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Country: United States
Favorite book: Twilight
Member Since: Nov 27, 2008

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Just a Whisper

Novel by Renesmee
Posted: Dec 17, 2008
Nothing will ever be the same, or so thinks Ella when her...
Tags:memories, fiction, power, ghosts, science, dead, creatures, haunt, ella

Writing Portfolio

Pain and Misery

Poem by Renesmee
Posted: Mar 21, 2009
~~~NOTe~~~ Just because the title is Pain and Misery...

The Diary of Alice Spring

Novel by Renesmee
Posted: Mar 11, 2009
When Alice Spring is found dead at the edge of a lake,...

Just a Whisper character profiles :)

by Renesmee
Posted: Mar 2, 2009
I took all the photos from my profile page and added some...

Miranda (aka Tripped)

Novel by Renesmee
Posted: Feb 22, 2009
~I used to believe in everything reasonable. Until I...

Without Stars

Poem by Renesmee
Posted: Feb 19, 2009
My obsolute favorite. Read it :)

Only Senses

Poem by Renesmee
Posted: Feb 19, 2009
A short one I think explains a lot.

Mother, can you see?

Poem by Renesmee
Posted: Feb 19, 2009
I relate to this one a lot. :'(

Hear it Sing

Poem by Renesmee
Posted: Feb 19, 2009
Not my fvorite, but it still has meaning.

Life's Playing Card

Poem by Renesmee
Posted: Feb 19, 2009
This is one of the favorite poems I've written :)

Star light

Novel by Renesmee
Posted: Jan 26, 2009
Laila acted out in school, sent the teachers scurrying,...

Freedom (CheetahBear's challenge)

Short Story by Renesmee
Posted: Jan 15, 2009
It's a short story about a girl who finally finds her a...

Calling of a Fallen Angel

Novel by Renesmee
Posted: Jan 14, 2009
There was a search, one that would never end. The...

(XxLOVExX's challenge) I Am Somebody

Short Story by Renesmee
Posted: Dec 31, 2008
This is my story for XxLOVExX's challenge. I had to pick...

Just a Whisper

Novel by Renesmee
Posted: Dec 17, 2008
Nothing will ever be the same, or so thinks Ella when her...

Nightmares Are Reality

Novel by Renesmee
Posted: Dec 9, 2008
Nightmares haunt you when your sleeping. But what happens...

Drowning Waters

Novel by Renesmee
Posted: Nov 27, 2008
Alina and her friends were scarred by the way they were...


I will be writing new books, but I have some book projects, and a competition, and ... and... other stuff (so much i forget >.<) SOO... I might now be on a while. Just leave me a message on ma page and I'll get to it ASAFP!!! Just be patient!!

Loves ya -muah!-!! Especially you, Bells XD

The books that are planned to be in the demonology series(worse series title ever but i don't have anything else): just a whisper, forever rising, saving fate, and fall away. there may be more but it will prob. take me a few years to write those lolz

WELL, my real name is Emily but I go by Willie (or Lili, lol Jamie kws that :D) You'll almost always see a smile on my face, but I'm really screaming inside. i have a really messed up life, with hardly any friends. people make fun of me because i'm not like them. but that's ok. i'll do everything they tell me i can't. :) i really am a sad little girl in a world that wasn't made for her, but i'm not going to show it. just go through with life on a smile on your face!!  i write because that's just what i do and once you find your calling it's hard to ignore. and remember when i said a might change the title drowning waters to forever rising? well i'm not. i realize it fits the story. but now i'm considering forever rising in place of just a whisper [which is the first book in the demonology series(bad title but w/e)]!! lolz

And, honestly, I appriciate all the reads and ratings but I need some comments!! I'm only 11!!! I need to know how to improve!!! 

I write fantasy mostly, and it helps with my life. I can express anything I feel into writing, and that's the best part. I'm really young actually, but I don't let that stop me from doing anything I love. So I'm writing a book that is called Just a Whisper for right now, and it will be called that unless I feel the need to change it, as a short prologue but I don't think that matters. I just need some opinions and then I can create the story I've been dreaming of :P May you all keep laughing and writing!!! :)

I got more pictures!!! these are characters from my story Just a Whisper.


here's Alex (YES it's the guy who played Jasper in Twilight):

Jamie (imagine it biger and with color):

Annabella (her hair is longer tho):

Alice (her hair is a bit longer and her eyes are green in the photo, but close enough!):

FYI - All dedications go out to my 6th grade teacher-of-the-moment Mrs. Brusseler for always encouraging my writing and being one of those cool adults who happen to be my friend (NOT you, Mrs. Coyle. No offense but you're e v i l), and to Ashley P. (aka XxashleyxX) and Jamie S. for always being my friends and sticking up for me. I have tons more I could do, but those are my major ones :P

~Peace out~ Nessie

Some random things about me:

Favorite Songs (there's a lot so lol): sorrow, fully alive, supernatural, perfect, i'm so sick, all around me, penholder, and much like falling, and my favorite is justice and mercy [all by flyleaf], just like you, home, never too late, riot, get out alive, and let it die by Three day's grace (there are more but it would make the list muchh longer), love song by cruel black dove, face down by the red jumpsuit apparatus, come round soon by sara bereilles, i write sins not tragdies, build god then we'll talk, time to dance, and the only difference between matrydom and suicide is press coverage by panic! at the disco, meant to live by switchfoot, just dance by lady gaga, and decode by paramore. trust me, there are WAY more but that's all i feel like typing :)

favorite shows: SPONGEBOB!!!! (duh!!), ninja warrior (not as gay as it sounds), best week ever, and icarly (not my favorite but i like freddie (;D) and miranda cosgrove is a pretty good actress)

favorite movies: TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the messengers, and one missed call

favorite color: blue!!! (because there is a shade of blue for every emotion)

most favorite teachers: mrs, brusseler, mrs. reed, and mr. brem (i could say more...)

most hated teacher: mrs. coyle (no offense)

favorite make-up and hair product: eye stuff and a ceramic blade straightener that doesn't damage your hair!! (clap,clap)

well that's it ;) 

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