.


I LOVE the woods.


I have incredulous survival skills and knowledge.


I read at a college level.


I can dislocate my left thumb, and twist my wrist 360 degrees


I am a little underweight, because I have a fast metabolism


I do not do much for school sports, but I am very fit.


I have always loved healthy food, although I also enjoy junk. :)


When I was bored, the weather changed from thunder storms to a rainbow outside.


I wrote a short novel in second grade, although I do not have it anymore


Before I started kindergarten, I wrote a story book called: Pets Like Pizza, and then in second grade I re-editied it and added art to it.


My art work is in traveling display.


I think I have a sixth sense, reading people.


I am literally sychic. This whole past week I have been thinking things right before they happen.


I have a deeper understanding of heart wrenching determination, and an extreme sense of adventure.


I am cute, but do NOT let that lead you to thinking me weak, because I have more endurance, stregnth and will than most of you.

Doodle Girl has 20 Fans


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