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Star Curtis

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Country: United States
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Favorite book: The Outsiders, My last summer, Ink heart
Member Since: Jul 30, 2009

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You Wish

Novel by Star Curtis
Posted: Aug 25, 2009
Alexsis is 14 and she likes Shane. Shane's 16 and likes...

New Moon pics

by Star Curtis
Posted: Aug 5, 2009
new moon i care...enjoy?

Then comes Love.

Novel by Star Curtis
Posted: Jul 30, 2009
First come love. Then comes marrage. Then comes Star...

 HEY I'm Star.  I'm 15 almost 16 and I have 1 baby.  She's 6 monthes old and she looks nothing like me.  I have 1 brother and 2 sisters.  All younger then me.  I have a twin named, Justin. I'm older then him by 10 miniutes.My favorite color is Purple and pink.  even if i'm not a girly girl.  I'm not emo but I act it.  I like taking pictures of myself.  My daughter's name is Sara.  My real last name is really Curtis.  I'm single at the moment and I'm waiting for some special guy.  My favorite Animals are Monkeys and Pandas.My best friends are Loretta, Kaylee, Jasmine, and Rae'chelle.I used to date my now step brother/father of my baby. >.<Rae'chelleSleeping Emo Girl by Kaylee Kaylee</font><font color=JasmineMeMeMeMeLorettaGerimy (Baby's father) (Old)FAMILY!!!!My twin and i look nothing alike.  He's emo. My sisters are twins too.  My sisters Sydney and SophieSydney and Sophie again.Franklin (dorkie name)SaraSara againSara againBetter pic of Gerimy (New)

Heehee now my awesome friend quotes and pictures. [of my favorite things]

Acording to my best friend, Sara is saposed to be a boy...heeheehee...Soooo....hours I'm normally on...

6:30 A.M. to 8:40 P.M.

Grah hate me life at the moment...Why? because...Gerimy just porposed to me...AND he's my stepbrother...AND my twin Franklin, is gonna be a mother is disapointed...AND my mother is pregnent with Gerimy's dad's baby...what the fuck man! Isn't life hard enough with falling in love with somebody then their parents get married?!  Fuck the life i have! grah...Heeheehee stupid life i have at the moment...Hahaha I'm evil twin #1!!!! MWAHAHA!!!!!  Evilness rocks ass man!.

Heeheeehee.I'm a little hyper today...

Current Mood:Hyper

Current thought:WTF?! it's a twilight commercal?!

Current thing on T.V.:Jordin Sparks, One Step at a Time...

Look up then left what do you see?:A big stupid brown door.

Look down then right. what do you see?:My bed...

Where are you?:My bedroom.

Who's in there with you?:My daughter Sara and my kat Malinda...

How old is Sara?:6 monthes...

Are you unconfortable?:Yes...

Do you like to be called the ''Dumb blonde b*tch?:No...

Are you smart?:Nope?

Are you pretty?:Idk?

What's your favorite Animal?:Pandas...

WTF?! Can you stop with the ''...'' and ''?'':No does it make you unconfortable?

Yes:Good now I want Ice-cream.

Get it yourself Blonde sh*t:Fuck you.

Whatever.Do you like ice-cream?:Yepp I'm eating some.

What kind?:Vinilla...

What did I say?:Idk?

Are you scared?:Yes

Wanna take the stupid test?:Sure!

What's 5x5?:25.

What was the first quistion I asked you?:my current thought.

Sh*t your good.:Thank you.

Wanna marry me?:No...Who is this..?Gerimy? Steven?Justin?Franklin?

No.I'm Sydney.:WTF?! hey Syd?

Hmm?:Can I eat your poptart?

No:Whatever bye

Bye:Love ya.

Heeheehee hope ya for some random things

I like this...

I love elmo...

Hi tink!

Nom Nom Nom


that's me...In my world.

Itz a known fact.



No...I am at least...

Teehee yes it is..

Yes...TT--TT  no circus for me. TT-TT

I made it...

Hoped you like my super duper profile...



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