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Xander's Column's Secret Spy

Book By: ajleesofficial
Action and adventure

Kayla Lockton discovers on her sixteenth birthday that she is a top secret spy in the making and she will soon be a spy at Xander's Column, the world's top leading secret agency business. If she chooses to take on the role she will meet her father, who is also a spy, for the first time since she was three months old but she will also be putting her life in grave danger. Her first mission will be to find the Long Lost Diary of Lucardo Lempiski and return it back to the agency where it belongs.

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Introducing Kayla Lockton

Kayla Lockton, of number two, Camberley Road, thought she was no more than an ordinary fifteen year-old girl who went to public school for five days a week and then came home to a loving family like any normal kid would. But it turns out that she was the complete opposite of that. She just didn't know that yet. She was in fact a top secret spy in the making, and hopefully she would soon be working for Xander's Column, the world's top leading secret agency business based in London, which was founded by the late, great Lucardo Lempiski, a former top secret spy himself. The reason as to why Xander's Column was the name of the agency was because Lucardo had a son named Xander, but sadly he passed away at the age of five of Leukaemia. So, in his memory he decided to name his phenomenally successful secret agency business after his beloved son. Lucardo died at the age of eighty-seven of Lung Cancer as he smoked quite a lot and was very addicted to it in his younger days. If you haven't already guessed by now, smoking was one of his main hobbies in life, as well as being a businessman and other things. The agency was now led by his daughter, Jaana, who had just turned fifty-three years-old, whose ambition in life was to be a writer, but unfortunately that wasn't to be the case. She loved to read books and write her own. Her favourite genre was murder mystery books. She couldn't wait for Kayla, who was to be her newest, and yet the greatest spy the agency had ever seen, to arrive at the agency and make an outrageous impact on the secret agency world. Kayla would find out about this on the day of her birthday which would be in a few weeks' time. Anyway, let's get back to Kayla and her normal family life. Or so she thought. She lived with her mother, Julia, who had been a single parent for, well, almost her whole life as a grown-up. She was now thirty-two years-old, which meant that Kayla was born when she was justseventeen. Unlike her daughter, she was ordinary, middle-class woman. She had long, auburn hair and eyes that were as blue as the sky on a nice, hot summer's day and shined like the top of the Chrysler building. She was a nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the city of London, the city in which they both lived. As a child, Julia was abandoned and tortured by her father, Mario, who was half-Italian, but he wasn't one of those nice half-Italian people you met when you were out somewhere - He was one of the most horrible men in history. If you even looked at him when he didn't want you to he would run toward you and try to strangle you. That's how mean of a man he was. He would also starve her when her mother, Henrietta, who died at the age of fifty-two, was out of the house at work or shopping, and hit her for doing absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever and make her feel worthless. He would say to her at least once every day that she was nothing special and a nobody and she would always stay that way as long as she lived. That meant that Kayla never saw her Grandfather and her Grandmother had passed away before she was welcomed into the world. Both Kayla and Julia hadn't seen Kayla's father for just over fifteen years, which was nearly all of his daughter's life. He left Julia and his what he called 'Little Miss Sunshine' because he told Julia that he had to move to Sydney, Australia for a while to finish off an important job that he had to do that no-one, and I mean no-one could know about, not even Julia. But in fact, that was a complete lie he had made up before he went away. He was on a top secret mission, and he was one of the spies at Xander's Column. That was how his daughter's weird and wonderful gift all came about. Of course, his departure confused Julia a little as it was all so sudden. She kept thinking to herself, 'does he have a wife and not told me?' 'Or has he been cheating on me?' and lots of other things. But she never for one minute thought that he was a top secret spy. On the day that she learned that her daughter was something completely out of the ordinary she often, and still did to this day, questioned how her daughter had a gift like this. Kayla had a lovely family life. She had golden hair with a hint of ginger dye in it and eyes that were exactly like her mother's except they were green, not blue. As I now start this story, the date was the fifteenth of March, which was the date of Kayla's Birthday. It was now seven o'clock in the morning.


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