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A Wiccans GoodNight Kiss

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Country: United States
Favorite book: Twilight Series, House of Night novels, Hero at Large, Riley Park, Bus 768, and I have many others!
Member Since: Sep 9, 2010

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Broken Promises (song lyrics)

by A Wiccans GoodNight Kiss
Posted: Sep 12, 2010
I'm tired of being played with, and I'm tired of him...
Tags:love, romance, song, songs, promises, emo, heart broken, song lyrics, bad romance

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Humanoid (song lyrics)

by A Wiccans GoodNight Kiss
Posted: Sep 12, 2010
People are always telling me who to be, what to say, what...

Broken Promises (song lyrics)

by A Wiccans GoodNight Kiss
Posted: Sep 12, 2010
I'm tired of being played with, and I'm tired of him...

 -I'm Single!-  

 Totally Randome Things About Me!..... 

1. My names Ashley but I go by Shepered

2. All my nicknames are Shepered, Ashy, Wolfy, Angel, Darkest Burning Star, and other then that I'm always looking for new nicknames!

3. I'm bi....yes I'm bi! Deal with it

4. I'm single!!!!!!!!!!

5. I like neon and dark colors, but I also like preppy colors.

6. I love the supernatural

7. I want to become a K-9 police officer one day, MABE a laywer, and of course be a famous author.

8. I'm always looking for new writing contests to enter.

9. I have my own unique style

10. I have my own UNIQUE style, so don't judge me.

11. I am goth, punk, rocker, emo, vampire, but also preppy princess, ect....

12. I LOVE animals, I'm a total animal freak.

13. I am a total music freak.

14. I like country, pop, rock, all types of metal, hip-hop, even rap (like Ludacris).

15. Speak any language you want to me because I'll just use an online translater and speak the same launguage back to you.

16. I LOVE to write, and I'm ok with reading.

17. I am an extreamly fast typer.

18. Sometimes I spell things the way  I want to, so if it's misspelled don't get mad, either I do it on pourpose or I just don't know how to spell it.

19. I'm in the 8th grade!

20. I am hoping one day I can go to ITT Tech!

21. I am SUPER into the supernatural.

22. I am BIG on texting.

23. I am 13 right now.

24. I turn 14 on October 14th.

25. I'm big on watching T.V.

26. I sometimes sketch.

27. I do update my pics as much as I can.

28. I update my "About Me" alot.

29. I love to own dogs, and one day I want to own horse(s).

30. I am currently looking for a bf or gf.

31. I DO online (or long distance,) dating, I'll treat you just like I would if you were here physically with me.

32. I'm not going to open up to people and tell them all kinds of poursinal things about me until I really...really get to know you.

33. If you become my fan...I'll become yours.

34. If I become your fan..I ask you to become mine.

35. I don't have an MSN, so don't ask for it please. I don't like msn. I used it for a while and it just isn't my type.

36. I have a yahoo though. It's

37. If you want to add my yahoo IM, use my one. If you want to send me an e-mail send it to

38. I'm currently trying to grow my hair out, I have short hair right now and I want it long.

39. I don't take critical judgements well, so please, be nice to me.

40. I'm BIG TIME emo. I don't cut myself, but I do break down crying and get hurt realy easily.

41. I am EXTREAMLY-EXTREAMLY-EXTREAMLY affecinate. It's a good thing for people who like attention. If your someone who dosen't like affection, don't date me.

42. I tend to say "I love you" to really close friends. Don't think if I say I love you don't think I have a crush on you or that I'm going homo on you. I'll always say "I love you (as a...'friend', 'Best friend', 'Sister', 'Brother', ect.) 

43. SOMETIMES I'll take pics I really like offline and either put them as my user pics (no they won't be of other people,) and probly animations I like. Sometimes I make my own pics, and other times I just edit pics.

44. I LOVE Jane Lynch, she's an AMAZING actress, so is Miranda Cosgrove, Nathen Kress, ALL  the band members of Big Time Rush, Jennifer McCurdy, and Jenniffer Love Hewitt.

45. I don't care for myspace. To much stuff and rummors go around. I get that enough in school.

46. If you wanna pick a fight with me-go ahead. I'll either fight back or I wont.

47. I like to read-sometimes. But I'm more of a writer then anything.

48. IF I were to write somthing that sounds familar to something you've, someone else you know, or a famous author wrote. Just tell me. I don't mean to playgorize. I really don't like doing that. So please, BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But tell me.

49. I have an amazing younger sister, her names Katelyn. She is amazing, and is somewhat like me. But she's not exactly like me. Thats why we make such good friends.

50. I am ALWAYS looking for new friends to talk to, and always appreciate comments on my work. They mean alot, as well as fan requests! Please comment on my work (when I post them up,) and become my fan. Lastly, when you become my fan, either say yes to e-mail updates or check my page for new writings cuz when I get to many fans, I'm not gonna update them. Sorry for the inconvinence!                                          

Well, thats all I have to say. I will add more on my about me as time gose on. Hopefully these basics will tell you somthing about me!

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