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Country: United Kingdom
Favorite book: Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling, The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, The Jago Series by Anon Amous, Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism by Georgia Byng and loads more!
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Peek For Picture Deal!

by SGAuthor
Posted: Jul 15, 2015
Simply a deal where I draw a character from your novel,...
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Castles in the Sky - The Worlds Above

Novel by SGAuthor
Posted: Jan 8, 2015
In the sky, you rule with glorious dictatorship. You have...
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Peek For Picture Deal!

by SGAuthor
Posted: Jul 15, 2015
Simply a deal where I draw a character from your novel,...

Castles in the Sky - The Worlds Above

Novel by SGAuthor
Posted: Jan 8, 2015
In the sky, you rule with glorious dictatorship. You have...

Prequel VS Sequel

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Hey CITS Readers! I am having trouble deciding on a...

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Secrets have been revealed and war is going to be...

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My entry for Synthesia's competition! Wish me luck!

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Silvia Grey Series - A Word From the Author

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Silvia Grey - The Power of the Night

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I very rarely see a Shooting Star so I have written a...

A Poem About Success...

Poem by SGAuthor
Posted: Feb 26, 2013
You might learn something from this...

Silvia Grey

Novel by SGAuthor
Posted: Feb 2, 2013
2030 was a year of breakthroughs. Most thought it was too...

For people who are reading CITS, I have updated a little bit. A lot of you have been complaining that it is unrealistic for a dagger to be blown away by the wind XD Right, so, I'm not a Physicist (I'm more of a Biologist), so I have now changed it to something else slightly different. Check it out if you wish! (It gets mentioned later on anyway). Also, the thing about Ricks' past being all in the one chapter was bothering me, so I have spread it out amongst chapters one, two, three and twelve. That's all! Enjoy the rest of the novel! Things get a lot worse-I mean-better, haha! ;D

I will be slower than I thought. I may take up to two or three weeks, hopefully less. I just realised I have GCSE Artwork to do for school, so I need to focus on that. Sorry for any inconvenience!

- I'm a pyschopath
- I'm dark
- I love things with gore, torture etc. 
- I'm an artist
- I'm a gamer
- I'm an animal-lover
- I love anime/manga-style artwork
- I LOVE Joaquin Phoenix! <3 <3 <3
- I am a determined writer, aiming to get published traditionally.
- I love Biology, Astronomy and Paeleontology!
- I am a dancer in street, jumpstyle and hip-hop!
- I'm dirty-minded (don't ask)
- My real name is Emma
- People call me Em, Queen, Emmz, Xeno, Nazi(?) and sometimes even Ranander (read my book and you'll understand).
- I'm a total tech junkie and love to animate, progamme, hack (don't worry, I won't hack you) etc. 
- I'm 15, but I personally think I'm strangely mature for my age. 
- My birthday is 18th of August
- I'm addicted to energy drinks
- I love graffiti
- I'm a Free-Runner trainee
- I hate potatoes, sexism and children (don't ask). 
- I am generally a nice and considerate person, but I'm an evil and unsympatheic motherf***er if you get on my bad side, hehe. 


My Books

Castles in the Sky 

In the sky, you rule with glorious dictatorship. You have servants. Riches. Entertainment. At least, that’s only if you’re a Shocker.
Ricks Wills isn’t. He’s a Water-Dweller, among the many Water-Dweller slaves on the second floating island. The only thing he can do is dream; dream of an escape to the mysterious Lower-Worlds, which the Shocker’s horrible leader, the notorious Ranander Flame, proclaims a myth.
But, when death almost takes Ricks off the islands, he realises he must escape off the three floating clumps. But how could a mere slave possibly survive in a place that no one even believes to exist? There is only one key, which is Ricks’ greatest fear; Ranander herself. 

Coming Soon

Silvia Grey (Updated Version)

The year is 2200.
Thieves, a race of once-human people who host many prevailing abilities, are the terror of the galaxy. They do not remember their past life as Human. All they remember is waking up on a table and having one instinct; commit crimes to live. They are the darkness in the world.
Silvia Grey, a forever seventeen-year old Boss Thief with a rather distinct feature, is threatened to be put on the most horrific prison in the galaxy. She knows she must escape the perilous city of Arcadia to lead herself away. The only option? Escape planet Earth.
However, when the money on her head gets increasingly jeopardous and a Human boy falls hopelessly into an illegal love with her, the grand escape to a better life becomes a pitfall of loss. 

THESE MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS XD This will be the place for my artwork section. Here, will be all the pictures of my characters in my novels, either rough or official. Feel free to comment. This will be updated regularly!

Ricks Wills - Chibi Version
I drew this on MS Paint. Ricks is my Protagonist, but here he is as a cute little Chibi!

Jay Sharps - HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) Version
For those of you who are familair with the famous YouTubers, HISHE, you will recognise the design. This is Jay, one of my Antagonists, except I have drawn him on MS Paint, and edited him with Gimp. Now, he looks like he is from a HISHE episode!

Ranander Flame - HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) Version 
The same process. I have drawn Ranander, my main Antagonist, on MS Paint, and then edited her on Gimp to make her look like a HISHE character. 

