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Sora Sora

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Country: United States
Favorite book: I don't read books I read Manga
Member Since: Nov 7, 2011

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Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Mar 15, 2013
Sixteen years before Noah was born a group, including his...
Tags:monster, ice, strange, space, weird, planet, random, unusual, parasite, infection

Writing Portfolio


Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Mar 15, 2013
Sixteen years before Noah was born a group, including his...

The Hourglass Boy

Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Jan 26, 2012
There are times in a person's life where they may have...

Kid Soul

Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Jan 24, 2012
With Morlisa out of the way, Seen Academy seems at a...

Sora Sora Reborn

Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Jan 19, 2012
Sora Sora is back and better than before, well and...

Day of Rain

Poem by Sora Sora
Posted: Dec 15, 2011
I'm always here.

The Seven Siblings of Sin

Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Dec 7, 2011
Do you know what the seven deadly sins are? Kyle does....

The Name of Nobody

Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Dec 1, 2011
A story about a boy born with many secrets and with no home.

Kid Death

Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Nov 18, 2011
Who said the name of Death couldn't live on? Kid is an...

Little Chest

Poem by Sora Sora
Posted: Nov 11, 2011
What lay in my chest is something like a memory

Monster in my Dream

Poem by Sora Sora
Posted: Nov 11, 2011
It's tail crushed my spear

I'll Get You Back

Poem by Sora Sora
Posted: Nov 11, 2011
The pit where dragons lay

Mine is Shattered

Poem by Sora Sora
Posted: Nov 8, 2011
We're like a game of Chess.

Through the Sakura Trees

Poem by Sora Sora
Posted: Nov 8, 2011
Carry me through the sakura trees

Sora Sora

Novel by Sora Sora
Posted: Nov 7, 2011
Sora Sora is a boy with great knowledge over technology...


I'm sorry for those of you who jump upon this page, I've been doing a lot of thinking and have begun to rewrite a lot of the things posted up.

Feel free to look through my stuff, I point you in the direction of my poems.

Avoid my novels if you must.

If you end up reading one of my stories and you want me to keep you updated... you might want to stop by offten to see if I have updated... I get a little lazy when it comes to updates.  I'll do my best to let anyone know if I do update.

My updates are stated below my reading request information.

Information on me:

I’m awake by night and asleep by day. I will disappear and reappear randomly.

Don’t judge how I work because the way I work is like the way life is. Cold and pointless.

My name is Sora, I am 17. I’m a very odd person. My view of life may be much more different than yours. My life is absent of color. I live in black and white. I’m a piece of paper that has no purpose.

I have more than a few dark sides and I can’t help but smile and laugh darkly at things when they go wrong. I may seem very strange but trust me when I say “Where I come from, normal is the strange.”

Join me in the dark.

I’m a person, I walk, talk, and breathe as well as bleed. I live in my own alternant dimension. If you have questions feel free to ask me but hear me when I say “Very personal questions will not be answered directly.”

I must warn you, I can be a cold person, but trust me when I say “I’m a good friend when I know you well and when you don’t piss me off.”

I also enjoy reading manga/watching anime. I like to write/type poems and novels. Not so much short stories but I’m working on that.

Most of my work is very strange, I’ll admit, but it’s good, or so that’s what people tell me anyway. My novels are usually based around guys who have unusual issues (strange powers, birth defects, or terrible paths.) The antagonist in my stories is usually the pasts of the main characters.

I think my most recent success is my novel ‘The Name of Nobody’. I enjoyed writing it and I had a hard time stopping the novle.

I’m sensitive… I’ll say that straight forward. I cry at movies… a lot of movies.

(side note: I like to leave side notes when I want to leave extra information at the end of a story/chapter or poem. Also, I like to put a lot off ??? !!! and …)

(side not: My favorite to use is … so yeah… um don’t get annoyed with it because I feel that when I put … it adds a pause effect… haha…)

Information on Reading Requests:

!!!Reading Requests are Limited!!!

Please, if you want me to read a novel/anything you want me to read, it can’t be sappy (extremely romantic/girly), and it has to have some kind of antagonist or really bad situation in it. It also has to have a dark thing in it (character, place, thing, idea, weapon, just something evil) and it as to have a critical plot… it also has to grasp my attention (if it’s not humorous it will lose my attention really fast). A good story must have humor in it to keep everything flowing well.

(Side note: I’m not too into books written from a female point of view. I tend to fall asleep because I don’t relate to well with them…)


At the Keyboard

Feel free to leave me a message below and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.


 Read on!!!


I will try and tell you when last this profile was updated so that you won’t get too confused when I say a new chapter is up but when you check there isn’t a new one.

Latest updates:  April 5, 2012

I will work on a few more things as soon as I can.

Enjoy my work ^_^

Here are a few things I like.

This guy has had one too many eh?

Ao no Exorcist

I wish I looked this cool honestly.

Tegami Bachi.

My favorite look Lag Seeing has.

Generator Rex



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