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The Diary of Nightmare Lands

Book By: Arian
Action and adventure

Got the idea from my dream

Submitted:Feb 27, 2010    Reads: 46    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1
What was this place? The cool breeze made her hair fly to the left. Something felt so terribly wrong in her stomach, but she wasn't aware what it was. Where was she? Fields of wheat and other farming foods seemed to surround the entire land. How did she get here? The girl began to slowly walk into the unknown. Tall grasses of wheat trapped her legs. Kara ran now, a sudden urge of panic in her mind. Someone was behind her…
How do I get out of here?! She thought urgently.
A maze was in front of her, and she didn't recognize this place. Where was she supposed to go to? The barns were far away, and a sense of wrongness emitted from the air around them. Then something hit her mentally, she was all alone. Where were her friends? Why was she here?
Now she could see them. The ones who were after her. She could see them in her mind, without having to turn around. Or maybe that was just her over imagination working again. The dog-like creatures were somber, and had jet black fur. Anger was clearly displayed in their snarls, and honestly, Kara was afraid. She ran faster, and finally found a narrow, dirt path. Running her fastest, she began to catch her breath. It seemed more like she was running at a slow pace and for fun, rather than for her life.
The awareness of the threat behind her was in the back of her mind, but now, she just ran. At one point down the road, Kara began to get lower to the ground. It felt so natural, that she thought nothing of it. Moments later, another animal flanked her right side. The creature was a light grey, thin, and very fast. A feeling of friendship flowed off of it. The two of them sped down the dirt road, all four paws on each of them going simultaneously. The dogs were gaining on them though.
Quickly turning a corner and nearly tripping in the process, the two jumped into some tall grass. Kara and her new friend backed up close to the broken, metal fence and laid as low as they could. Peering through the lanky grass, Kara observed her opponents.
One dog was tall, pasty, and vastly thin; a proficient runner. The other, more muscular, but still noble for running; more of an attacker.
What do they want? This is it, isn't it? Everything bad that could, will happen at this moment, won't it? Kara thought to herself.
The skinny dog walked around the corner, sniffing the air for the scent of Kara and her friend. They searched, but never found.
Sometime later, Kara stood up, noticing that the dogs were gone. A piece of her threadlike, blonde hair was trapped in her narrow, pink lips and she moved it behind her tiny ears. Gazing at her surroundings, Kara was still utterly confused. Never, in her sixteen years of existence, has she been here. Turning to her friend, Kara began to interrogate.
"Where am I?" Kara asked.
The guy who ran beside her was only a few inches taller than her. His dark brown hair licked the top of his ears, and his eyes were round and an electric green. Just looking in them hypnotized Kara.
"You're in a nightmare," the boy spoke.
"Right… So I'm sleeping, right? And this is all just a stupid dream and I'll wake up in the morning?"
"Sure, if you want to lie to yourself," the boy responded, walking out of the grass and towards the field on the other side of the road. Kara stared after him, lips parted, and a million questions rolling around in her mind.
"What's going on? Who are you? Why am I even here?! I've never seen this place before!" Kara said.
"My name is Damien. And you have been here before… a long time ago," he said, a hint of sadness and remembrance in his deep voice.
"A long time ago…" Kara repeated quietly, "Why have I returned then? Are we even on Earth anymore?"
"Yes, and no. This place is… it's not good. It's evil, and so are the people who inhabit it."
"Then, why are we here?"
Damien paused for a moment, contemplating how to answer her.
"To fix everything, to make this place the way it use to be," he explained, looking at Kara with a past pain in his eyes. Kara was puzzled, and tried to remember when she had last been here. Nothing came to mind.
Damien and Kara walked farther past the fields, but she had no clue where they were going. This place was deserted, after walking for almost half an hour, they hadn't passed any other creature. The land was filled with nothing but wheat fields and forest. Strange feelings passed through Kara's body. The feeling of acceptance, confusion, and mystery. As they passed through the woods, Kara felt more like she knew where she was going. The inside of the forest was wet from a previous rain and the trees were an umbrella, keeping most of the light out. She remembered this place, from her dreams; at least, she thinks they were dreams. Damien noticed the change in her, but bit his tongue.
"This way," Kara commanded, starting to run towards a random area in the forest maze. Damien was obedient and followed. They jogged until they came upon a large clearing. An opening was in the top of the trees, so the sun shone and lit the area up. Cautiously, Kara walked into the large circle.


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