Ricks Wills - Quote Portrait 
This is slightly bad-looking, to me at least, but here is Ricks with his quote that would be highlighted in the novel. I have drawn him on MS Paint, as well as putting in the text with MS Paint. I have edited him on Gimp, as well as the background too. 

Ranander Flame - Electric Pose 
Here is a picture I have physically drawn of Ranander. She looks a bit like me in this picture, lol. Probably because of her eyes and hair! Its quite rushed, so yeah. 

Silvia Grey - "Ultimate Form" Version
Even though I am discarding the SG Trilogy and re-writing it soon, I am still focusing on Silvia's character design. Her hairstyle will be changing, so this is an older drawing. This is Silvia in her final form, after she gives up her last life. I have drawn it physically. 

Castles in the Sky - The Worlds Above - Main Females in Chibi Version
From the left, we have Ranander, Ells and Maria. These are really rough, and are just drawn on MS Paint. Well, at least they're kinda cute!

Ranander and Jay - Kiss Picture
I'm suprised that Jay and Ranander are the most popular couple out of all my novels. Jayander is the ship name that loads of you have been saying to me XD Well, here they are kissing in a hand-drawn picture. It's a little rushed.

Antagonist's Portrait 
From the left we have Jay, Ranander and Dash (who will not be introduced until Book 2). These would probably be my favourite characters, as I always love my Antagonists! These three will serve a very close yet mysterious bond in the future. I have drawn it physically. 

Main CITS Characters - Chibi Versions 
From the bottom left, we have Crystal, Maria, Ricks, Ells, Jay and Blaze. Crystal and Blaze will be introduced in Book 2. From the top left, we have Siloh, Ranander and Dash. Siloh and Dash will also be introduced in Book 2. I have done these as chibis and are drawn on MS Paint. Not edited at all! 

Ranander Flame - Chibi Animation
Not so menacing here, is she? This is Ranander as a chibi, except I have drawn her on MS Paint and then animated her on GIF Animator. It takes a while; you have to draw it frame by frame!

Blaze Burnz - Acrostic Drawing 

As I have said, Blaze will not be introduced until Book 2. Here she is with some adjectives that suit her personality. I have drawn her on MS Paint, as well as the text and then edited her on Gimp. 

Ranander and Dash - Facial Portrait 

I did this as a result of my boredom. This is Ranander and Dash, who are probably my most favourite characters. Dash hasn't been introduced yet, but I love him so much! By the way, Ranander isn't a Vampire, even though she has blood on her fangs. She's just sadistic that way! They're drawn on MS Paint and edited on Gimp. 

Ricks and Ranander - Flying Scene

Again, I was bored. This is Ranander and Ricks, before the grand deceit that Ranander pulls off (what's new?). I have drawn everything on MS Paint and then edited on Gimp. It's a little bad, but meh. 

Ranander Flame - Scarring Portrait 

This kind of shows off how twisted and sick Ranander can really be. For those of you who aren't sure of what she is doing, she's tracing her nails down her cheek to leave a cut. This isn't even in any of the books, but it is something Ranander would do. I have drawn her physically, with colouring pencils, a black marker and a pen. 

Dash Flickore - Normal Portrait 

A slightly rough version of Dash. I kind of took the mouth pose after Joaquin Phoenix for some reason XD (I love Joaquin Phoenix). This is the same format as Ranander's, with colouring pencils, black marker and a black pen. 

Ranander With Human Slave Picture

Ranander with one of her many, many slaves. Although Ranander never has an outfit like this, I decided to just put her in something new. Here, you can see the scars plastering her arms from her past, as well as bruises and cuts on the unfortunate Human girl. I have drawn it physically, as well as the background images with pencils, pens and markers. 

Antagonists Portrait - Chibi Version

These are cute, right? Haha, anyway, here is Ranander, Dash and Jay as hand-drawn chibis. I kind of rushed the colouring-in. I have used pencils, pen and marker. 

Main Character's Eyes - Portrait 

I did this when I was bored. These are my main character's eye designs, and if you can't see my wiritng, from the top to bottom they are; Ricks, Ells, Maria, Ranander and Jay. I have only used pencils and pen for these. 

Ranander and Jay (Jayander) - Couple Picture

Here's one for the shippers! Ok, in reality, Ranander would be about the same height as Jay, but I did this for the sake of the picture. Although they are both the most cruel, heartless and demmanding people you could ever meet, they still love each-other... for now, hehe. Anyway, if you're wondering what the writing is in the background, that is the song, "A Shocker's Lie", written by myself and it's in the first novel. I have drawn this only with pencil. 

Ricks VS Ranander - Army Side Picture

Brom the bottom, we have Ricks announcing; "we must lead them to safety." And, at the top Ranander is announcing; "We must bring them to death." The white people behind them are just quickly-drawn figures, showing emotions depending on who they're with. In Ranander's case, crying and begging. In Ricks' case, joy and celebration. I have drawn this with pencils, pen and marker. 

