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A New "Dramatic" Life

Book By: alliegurlx101
Action and adventure

This story is about a thirteen year old horse back rider named Bella, who's life is turnes around when she figures out that she is acceptd to one of the most exclusive riding clubs in the united states. But there are so many obstacles along the way. A boy, a horse she never thought she would see again. ///// This story would probably be more for people who like horses, but even if you arent a big horse fan please read it! I want commnts :D Created by alliegurlX101 on Tuesday, November 04, 2008

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My eyes fluttered open. "not again!" I muttered, positioning myself upright in my bed. This was the seventh time, let me repeat, the seventh time I had had that dream.
It was the most vivid dream I had ever had. It was exactly like the day it had actually happened. I was just brushing Cinnamon like I always did, without a care in the world. I wanted to make her look perfect, I always did. I brushed out her mane, and tail gently, getting all the gnarls out.
It was what seemed like any other day, but it wasn't. No one had told me they were selling her. I was just a stable hand. No one cared if knew.
I was only ten then, and had just gotten my first job. It was my aunt's barn, and I had told her I needed a little extra money, and my mom, being a mom, thought it would be good for me to learn some responsibility. I was given the horses I would have to take care of, Felon, Jane, and Cinnamon. Since they were mostly used for breeding, I was the only person that rode them.

Of course I got attached to Cinnamon. I mean I saw her almost every day for six months, not to mention, she was one of the prettiest horses I had ever seen. She was a beautiful dark brown color, with a light brown mane and tail. She was tall and slender, and if anyone had cared to ride her they would know she rode beautifully.
I really did love all the horses, and probably would have been just as devastated if Fellon, or Jane had left, it was just Cinnamon, and me were really close, and I hated to see her leave. But what can I say, I got over it. It was three years later, and I had to stop living in the past.
I groggily pulled myself out of the bed, I looked over at my bedside table. There was a picture of me and my mom, that we took on our vacation to Niagra Falls. There was the picture of me, and my best friend Mia, before she had moved to Montana, and then there was the picture of me riding Cinnamon, in the indoor arena of the barn.
"Come on sweetie!" My mom called from downstairs. "If you want a ride you better hurry"
"Crap" I mumbled to myself. I had totally forgotten my mom had a business meeting, and she had told me to be ready early.
I grabbed a random blue and white t-shirt, and some old, ripped up jeans from my dresser.
I brushed quickly through the gnarls in my hair, and pulled it into a tight ponytail, "come on Bella, I'm leaving!" My mom called angrily." Okay, I'm coming!" I called back, grabbing my bag, and rushing to the stairs.
I took the steps two at a time and landed with a big thud at the bottom.
"And she sticks the landing!" I exclaimed, a big smirk spreading across my face. My mom didn't look the least bit amused.
"How many times did I tell you I had a business meeting today?" She asked, yanking the front door open.
"I really am sorry mom, I am totally ready, and I promise, it won't happen again." I said trying to hold back a smile. I always smiled when I was nervous, or in trouble, it was a bad habbit.
"just get in the car," she said letting out a sigh
"I guess your off the hook, but just this once."
"Thanks mom. I'm really sorry. It's just I went to bed kind of late last night. How did you sleep?" I asked looking over it her. There were black circles under her eyes.
"Not to well, I was just a little nervous about this business meeting, I may get promoted!" She said smiling.
"Yeah, you do look a little tired. You don't have to worry though, I know that you will get promoted." I said reassuringly.
She was a great sales person, and deep down she knew it, she just wasn't very confident.
"Oh, I do look a little tired," She said ignoring my compliments, and looking in her side mirror
"Oh, I hope they won't notice" She said nervously, digging through her purse with her free hand, looking for her make up bag.
"Oh mom, you look fine!" I said.
We pulled into the driveway. "Look I have to go, but don't worry, you are going to do fine. I'm sure of it. Love you" I said Hopping out of the car, and closing the door.
