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Victoria Villa

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Country: Philippines
Member Since: Mar 28, 2010

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Love's Sacrifice

Poem by Victoria Villa
Posted: Apr 2, 2010
*Comments are appreciated and returned* This was back...

Rollercoaster Ride

Essay by Victoria Villa
Posted: Apr 1, 2010
*Comments are appreciated and returned* Rollercoaster...


Poem by Victoria Villa
Posted: Apr 1, 2010
*Comments are appreciated and returned*

A Thousand Links

Poem by Victoria Villa
Posted: Apr 1, 2010
*Comments are appreciated.* This is one of my...


My name is Victoria Villa. You can call me V V, you can call me Vicky, heck, you can call me anything as long as it's not insulting and as long as I know that you're talking to me. Doesn't matter anyway, Victoria Villa isn't my real name, though it has the same initials as my real name.

I'm 13, 14 on the 20th of July, and so on and so on.

I live in the Philippines. Pure FIlipino, though I do have Spanish blood.

I seriously think I'm bipolar. I tend to be incredibly hyper then suddenly depressed in the space of a few seconds.

I probably also have ADHD, but I drank coffee, and I didn't stay put. They say that if you have ADHD and you drink coffee, you'll stay put instead of being more alert. Don't know if that's true. *shrugs*


  • I have three brothers. I'm the only girl.
  • All my brothers, except for the one who's younger than me, are incredibly tall.
  • I probably don't need to mention that I feel dwarfed by them.
  • But then again, I'm taller than my Mom, so that's probably okay.
  • If you're wondering, my height is 5'3".
  • I wear Prada glasses which I suspect aren't entirely original.
  • I write when I can. Heck, I write every time, even if I have tons of schoolwork.
  • I happen to be smart. But not genius-smart...I think. But then, the school I go to has a reputation for taking in only geniuses so I don't know.
  • I want to travel the world.
  • I live to see France. And London. Oh, let's throw in the entire continent of Europe.
  • My favorite colors are blue, purple and white.
  • I don't like chicken much. I mostly go for seafood.
  • I can be a Grammar Nazi sometimes.
  • I can sing and play the piano, but I'm average, in my opinion.
  • I'm afraid of heights. And being alone. And death. And let's not forget breakable objects.
  • I go on when I'm bored. It's kinda fun.
  • I have a Facebook account. And a Twitter, Blogger, LiveJournal, Friendster, MySpace, and Formspring.Me.
  • This is becoming one long list.
  • But I don't really care.
  • No, I am not pretty.
  • Learn more about me by looking at my profile pic and zoom in a little.
  • I am brutally honest.
  • "Popular" doesn't exist. Only "socially outcast". Except, how come there is an outcast if there's no one popular?
  • I want to bang on drums.
  • I've had some pretty harsh experiences. Like, for instance, being robbed.
  • I am gullible. *sighs* Yeah, I'm workin' on it.
  • I'm starting to write random stuff.
  • Ooh, which reminds me! I sing the alphabet when things get too quiet.
  • Or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
  • Or any nursery rhyme, really.
  • I like talking about myself in third person. Sometimes. In fact, I create stories about what I do.
  • Victoria Villa is extremely crazy and weird.
  • Victoria Villa would like to end this here now, before she completely loses her marbles.

My Works

I will mostly write novels and poems, essays when I feel like it. I used to be a Fanfiction. net writer and I still am. You can find me there under the pen name troubadour12. I took a break from writing fanfics because I felt the need to write original works of mine. I am also on, under the pen name, Spica Centauri. However, I suggest that you don't visit those sites because I was acting a whole lot immature back then.

I've been a writer since eight years old and I've won awards to my credit. But I still think that what I've done so far --- they're not good enough yet. I have so much to say, so much to tell.

I hope you enjoy reading what I write. But most of all, I hope that you give me the full benefit of you opinion through your comments.


I'm obsessed with finding more covers of popular songs that Christina Grimmie made. She's on YouTube, and her username is zeldaxlove64. Gotta love her hair and, especially, her voice. Please do support her:)


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