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My name is Benjamin and I have a friend, a best friend, called Shaqs. He's tall and I'm short. Despite being completely opposites in every way, we will endlessly fight to achieve our musical dream but of course it's not as easy as it sounds. We'll conquer all those who stand in our way, conquer all treachery that lingers and simply be..legendary.

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The hand of the clock just struck midnight, the streets of London was cold and deserted as if the citizens were chased out of their own territory. There was none of the drunken men screaming across the street hoping to pick up the cheapest girl, there were no dogs barking at each other, the only thing that lingered in the streets was silence. Pure silence. The air was filled with gloom and hate; it had an unusual shade of black that only the devil himself could make. The sky slightly frowned upon the lonesome streets. Closely watching the disappointment of society's behaviour, the sky's tears fell drastically upon the streets; the feel of sadness and loneliness colliding created a sense of depression in the atmosphere. However... not far from this depressing street, laid a building. A building where the gatekeepers kept the secrets safe.

Unsettling darkness reeked the building, it was impossible for the human eye to see anything. In my mind, I instantly assumed that the place was huge, very huge, and extremely isolated to say the least. I felt raw blood trickle down from my face. It was thick, very thick, it slowly settled deep inside my mouth causing every fibre of me to cringe all at once. My eyes felt extremely puffy. At times, it would be one then the other it would be both of them. It was certain that each of them surely had some weight on it. My entire body felt shattered, it felt like I was trampled on by a pack of elephants. In my mind, I quickly began to question myself What? What the hell is going on? What's happened to my body' this once, agile and sturdy, body was the best of the best. It was capable of lifting 40kg, doing 200 push-ups and running a mile if need be but now, now I was struggling to breathe, I was struggling to keep my head up, struggling to hold on. During all this time, my hands sat firmly on my lap and didn't move. I tried to reach into my pocket to call the emergency line with my phone but in my surprise, my hands were not moving. Stricken by sudden panic, I started to manoeuvre my weary torso to the left and right- I weren't moving. By my hopeless efforts, I quickly became agitated and started to shake even harder but nothing worked, nothing bloody worked. I spent a good five to ten minutes struggling for my freedom but nature had me, me? The great Benjamin, pinned down at will. Aggravation now turned into panic once again as I depressingly concluded to myself that I was tied up. As I became wearier of my well-being, I then went on to display false dominance into the atmosphere 'Listen! Whoever the fuck this is, you better know what you're up against. Do you even know who the fuck I am? I am Benjamin, Benjamin the great. What's wrong mystery man? Tongue scared stiff? Honestly, I don't blame you, not many people fuck with Benjamin and live to tell about it. However, I do say I admire your bravery. Not many fools will have the balls to pull a stunt like this but how about I do you a favour? How about I give you a chance for you to redeem yourself? Eyy sounds good doesn't it? You show yourself and come clean, and maybe, just maybe, I might not beat the shit out of you. How does that sound?' The building was silent, just as before. No one responded to the flawless threats. I continued 'Hello? Let us be done with these childish antics: switch the lights, untie me from this chair before I really get angry' No one responded. My chest felt weak, my brain felt damp and all the shouting was just making it worst. I coughed out what I think was blood. It landed and merged with my cold tied up hands. I dropped the act and began to beg. 'Alright alright! You win, just let me go- please. I aint gonna do anything to you, I promise please. I just wanna go home. Can you do that for me? Can you? Something so simple as letting me go.' It was still silent. 'Do you hear me!? I want to go home. NOW! Let me go home! Get me out of this place! I panicked immensely and screamed that to the top of my lungs, I felt a tear falling from the corner of my eye as I tried to throw my kicks everywhere. No one was here, no one heard my cries to get out or maybe no one cared.

From out of nowhere, thunder strikes the atmosphere and in my surprise, the lights turn on. With never-ending fear, I quickly question my cold and bitter surroundings 'HELLO? Is somebody there?' I am now able to see everything in the place, and it is clear as day. Everything appears to be elegant and huge as I predicted. Scoping the place, I happen to see many pictures of myself as an adult covered in blood. Intrigued by the sight of this, I try my absolute best to stand up but I find myself not moving at all. I quickly look down at my feet and I see steel chains firmly holding my feet together. Realising my body was incapable of moving, I plea to my bitter surroundings once again 'Please! Somebody, anybody please help me! I can't move at all please, I'm begging man. I then started to whisper to myself. God! Please help me. If you do, I'll spend the rest of my life feeding the hungry.'