I threw her an air kiss, and waved good bye. I could hear the whinny's coming from the horses inside. It always made me feel warm inside, when I had heard them, it was like they were saying hi.
I walked over to my section of stalls. The messy stalls of Felon, and Jane, were almost comforting, just knowing I was doing what I loved.
I grabbed a shovel from the tack room. After a long week, it felt good to spend a day with the horses.
"You could really use a run," I said, gently stroking Felons long neck."And me, well, I could use some fun." Felon nudged me gently in agreement.
"I'll be right back." I said heading towards the tack room.
I was really hoping it wouldn't take me long to finish grooming him. Usually I would groom Felon as much as I possibly could, seeing as it was how you formed a trust bond with your horse, but today I just wanted to get to the fun part.
"Getting to the fun part" was not a term I used often. I was always so worried about getting the important things done, that I never really had time for the fun things.
I grabbed the tack box, and took out a brush, and a hoof pick. I placed the tack box back on the shelf, and left the room.
I looked out at the aisle, and sighed. There was Aunt Sarah, looking over Felon.This was usually not something to be excited about, but I could have sworn, I saw a pleased look on her face, like she actually thought I had done something right.
"Meet me in my office in ten." She said coolly "I need to speak to you."
"But I was just about to take Felon out for a run, can it wait tell later?" I asked hopefully
"Ten minutes, I'm sorry Bella." She said simply and walked off.
I wanted to say more. I wanted to tell her she was being a jerk, but that would get me nothing but more work.
I was so angry, I probably could have chopped a brick in half right then and there, but I knew that would just get me more work.
Why did Aunt Sarah always have to be like that? I mean, did being the boss give you the power to treat everyone like dogs? Will I didn't like it at all, but thinking about how annoying she was, was pretty much the most I could do.
Sometimes I just wished I owned the barn. Some times I even wondered if I could do better then Aunt Sarah did.
"What ever." I mumbled. Felon nudged me, this time not so gently.
"Yeah, I know baby, but would you rather I get fired, and never get to see you again?" I said softly, some how I thought he understood exactly what I was saying to him. He let out a big huff, and put his head down.
"That's a good boy." I explained, leading him to his stall.
I wasn't excited about the meeting, but I had no choice, so I made my way down to her office.
"Take a seat." Aunt Sarah said, without taking her eyes off her papers.
I sat nervously down on the chair. "Yes ma'am" I said obediently.
"We have a few things to discuss. It's nothing to worry about, there is just a few newthings going on at the barn I would like you to know about." She said, finally looking up from her papers, and smiling.
"I'm listening." I said grabbing a mini notebook out of my pocket."I see you brought your notebook, and you are prepared." She said her smile widening.
"I think you can handle it….." She trailed off.
I shifted in my seat.
"One, there is going to be a big show in two weeks, I would like you to help watch over the barn those day. There should be a few of the other workers here, so you don't have to worry about anything." She started. I jotted it all down quickly on my notes. "We will be gone for three days. We will be going to Kentucky , so only call us with emergencies, it will be hard for us to come home early" She said.
I had been left in charge of the barn before; it wasn't a big deal for me. It was pretty much like any other day Icame, but there weren't so many people there to bother me.
"Now I have a bug offer for you, and it could really help you, but it requires ALOT of responsibility." She said her face going from a smile to a frown.This only made me more uncomfortable.
I had no idea what she was talking baout, and I wasn't even sure I wanted to know.
"You are very young, so I don't want to rush anything, but I feel that I need to give you a chance, so… here you go. " She said handing me the papers she had been looking at before."Read them over, and tell me what you think.
Bella Brunswick,
We are very impressed with the talent we have seen with your riding in the last local show. We would like to offer you an invitation to our next meeting of "a Place to Start" on the 30th of June.All information of our program is listed on the following page.We hope to see you at our next meeting.

