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Country: United States
Favorite book: Crossfire Series
Member Since: Dec 4, 2011

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Review for "It's not love" and "the second time around"

Book Review by IceBreaker
Posted: Sep 20, 2012
Just a review for the stories.

The second time around(sequel to its not love) character pictures

by IceBreaker
Posted: Aug 2, 2012
Charater pictures for my new story

Immortal love: Born to die

Novel by IceBreaker
Posted: Jun 7, 2012
(Sequel to Imortal love will always be dead) Lucas Renee...

Born to die character pictures

by IceBreaker
Posted: Jun 7, 2012
character pictures for Born To Die (Sequel to immortal...

Sex kitten character pictures

by IceBreaker
Posted: May 25, 2012
character pictures

A rockstar's heart character pictures 2

by IceBreaker
Posted: May 6, 2012
the first pictures didn;t work. here are others

A rockstar's heart character pictures

Short Story by IceBreaker
Posted: Apr 5, 2012
character pictures for my story

My dark lover part 6

Short Story by IceBreaker
Posted: Mar 27, 2012
Jade takes a little trip to hell

The lust inside of me Character pictures

by IceBreaker
Posted: Mar 4, 2012
character pictures

Immortal love will always be dead Character pictures

by IceBreaker
Posted: Feb 4, 2012
character pictures for my fantasy story

My Dark Lover part 5

Short Story by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 29, 2012
Jade wants to get rid of her evil powers.

The chronicles of Vlad Tod........

by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 23, 2012
At the prologue of the book, D'Ablo is murdered by a...

My dark lover part 4

Short Story by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 22, 2012
Aidan and Jade have sex

The Half Breed Character pictures

by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 21, 2012
character pictures for the half breed

The Half Breed

Novel by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 20, 2012
A vampire uses a human to procreate a half breed son...

Character pictures for Stolen and Used

by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 16, 2012
Character pictures for Stolen and Used

My Dark Lover part 3

Short Story by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 7, 2012
Jade's and Aidan's date go bad

My Dark Lover Part 2

Short Story by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 6, 2012
Jade's and Aidan's relationship becomes closer

My Dark Lover part 1

Short Story by IceBreaker
Posted: Jan 6, 2012
Aidan quickly falls for a girl. But this girl happens to...

Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

Novel by IceBreaker
Posted: Dec 18, 2011
Adrianne is a seventeen year old girl who has to face...

Sex Toy Character Pictures

by IceBreaker
Posted: Dec 9, 2011
Character pictures for my story sex toy

Hey Booksians!! My name is Bri and this is my profile. I don't get on Booksie anymore except to reply to comments so if you're on my Booksie page, you'd see I have nothing but character pics and past fantasy stories on there. However if you go to my Booksiesilk page, whole other story. I write erotica and fantasy. But the majority of my fantasy stories have very graphic sex in it. I never know the exact age I started writing erotica but I have to guestimate I was fifteen. And now I'm eighteen so I been invested into erotica for three years but writing for eleven years. :) I'm pretty damn proud of myself. This is something I always wanted to do. So for me to find out at age seven what my career was going to be, I think thats pretty good. It was either writing or singing. Either one.

First coming here in 2010, I was under a different a different username and I made it up to about sixty fans. But I left that page in 2011 and came under Icebreaker. The previous page was deleted when Booksie gave birth to Booksiesilk because at the time, I was too young to be on Booksiesilk. But I am and always will be loyal to my Icebreaker page.

I have wrote horrible stories.Very Horrible indeed. lol.


1.The Lust Inside of me

2.Sex Toy

3. Sex on Fire

4. Dead or Alive

These are the main four that I regret. I feel terrible because Sex on Fire was going to be an awesome story and it was going to end greatly until I ended it crappily and abruptly due to the fact that I stopped giving a shit about the story. But its my own fault because I came up with the creation of "The Master of Sex" which developed in my head as I was reading the kick ass erotica Crossfire Series. Gideon Cross is the sexiest fictional character alive and I love him!!!

I make it a thing to write one story at a time because when I start thinking of ideas for another story, I lose interest for the previous story I'm on. And this has happened in many cases. If I wouldn't have had so many ideas, certain stories would have ended way differently. Stories like 'Sex on Fire', 'Bound', 'In love with a rebel', Fighting for you' and 'Buried in Darkness'. None of those stories ended the way they were supposed to. But oh well. Can't change them now.

I don't know why I'm so knee deep in erotica stories. They are just sexy, but it depends strictly on the situation.

My favorites are written from my sister/ best friend: Nikkibeth/NikkiLibby. She has read every last one of my stories since 2011. And now its 2014!! And I have read her stories since 2011. Since 'Sex and Romance' I knew that any story after that one, I was definitely going to read it. And shes come so far and she didn't think she was that good at erotica before but she was and since then, she's gotten better and better so I'm really proud of her. :)

Maddielove. Her story, Dark Secrets is scary hot!! lol. I'm pretty sure even when that story is done, I'm definitely going to continue to read her work because she really is a brilliant writer.

Hotstory4u. It's been a while since I've read his work but I've enjoyed all that I did read. He really has a very wonderful imagination.

Sammygirl118. Another best friend of mine. I love talking to her and she is also a beautiful erotic writer. She doesn't normally write erotica on her page but there was a sex for her story called "Black Lust" and when I read it, I was amazed and impressed. Me personally, it takes alot for me to get impressed from erotica. And she definitely impressed me. She wrote from a guy's POV.

Now for me, it is close to impossible to write from a guy's POV. But when you can write a SEX SCENE from a guy's POV, you deserve a fucking reward. So I'm so fucking proud of her. Love ya, Sam!!

Samantha2080. I don't think she posts work on Booksiesilk but if she ever was, I'd definitely read because she's been reading my work since 2012-2014 so I would definitely look into her writing if she was to ever post.

Fifty shades of Grey

I'm sorry but Gideon Cross would kick Christian Grey's ass. LMAO but they're both very hot and they both make me wet so its cool lol.

And finally, my sexy husband is....Henry Cavil. My man of Steel!!! Lol.


And I have 329 fans and my goal is 500!! It might take years but hopefully I'll get there one day!!


IceBreaker has 368 Fans


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