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A fast paced story that takes a stab at all things vampire, at the same time pays it homage. Join Jacob Morris the greatest hunter to ever live. His latest case forces him to team up with what he hates most; a vampire. Not just any vampire though, but Kali Coldbane the daughter of Coven under boss Nicholai Coldbane. http://goo.gl/rbaku If you want to read more checkout my site. Thanks!

Submitted:Oct 16, 2012    Reads: 153    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

I hate Vampires

A chance to dream is a chance to remember:

"Ok son when the suck head shows himself put one right in his head, don't worry this baby will take its head clean off." Jacob's father held up one of the .50 cal, BMG rounds for the Barrett Jacob held. Jacob's mother was sitting on the park bench facing them as a shadowy figure stirred well behind her. "Here we go son, get ready'" his father said in a hushed voice. Jacob sighted up the shape, and waited for it to come into the light a little more. His mother mouthed to him, you can do it, as she smiled at him, and though they were far away the scope on the rifle was powerful. Jacob took in a slow and steady breath ready to let it out just before he fired. "Don't puss out on me son, that's how your brother died," His father needlessly chided. Jacob could now see the face of the vampire who came into the light that over hung the park bench, he was a young boy, well at least looked like one, his clothes were tattered, and messy, and the look on his face was that of any hungry person moments away from their first meal in ages. Sympathy flooded his heart, the kid was just starving, and the thought of "why couldn't they help him" came to mind. "Don't hesitate, and go all Nancy-boy on me," His father chastised. He fired, he didn't ever remember making the decision, or choice to, it just happened. Sure enough the oversized and power bullet took the vampire boy's head right from his shoulders in a horrifying spray of red chunks. A slap on his back, "that's my boy, a real vampire killer," his father boasted, "Next we'll try a close in kill, let you get your hands dirty." Jacob nodded, and was happy that his father was happy, and proud of him, though he wished that they'd tell him how his brother died…


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