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Country: United States
Favorite book: The Night Angels Trilogy, Epic, The Maze Runner
Member Since: Apr 27, 2011

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Live By The Sword

Novel by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: May 7, 2012
They are the invisible population. They work from the...
Tags:death, romance, murder, action, bloodshed, ninjas, zuletskiboy, daniel kobayashi, aika inazuma, protolabz


Fires of Revenge

Novel by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Sep 18, 2011
Aitheria, a land ravaged by war and bloodshed. The once...
Tags:revenge, war, magic, murder, friendship, fantasy, adventure, betrayal, bloodshed, medieval, zuletskiboy

Writing Portfolio

Mard of the Blue Flame

Novel by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Mar 31, 2015
A boy awakens, naked, with no memory in he bustling...

Chuusei no Ishi - Stone of Ages

Novel by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Apr 5, 2013
Kagawa Kazuto, a seventeen-year-old city boy, travels...

Area 11

Short Story by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Jan 7, 2013
The year is 2068. Half a century after the Great World...

The Girl I Was Dumb Enough To Fall For Pt. 1

Short Story by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Sep 24, 2012
A story of the rise and downfall of the one girl I can...

Live By The Sword

Novel by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: May 7, 2012
They are the invisible population. They work from the...

A False Sense of Love

Short Story by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Feb 9, 2012
A friend of mine wrote one so I figured if he had the...

Fires of Revenge

Novel by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Sep 18, 2011
Aitheria, a land ravaged by war and bloodshed. The once...

The Murder of Alex Zuletski

Novel by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Jun 7, 2011
Woodsburg… a quiet little town in central Ohio. A town...

That Spring Day

Short Story by ZuletskiBoy
Posted: Apr 28, 2011
Just a short story on how my two favorite characters I...






Please note that none of these are drawn by me or have anything to do with me. They are the general image of my characters and full credit goes to the artists who drew them (whoever they are).


Rylek of Ruine (In drawing phase)

This is the most generic image I can find that best suits our hero protagonist. I've always imagined a boy with short(ish) pale silver hair. I know I have black written in the story (which I changed actually) but when I see Rylek I always think silver.


Mei of ????

Mei is one of my more mysterious characters for the time being (ooooo plot hole :O). Anyways, again with the hair color change. I know I wrote black (as Rylek had been) but I like her with brown hair better now that I think about it. She supposedly has a long red ribbon tied to the top of hair that sways down to her shoulder level (which I know I haven't mentioned, but it didn't seem that important). I don't know what to say about the outfit so I'll skip that. The only other feature that made me believe this was the Mei I was looking for was that rack :P. Lol Mountain Breasts.


Jamin of (the late) Freina

This is more of a base-off than an actual design. For any of you anime lovers out there, you'd know immediately who this man is :P. Anyways, this is the first time I've mentioned Jamin's village (which will be brought up soon). Jamin's always been the badass, obnoxious, muscular man that this character has always been. After finishing the series, I really wanted to base a character off him. And so, Jamin was born.


Hugo of ????

Many of you major anime goers could get this in an instant. Again, based-off this character from the popular running anime, Naruto, Hugo was born. His hairstyle pretty much suits what I see Hugo as. Just imagine away the headband and swirls and that's pretty much Hugo.


(Princess) Yuno of Laguran

Behold Yuno, Princess of Argarnia and heiress to the throne. I've been waiting a long time to post this and finally I can. This is literally the exact image I had in my head when I thought about this. The trimmed hair, gold bands, bright red eyes, extravagent dress. All of it.... well a few flaws. EVERYTHING'S GOTTA HAVE FLAWS :D! I will be drawing her in both her traveling gear and her royal outift after Rylek.



Marian of Ja'nel?

Yes, this is the EXACT character I was thinking of when I created Marian. The girl in the pic is actually from an XBox game called "Tales of Vesperia." But, besides the goggles that's Marian. Nothing more to say. I just love the actual character in the game so much xP. And yes the '?' is on purpose. Rylek found Marian in Ja'nel but it doesn't necessarily mean that she is from Ja'nel. Again, another HUGE spoiler it would be if I told you her origins.


and so without further a due




About me:

The name's Aaron, but I prefer Zuff, my nickname.

I'm 18 and a Senior in High School.

I'm a nice guy with a strong PASSION for writing.

I Love Anime/Manga <3 (No I'm not Asian :P)

My favorite is character is definitely SHANA




Admit it, she's cute ;D


I love Japanese Music

Preferably KOTOKO, Hearts Grow, UVERworld, Nami Tamaki, ClariS, FictionJunction, DJ SHIMAMURA and Chocho :D!



No I'm not Asian, I'm CaucASIAN ;D


Anything else about me is classified >.> But you're welcome to ask



Anyone with a writing challenge for me feel free to try me, I've got an overactive imagination.


Also feel free to ask me to read your work, I'll gladly check it out since I don't read as much as I want to.


However, I'll only be reading 5 series' at a time. So make sure you get to me first.


Reading List:

1. Tales of an Assassin series by FallenNinjaRouge

2. The Normal Magic by Jingle Q

3. D.E.A.D series by FallenNinjaRouge

4. Lovely Complex by Entangled



I like to update weekly (at least a chapter or two a week) so I'm kinda slow. I try to focus on "Quality not Quantity".


Need a fan? I fan for a fan in return (No, I'm not being a fan whore. I like to get to know more people.)

Any other questions? Leave a comment on my page or email me at


Also, check this dude out -------> VDHWriter



He's cool and he's my bro ;D (Bro as in close friend not as in brother)


You're not checking him out if you're reading this.


Really he's a cool guy!


Okay you're a jerk if you're still reading this.


Fine be that way!




Want to reach me faster?


I am:


[ ] Online     [ ] Offline     [ ] Busy/Writing     [ ] Reading     [X] School and Shiz




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