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Game Of Guilds: Soldane POV

Book By: Blackdragon99
Action and adventure

Part of a Up coming Chapter for Game Of Guilds, this is a view not shown in the book, only from when Tolf and Selene come in and they are the characters followed in third person. Soldane is an soul trader, evil person to the evil. Read GAME OF GUILDS for more information.

I wrote this on my phone when I was at dinner tonight so the layout may shoot itself. I'm sorry in advance. If you don't like it though I'll shoot you with a pea gun :D

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Drama unfolded at the table, the sound of the knights voices drifted. The drink flowed freely forever filled by the top heavy bar maid with greying hair and overhanging belly. I snorted at the scent of beer sitting heavily across the old stone floor as two common dressed men threw punch after punch at each other in a futile attempt to break each others nose. The dim candle light shone across my pale hands as I leaned against the cold deer skinned walls with the black stones of Marlazeth beneath. I allowed my dark blood eyes to wonder the crowd of dismally drunk men stalking the next victim to my cause, I spotted him quickly. He was tall, fleetly muscled with fawn hair and hungry brown eyes. His nose was crookedly healed, his lip scarred from one too many gashes, soft jawed and overhanging forehead. I scanned his clothing quickly, a sheep wool cloak with a linen shirt and dark leather pants with matching soft boots. I slowly begun my assault as I took the gait of a woman with a mission, a seductive mission. My intent could not have been further from romance however, I was hungry as was my soulmate, I had to eradicate this hunger. Slowly like a cat my feet touched the ground in a unburdened step, closer, closer, so very close. My move was simple, I lowered myself into a seat next to a sleeping lout and pulled his arm around me, I never however removed my eyes from the fawn haired man, and his purse, fat with dishonest gold. It was a few mugs of ale later I saw where he hid his purse, near his left ass cheek, how convenient. I sighed my teeth digging into my lip as I contained a frustrated growl. I finally rose from my position allowing the mans arm to flop to the behind of his cat, how dreadful. My soft leather boots muffled my noise as I stood close to the man, he seemed annoyed at the bar maid his mid ranged gruff voice raised sharply. "I ain't done nothing" he growled, the maid rolled her eyes. "Pay up you sorry bastard, you've drunk your gold away" she replied in a equally as gruff voice, I sighed. "please" I said offering her coin, she seemed content to take it. I felt the eyes of many men on me as I allowed the dark cloak I wore to fall revealing my rather tight leather vest flowing down into my chain covered thighs and leather clad legs, armor was just not as fun as home made equipment. "You lost Milady?" he asked me as I smiled. "I could use a guide to my room, I seem to have been pick pocketed by some filthy elf" I smiled again at his toothy grin "I offer my services" his tone hinted at more than a passing guide. I allowed him to wrap an arm around my waist as I lent into him my lips breezing down his neck. It was all I could do to keep from gagging, he stunk and toothy scars revealed him to be quite the snack. I slid my hand down his side then spun away with a suggestive smile, he returned it. As I walked off I heard his foot steps behind me, it wasn't long before he grabbed me and placed his lips against my neck with a growl, I rolled my eyes away to the door of a room, I took note of the open windows and building across the alley. He continued his rough treatment of me into the room then pushed me back into the door. "you seem tense" his suspicious voice chilled my ears, he suspected my true intentions. I lent forwards and whispered into his ear every line earning a lustful grunt from him. When I pulled away he pressed his lips to mine, I nearly gagged again but controlled myself, tis a human habit to gag at unpleasant taste. I could taste the fresh fish and unaged wine on his breath, it was rather dismaying I had chosen this thing. He wasted no time in pushing me roughly back onto the bed then beginning to crawl over me, I struck. As his face drew close I snatched his head and twisted my entire body. I ended up sitting over his chest my knees against his ears as I tensed my legs pinning him down. My first blow was to the throat muting his screams for help. The next blow was to his ribs, causing pain as the satisfying crack rung. I felt my mouth water as a drew my dagger, Soulsbane. Soul as I call her wasted no time in springing to life with a terrifying purple glow, I ran it from his Adams apple to his chin in one swift motion the spilling blood causing my heart to race as I pressed my lips to his once more, his scream was lost to me as the purple glow shifted from Soul to his wound through to my mouth, I almost laughed as I tasted his fear. When it was done his body rested bleeding pathetically over the deer skin blankets, I sighed as I stood up strength renewed in me. As I reached the window I turned and stared to the suddenly open door into his face, the square beast like handsome face of Tolf. Next to him the angelic Selene looked ready to lose her mead, I smiled at the wolf couple. "Soldane" Tolf snarled in that heart melting angry voice of his. I smiled. "Welcome to Marlazeth"


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