Dash Flickore - Realistic Version

I really love this picture, mainly because he reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix here ^^ (All hail the Phoenix). Well, here is Dash as like a realistic cartoon. I have drawn him on MS Paint, and then edited him for AGES on Gimp. But, he was worth it :3 I really can't wait to introduce Dash to you all!

Ranander Flame - Realistic Version

The same design as Dash above. Here she is, and I kinda have taken my own looks and put them onto her (since she turned out like me, kinda!). I have drawn her on MS Paint, and then edited with Gimp!

Siloh Shads - Realistic Version

Siloh is a little rougher here than the others, but I managed to get her out! Her hair is more smoke-like than the picture, and she is also slightly transparent. I can add a transparent effect, but I would need a more object-filled background. I personally think Siloh is quite cute XD The same process; MS Paint, then Gimp. 

Ranander Flame - Alternate Outfit Pose

Drawn on MS Paint and edited with Gimp, here is Ranander with a sith-like outfit on! She is much more catoon in this, maybe a mixture of anime, too! She is quite rough, and the background is confusing, but if you turn your computer's/phone's brightness up full, you should make out her wings and large collar. I'm not particularly proud of the electric though :P

Maria and Ryan - Sprite Romance

Sorry about the small picture, but since I've made it sprite, the pixels would be blurred if I made it larger. It was actually orignially a gif. Here is Ryan and Maria, sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S... nevermind, lol. I have drawn them on MS Paint (sprite style) and edited with Gimp. I think the background is pretty! ^^ 

Ranander Flame - Nabooru-Inspired Picture

If any of you have ever played; The Legend of Zelda - The Ocarina of Time and also know Nabooru (Ganon's Second-In-Command), you may be familiar with a popular fanart picture of her like this. I happened to come across it, and was entranced by it. It was awesome! So, here is Ranander in a Nabooru-like pose. She was drawn on MS Paint and then coloured and edited on Gimp. 

Ranander Flame - Full Body (Fake Outfit) Picture

Ranander does not have this outfit, but that is irrelvant. This is here in full body form, just posing like her usual, cynical self. She's kind of bright though, haha. The background is an add-in on GIMP, and I have drawn her on MS Paint and the rest on Gimp. 

Jay Sharps - Armour 

Not such a whiny little coward here, is he? Haha. This is waaaay later on in the books (last one), but I was in the mood for drawing him like this. Usual process; MS Paint, Gimp. 

Dash Flickore - Full Body

This dude took AGES. His damn face went wrong like, every time. Dash is probably the hardest character to get right for me, along with Crystal. I'm not too happy with his final outcome, but I still love him. And, you can probably guess the process! XD

The Shockers - Torture Scenes 

I actually roughly drew this when I was in a really angered mood -_- Anyway, we have (a really derranged) Ranander and (a really neurotic) Jay here, with some of their victims! Yeah, for those of you who don't like reading about blood and death and gore, I'd advise to scroll down XD Anyway, from the top, we have Ranander laughing like a maniac and announcing; "Your body is mine. Your screams are music. Your blood is my polish. Your lashes are my bracelets." So... yes, meet Ranander! From the victim on the top left, she is kneeling down with her hand stretched out, saying; "They cut my hair... and I'm his favourite. He makes me pleasure him in front of my husband who had his eyelids ripped off." DON'T WORRY. I don't go into THAT much detail in the book because of publishing reasons (quite unfair though). The girl on the bottom left is saying; "They used my eyelashes as jewellery. They plucked my teeth, too." Then, on the right side, we have Jay whispering in his evil little tone; "Don't scream... you'll like it." His victim is saying; "he likes my begging, so I try to stop. But, he's far too violent for me! Please stop..." Blah, blah, blah, torture, torture, torture, Jay, Jay, Jay doing his stuff, stuff, stuff. (AGAIN, the book does not go into such deatils. I cropped it out by accident, but the girl with her hand sticking out at the bottom is saying something like; "They took away my eyes... and I'm chained forever for their pleasure." So, that's an insight for the Shockers for ya and I have drawn this by hand.  

Ranander Flame - Cute/Evil Middle Fingers!

I did this from boredom. Here we have Ranander showing what she thinks about everyone. I think it's kinda cute, haha. The wording behind her is the song "Welcome to Freddy's" by Madame Macabre. I know it's originally a FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's) song, but PLEASE check it out because it really suits Ranander! Also, if you can see beside Ranander's fringe, there's the tip of a speech bubble. It hosts some lyrics to "Follow Me" by TryHardNinja. PLEASE check it out as well, even though it's a FNAF song, too. I have drawn this with pen and pencil. 

Maria and Nicky - Mysterious Anime Style

I decided to draw Maria and Nicky in this weird anime style I found somewhere on Google. It's done only with pen and some colouring pencil!

Ranander Flame - Another Darn Gif

The stupid logo keeps ruining her movements, but pretend it's not there XD This is a more advanced Ranander (it DID take me a while to animate, even though it isn't the best). I was originally going to programme a small app with her, but Gamemaker is a lot more complicated than I though. Pity, cuz' I had the background and items made :(

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