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Yuki Chloe

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Country: Australia
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Favorite book: Dark Heart Rising
Member Since: Jun 14, 2013

Featured Writing


My Boy Shiro

Short Story by Yuki Chloe
Posted: Feb 12, 2014
***Warning*** this is a Gay story. Don't like it don't...


Student x Teacher (Novel One - Shiro's Story)

Novel by Yuki Chloe
Posted: Jun 15, 2013
Tags:yaoi boy

Writing Portfolio

My Boy Shiro

Short Story by Yuki Chloe
Posted: Feb 12, 2014
***Warning*** this is a Gay story. Don't like it don't...

The Light That Passed Through The Clouds

Short Story by Yuki Chloe
Posted: Oct 29, 2013
A boy named Joseph lives with his mum in Lyonshall...

Student x Teacher (Novel One - Shiro's Story)

Novel by Yuki Chloe
Posted: Jun 15, 2013

Dark Love

Novel by Yuki Chloe
Posted: Jun 14, 2013
Three hundred years ago, a war between Vampires and...

Hello everyone, My name is Chloe.

I haven't read many books but i'm up for great stories.

I want to be a writer and share my ideas.

I'm sorry if my updating is slow but I hope to update as fast as I can for my fans <3 Love you all!!!


I am currently OFFLINE due to mass of homework so i will get to requests soon :)


I'm currently writing a Yaoi novel called Student x Teacher.

Oh and thank you so much guys!! My first chapter of Student x Teacher has reached 730 reads!! Im so happy :)

I drew the picture myself but I'm not so good at drawing my own anime but as long as it looks right enough then I'm happy with it. :) I love drawing so I'm hoping to draw all my covers for my novels

My lovely bestfriend (Booksie name: AmbyRose) edited my drawing and this is the new cover for Student x Teacher:


So far I'm really happy with the results and happy comments :)

Thankyou so much everyone for your lovely support. It has made me really happy that people are liking my work as it's my first time publishing online or showing my writing to anyone.

I hope to please everyone and create a happy and peaceful environment for those bookworms and other people who like to read in their spare time <3

I Finished working on a writing piece which I was by a competition (Credits to: Wendy Lane)

Title: The Light That Passed Through The Clouds


It's about a boy named Joseph who lives with his mum in Lyonshall England. There has been dark clouds covering the whole of England for weeks now with no proper reason to why Joseph's dad left him and his mum three years ago and they fight to look after their property with lots of farm animals. Something bad happens and Joseph goes on a journey trying to break through his depression which builds up inside of him. There is a lone tree which people believe that it is possessed with evil as three people have died over the last ten years. Joseph goes to the tree and discovers a huge secret.

My Boy Shiro

This above is my new short story. It is a fanfic of Student x Teacher. This is Yuusei Goto's story as he is the protangonist and he struggles to get through his days knowing he is in love with Shiro Jujin. In this fanfic Akatsuki Tanazuki doesn't play a part or basically doesnt exist in this short story. I wrote this for new readers and fans of YuusiexShiro to show what kind of life as high schooler they have together. My short story only says about Yuusei's troubles in trying to get Shiro's attention bit has a sweet and emotional ending. 

Thank you for 280 reads <3 and lovely comments!


The kind of stories i like to read are fantasy. Mostly Vampire stories as well as gay/Yaoi stories

My Favourite Yaoi stories are:

1. Junjou Romantica

2. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

3. Loveless

4. Elektel Delusion

5. Kirepapa

I have more favourites but there are way too many to list!!

I don't judge people whether they are gay, lesbian, Bisexual etc. I'm a big supporter and just wish people could accept the difference.


I'm an odd person as I listen to asian music eventhough i have only learned a tiny bit of Japanese. I basically only know english ^^"

My favourite japanese band is:

One Ok Rock


I also love reading the Japanese graphic novels too.

With my stories I just want to see if im up for becoming an Author.

I want to be an author as a side hobbie when I'm older.

My current reading list on Booksie:

An Otaku's Destiny - DemonWriter

Julians Andrew - panda window

For the Under-Joyed - AmiableCannibals

Out of the Closet - Korbl

Out of the Closet - eboniewritesfiction

Meeting Christian - eboniewritesfiction

Our secret - Msthinkpink

Lost In Love - AMS1971

Feel guilty, VERY guilty - BlackGoth

Heart Without A Beat - ckyourlove

Unexpected Romance - sadlittlecreature


Thank you guys so much for the support :)


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