Suddenly, it went pitch black again. My eyes still sat wide open but saw nothing; my lips trembled greatly, along with my whole body and seconds later, I was able to hear three voices drawing nearer from a distance. All the voices were beyond deep, it sent chills down to my very spine. My gut told me something evil was coming my way. I knew I had to leave as soon as possible. Again, I tried to force myself to stand up. I pulled my arms upwards, along with my back and tried standing up but it was no use, I couldn't move. With my adrenaline rushing and my heart pounding, I tried to lift up the chair and make a run for it but the chair didn't move. I don't know if it was stuck to something but it wouldn't move for the world. Their voices got louder and so did my heart. From the pit of darkness, I stared cautiously at the white door that was ahead. I could hear their casual footsteps coming closer to the room. I was all out of ideas; I didn't know what to do. A tear fell from my eye as I accepted my demise, by bending my head and closing my eyes tightly. The footsteps stopped, the deep bickering stopped and there was a moment of silence. Pure silence. Breathing frantically, I slowly started to lift up my head. I whispered carefully to myself 'Slowly...Slowly...Come on! Easy does it Ben.' Thunder burst into the atmosphere once again and in my dreadful surprise, there they were. The three of them stood menacingly above me, dressed in all black robes; none of their appearance could have been recognised. I daringly stared death in the face and for some reason I could not take my eyes of them, my fear had drowned every bit of emotion I had. The one in the middle, the leader I presumed, came close and wickedly whispered to me

'I've finally found you, Rain man.'

Bewildered by what the person said, I gently questioned them 'Rain man? Who's Rain man?'

The leader looked at both of the subordinates and then looked back at me. The voice became more deep and livid as it stated 'YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE, DO NOT PLAY GAMES WITH US! Did you think you could have got away with it? Do you honestly think I'll let you live a happily ever after? NO! This is it for you! Your time is up, Rain man. Finally, I'll have my revenge. It has been nice knowing you, goodbye kid. My maker was pulled out from the pocket of the leader. Slowly placed upon my head. It was cold and frightening. It was certain that the beast was experienced in its field, due to the innocent blood that it was covered in. I glanced into the leaders eyes, it was barely visible.


They all looked at each other and giggled in unison; one of the subordinate got a mirror out of their pocket and remarked softly 'A kid eyy? Darling, just look in this mirror. Does that look like a kid to you?' My spots were gone, my hair was longer and I had a beard. What the hell is going on? Am I adult? No way, it can't be. I said to myself 'This is absurd!' They continued threateningly 'Call it whatever you want to, you're still going die. Boss, would you like to finish him? Or should I do it?

The leader said calmly 'I think it would be more interesting if we let him choose, by all means that would be more entertaining don't you think?'

A tear dropped from my eye. My heart started to race. And the chair I was tied in held me captive in sheer delight. Thunder fired into the atmosphere one more time and death seemed to be crawling up my back. In my mind, I started to say a prayer but I decided to cut it short. I suddenly awoke from my fear and roared passionately 'God help those who help themselves bitch!' I returned to my normal self, I returned to being arrogant and full of pride, the man that I admired, the man that made me who I am. I bravely continued and out of nowhere, I started speaking of such things I didn't know about. 'The plan is already set! We have you where we want you. You lot won the battle but you're far from winning the war. In fact, I want you lot to kill me. Go on! Kill me you fuckers, go on I dare you. You lot can't take me, I own you. I own the industry. I am the greatest...' BANG!

My heroic speech was cut short. The bullet was fired in the middle of my head. Blood flooding out of my head and flooded the floor. They stared at my dead body and left, showing no remorse for me what so ever. The room was lingered with silence. Pure silence. Hell I was wrong, they did take me. They took me out of this shithole; I salute them for them for that. However, they finally gave me something I thought was impossible to obtain, something that we craved for so long, something that we all misused. Can you guess? Freedom.

I am Rain Man, well my real name is Benjamin Okeiyi and this is end of my life but only the beginning of my story. 'My horrific nightmare was finally over'

By Benjamin Okeiyi


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