Edward B. Franklin
My heart raced, as I turned the page.
What was a place to start?
A Place to start
Do you want to learn about going into the horse buisness? All that goes into to making your buisness the most succesful one in town? Well you are looking at the right place.... Only ten people get accepted a year......... People come from all over the world to be part of this group.....
I read the rest quickly."I got chose for this!" I cried happily.How could I get accepted into such a specail group? I was nothing specail. It made no sence to me, they had saw me in the local show, but I only won two blue ribbons. Why would I have gotten chosen because of that?So what? I didn't care I was too happy.I thanked my aunt one thousand times before leaving.We went over all the details, and told me nothing was deffinate.She mad it all clear to me. There would be five meeting that everyone came to, and on the sixth was the testYou would bring your horse to the "a Place to Start" barn, and they would have a course set up. That course was what determined whether you stayed or leftI couldn't believe this was happening to me!
"Oh! I am so happy for you, sweetie!" my mom explained happily. We were riding home from the barn, and I told her what had happened.
"Oh mom, you know today isn't about me, it's about you!" I said sternly
"And that reminds me... How was your buisness meeting?" I asked curiously
"Oh, it was nothing, it was okay, I guess." She said non chalantly "Mom!" I said annoyed
I knew mom to well to actually think that was all there was to it. "Awwww.... You know me to well. So.... It was amazing! My boss almost gauranted me the job, right then and there!" She said happily, a huge smile spreading across her face.
"See! I knew you would do great! Congratulations mom, this is awesome!" I said happily, reaching over to give her a hug. "This is a pretty good day, huh?" She asked. "I think we should go out to eat, just the two of us, your dad is working late, and neither of us have anything planned tonight. What do you think?" She said happily, as we stopped at a red light.
"That sounds great!" I said a huge smile spreading across my face. "Well where do you want to go? We can go anywhere you want, just as long as it is with in ten miles, and doesn't cost me one million dollars." She said, letting out a giggle.
"Mom this is your big day, not mine, you pick the place." I said, as the car started up again. "Oh come on, You just got accepted to a club that only allows ten people to join each year, I mean come on, who has the bigger news here?"
"You do." I said simply
"No, you do. We can sit here fighting all day, but you know I am going to win!" She said teasingly.
"Oh, alright!" I said with a smile "I don't know, how about Roys?" I said, I loved Roys.
Roys was the oldest, and most popular resturant in town. It had been there since 1979. Mom used to go there everyday, and Roy (now 65) would always give her a free Sundae.
Like my mom, I had alot of fond memories there, and I abs olutely loved the place.
Moms face lit up "Souns fantastic!"
We were having so much fun, I didn't even notice we were already eating our deserts.
"Tell me another one, tell me another one!" I said eagerly, with a huge smile. My mom had been telling me stories the whole dinner. We had been laughing so hard, the waiter had had to tell us to keep it down. "Hmmmm.... Let me think," She started. "Well, I can tell you about my first date with your dad." She offered. I nodded my head
"Well, I was sixteen, and your dad was seventeen. I thought it was the coolest thing being able to go out with an "older guy". Not to mention, I thought he was a huge hunk!" She said. "Mom never say "Hunk"" I said jokingly. "haha, very funny," She said Sarcastically. " Anyways, You little goober" She smiled
"I thought my friends would be so impressed. I told them how he was older, and how I thought he was a hu... I mean very handsome man" I giggled "So we all decided to meet at the park, and thats when I was planning to introduce him to everyone." She paused
"And.... how was that date!" I asked impatiently.
"I'm getting to that, I'm getting to that, gosh, you are the most impatient girl ev..."
"MOM!" I screeched
"Oh alright, all right! So I got all dressed up, and told him to get dressed up. I thought he looked incredibly handsome, and thought that everyone would love him.
So I bring him to everyone..... and to make a long story short, I was totally wrong about your dad. For the whole date they acted like they loved him, but when we got home, I noticed all the kick me signs they had taped to his back. I guess he just wasn't as cool as I thought he was" She exclained, laughing.
I giggled "That is so not hard to believe with dad!' We both burst out laughing.
We barely even noticed that a man had walked up to our table. He was slender, and ballding. He was very well dressed for a man at Roy's. He was carrying a fancy briefcase. He looked like he might be in his sixties.
"Hello ladies." He said, turning to me. "Your Bella right"
"Uhmmmm yeah ..... hi." I asked suspicously.
Me and my mom exchanged nervous glances.
He must have seen that, because he added
"I'm Edward Frankil, owner of a Place To start"
"Oh!" I said, all my nervousness going away, and being replaced with excitement.
"What can I do for you?" I asked excitedly.
"Take a seat!" My mom added, scooching over to make more space in the booth.
"Oh, I can't stay long. I just thought I would see if you were planning on coming to the meeting, this saturday, I would LOVE to see you there!" He smiled.
"She wouldn't miss it for the world." Mom said, truning to wink at me.
"Good, well I guess I will see you soon. Best be going now." He said, walking away.
I took a sharp breath, noticing I had been holding my breath the whole time.
///// I couldn't wait to write an entry in my Journal. It had been months since I had had anything to write about, and even then they were stupid things, like going out for a trailride, or a run. I knew that this Journal entry would be the longest I had ever written.
DEAR DIARY! Today was the best day I have had in years!
I got accepted to the most exclusive horse club out there!
It's called 'a Place to Start"
Okay maybe that isn't the most interesting name ever,
but so what!
I mean don't get your hopes up,
well your a diary, you can't get your hopes
well, I shouldn't get my hopes.
I'm not officailly in
there is still a test an everything.
I probably won't make it in,
but well getting consider for it is something right,
well enough about me!
Mom got a promotion!
Well not exactly
she doesn't know yet
but she blew her bosses mind away!
I am so excited.
Best day ever!
Well I have nothing else to write,
well, unless you want to know something boring
well I doubt you want to know something boring,
Wait, what I am I talking about,
you don't care what I write.
Okay, this time I am really going to stop writing, so
ya bye.


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