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Country: United States
Favorite book: Pendragon (whole series)
Member Since: Aug 23, 2013

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Short Story by Sparxs
Posted: Dec 20, 2013
In a world where mafias rules. Virtue the most notorious...



Novel by Sparxs
Posted: Aug 27, 2013
March 31, 2018: The Federal Economic Insolvency of The...
Tags:romance, technology, survival, kids, adventure, action, forest, teenagers, kill, america, economy

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A Surreal Reality

Short Story by Sparxs
Posted: Jul 20, 2014
What happens when a simple nightmare... turns even worse?...

Pillow Fight: Part One

Short Story by Sparxs
Posted: Jun 13, 2014
When Earth is deteriorating and you have no way out, why...


Short Story by Sparxs
Posted: Dec 20, 2013
In a world where mafias rules. Virtue the most notorious...

Red Coats

Short Story by Sparxs
Posted: Nov 16, 2013
Marissa Reed's White Coat Ceremony. It's the day she was...


Short Story by Sparxs
Posted: Oct 18, 2013
Two people struggling to break a Luna-Earth Coalition....

Memoirs of a Freshman

Short Story by Sparxs
Posted: Sep 28, 2013
13 year old freshman Bianca is an extrovert~everyone...

Love in Texas

Short Story by Sparxs
Posted: Aug 31, 2013
A new law in Texas states that love is illegal since it...


Novel by Sparxs
Posted: Aug 27, 2013
March 31, 2018: The Federal Economic Insolvency of The...

Check me out on Wattpad!! SparxsII be my username I fan back all my Booksie buddies! We're like... an alliance! :D

Hi, there! :D

I'm Sparxs




For the moment I'm only taking requests from the next group of people:

Everybody! XD



Short Story of the Week:

None right now XD


About Meh:

♦Sole Goal: Be a graphic designer when I grow up :)

♦I love pie   •   ♦I absolutely LOVE SpongeBob SquarePants   •   ♦I am a Texan! AND I'M PROUD!!

♦Futbol Fanatic!! XD   GERMANY WON THA WORLD CUP 2014!!!! :D

♦Book lover!  WARNING: Sometimes (rarely now) I skip words when I write XD

♦Anime geek here! Otaku... ._. (In love with Fairy Tail, Mirai Nikki, Noragami, Sword Art Online, Death Note Shingeki no Kyojin, & Angel Beats) I am also the only person in anime history that does not watch Naruto or Bleach... (I used to XD)

♦I would like to say I am very intelligent   •   ♦I joke around a lot hehe...   •   ♦And if anyone is wondering, I'm from Earth, AND I"M PROUD OF THAT TOO!! XD 

I am IN LOVE with the color blue

I do reading requests cuz i love to hear what people write and it gives me inspiration! So ASK AWAY! :D


  ♦ I do not very much fancy any works under the genre 'Erotica'. So in order to respect thine wishes please do not consign reading requests to my page about the aforementioned.

Reading is my joy of life but can also be my plague. So I will state plain, "I will do reading requests for novels only on the basis that the novel is not comprised of more than 7 chapters." I am an easily overwhelmed person so I cannot read that much to catch up, my plague.

♦ When sending me a reading request please keep in mind that I have a deep endearment for the works of adventure, romance, fantasy, & most especially that of science fiction. So I may have a preference to read those first.


I never knew I could be that serious... 

While my time here on booksie I'd say you HAVE to read these novels/short stories

  • Blackbird by masharocks   ♦Short Story
  • I Would Be (poem) by masharocks READ IT!!  Poem
  • 365 Days Before by masharocks  READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Novel
  • Tangled by Joanna Strafford  READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Novel
  • The Downfall of The Great Race of Mankind by Jonathan DeLacuso  READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Novel
  • The Chaos Theory; The Cycles Series by Glowstck  READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Novel(s)
  • Holiday Man by The Novelist  READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Short Story(s)
  • Two Faced by Grief  READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Short Story
  • The Perfect Mis-Match by InfinityAndBeyond  READ IT!!  ♦Novel
  • Pain and Suffering by crystalrainweaver   Novel
  • My Dying Wish by MaybeItWasNeverLove READ IT!! ♦Novel
  • 5 Shield by Xander Berry Leon  ♦Novel
  • The Box by Puppet  READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Novel
  • Untitled by Puppet READ IT!!!!!!!  ♦Short Story
  • "After Hours" by Bill Schultz READ IT!!  ♦Short Story
  • A Very "Die Hard" Christmas by Bill Schultz  ♦Short Story
  • Aer by Sparkos READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Novel
  • Five Years of Fire by Sparkos READ IT!!!!!! ♦Novel
  • The Button by Mickeyjones READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Short Story
  • DA tales by PeaceDarkAngel READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Short Story(s)
  • The Dunn Menace by Callum Dunn READ IT!!!!!! ♦Novel(s)
  • "The Night My Neighbor Died" by Jonah Ryan READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Short Story
  • The Secret of Annabeth and Pete by Kenisha Liyanage  ♦Novel
  • Dorm 409 by AfterShock READ IT!!!!!!  ♦Novel
  • Moniters by katcher READ IT!! ♦Novel
  • Grey Eyes by cuddler98 READ IT!! ♦Novel
  • My Tears Hold My Fears by cuddler98 READ IT!!!!!! Poem


FAVORITE AUTHORS:  (in no order of favoritism)

  • masharocks
  • PeaceDarkAngel
  • Johnathan DeLacuso
  • Glowstck
  • Eden L
  • Joanna Stratford
  • Puppet
  • Sparkos
  • Jonah Ryan





In 2020,  The Federal Economic Insolvency of The United States, better known as the Crash, has left the US in ultimate poverty. The word 'rich' no longer exists. In order to win a ultimate cash prize, a chance to live comfortably, experience the many things the USA has missed out on, parents will put their children's lives on the line to fight, to survive, to win PKY2. Yes the cover(s) is(are) lame so far!!!! :P It's somthing I did in like 2.5 minutes! But at least theres a cover!!! I keep making covers for it!

1400+ reads

300+ comments

Copyright © Sparxs, 2014

All rights reserved

I can and will sue your a**... lol



P.S No offense to anyone, but I'm not a poem person AT ALL, no disrespect or anything but I'm just like not into them so if there's a rare chance that I even read your poem let alone comment on it, you're good at poetry.


Dear Bullies, That boy you punched in the hall today; committed suicide a few minutes ago. That girl you called a slut in class today; she's a virgin. That boy you called lame; has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the other day; is already being abused at home. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. You think you know them. Guess what, you don't. Copy and Paste this to your profile if you are against the mean bullying. I bet 99% of you won't. IF YOU HAVE A HEART, YOU WILL COPY AND PASTE THIS ON YOUR PROFILE TOO. STOP BULLYING! SPREAD THE WORD!

Sparxs has 81 Fans


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