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Wolf Names

By: tigerscurse

Page 1, Plz enter wolf names for my story, Mistpelt Leaves Forever.

Hi! Ok i am looking for wolf names for my story, Mistpelt Leaves Forever. Heres what i need u to include:

Hint: Mistpelt is in Snowpack! If u want to be an enemy of her go to Volcanopack. If u ant to be close go to Snowpack. Snowpack is allies with Icepack and Firepack! Volcanopack is allies with Cloudpack and Blood.


Place in pack (kit, apprentice, warrior, guard, leader, deputy, and alpha)

Pack (Firepack, Cloudpack, Icepack, Volcanopack, or Snowpack. Or a lone pack, Blood)





Firepack mostlikely fire. Cloudpack-air. Icepack-icestorms. Volcanopack-Lava. Snowpack-Snow. Blood-killings with anything)



(where from, secrets, hopes, anything else u want to add)


How they get along with Mistpelt



Put in your suggestions in the comment boxes! Thanks!

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