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Instinctual Rebellion

Book By: CassieCAT
Action and adventure

The Black Market has thrived throughout history, from greedy kings to corrupt bankers. It even advances after the downfall of the government. With the country in chaos, rebels banded together to overthrow the bankers and political figures. This created rifts and fissures in the citizens eyes, which created a worldwide war called "Marshall Law". Atomic weapons were thrown back and forth across the oceans and decimated every inch of land available.

In the present day, there two kinds of people; the detainees , who live in camps run by the UN, and the thieves, who deal in the Black Market. Gangs are strewn about the country, they collect supplies to sell and trade with top contributors.

Airy, is a sixteen year old who has made a name for herself in the Black market. Earning herself a top spot for a VIP Contributor. With her band of thieves, she makes her way across the land and provides for all of them. But then she encounters an intimidating gang,the Surayliens. Her leadership skills are tested. With gangs after her and the UN wanting her dead, Airy will have to give her all no matter what.

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Chapter 1

"Take those too. We could make a little profit with that." I say to Nathan.

His big, brown eyes stare at me with surprise. While his red hair falls onto his forehead, and his nose sprinkles with pale feckles.

"But we have too much in the cart already. It's already getting too heavy to push, can't we just leave it?"

Six pairs of eyes lock onto mine.

"Do you challenge me, Nathan? Shall we have this conversation again?" I raise an eyebrow.

He throws the giant speaker onto the overfilled grocery cart.

"Anyone else object?" I ask calmly.

Five pairs of eyes turn away but one looks at me with concern. Trinity had just turned five a couple days ago, and she let everyone know how grown up she was. You kind of have to when you live day by day in a thiefs stolen shoes. Her blue eyes held love and compassion for everyone in our group. Unconditional love, plain and simple.

"Phillip. Quill. Check the street." I say throwing two pistols their way.

"Aye." They say in unison.

It's creepy how in sync they were, but they're identical twins, so it's expected. Phillip and Quill were dumpster diving when we stumbled upon them. They were both skin and bones looking to fill their deprived bones. I offered food to them in return to get by safely, and they just followed.

"Thomas push the cart, Serena grab a gun and watch Trinity, Nathan you take the rear. Let's move it people!" I shout out commands.

Everyone takes positions by the front entrance of the warehouse waiting for the twins to give the signal. The city is so infested with thieves that if you don't watch your back you could get your stuff jacked or get killed. We don't cause trouble we just wanted to get by, not like some infamous gangs. Like the Fowlers, The Poison Gorillas, East Coast Souljas, and the Surayliens. Causing chaos for no reason, it disgusted me. Why make this world worse than it is?

Two shots fired out. Everyones faces fell, the signal was one not two.

"Serena you stay here with Trinity and Nathan you're watching over them while Thomas and I go out and see what's happening. If we don't come back soon it's up to you, Nathan, to take them to the rendezvous point and stay until dawn tomorrow and then leave if we-"I couldn't finish it because I wasn't going to die.

Thomas Grabbed his sawed off shotgun and I pulled out my Agram 2000 and we hit the asphalt running in the direction we heard the shots fire. A couple buildings over more shots rang out and we put our backs to the wall. The twins took cover behind a construction site trailer. Three men were advancing.

"There's three of them, you take the left and I'll take the right." I mouth to Thomas.

We leave the cover of the building, run out, and start shooting at them. We take out one but the other two scatter and take cover behind Tractors and Piles of wooden planks. The bigger of the two shoots and catches my shoulder, I drop and roll to the nearest cover. I look for Thomas and see him overthe one that shot me. The other one runs off down a side street. My hand goes up to my shoulder; I pull back, and see I'm bleeding. It took a good chunk, just grazing the shoulder bone. The twins and Thomas come running over.

"Let me see." Phillip says urgently.

He pushes the strap of my tank top off my shoulder. Blood runs down my front. I gasp at the white hot pain.

"Here take my bandana." Quill shoves it into Phillips hand.

They both wrap it around my shoulder and under my armpit. Thomas picks me and we run to the others. Nathan jumps out from their hiding spot and points the gun in our direction. Realizing it's us, he redirects the barrel towards to ground. We run through the side streets of the city to the neighborhoods. Thomas breaks into the nearest house, that hasn't been bombed, and sets me on the dusty couch.

"Yo. Nathan, go and check the bathroom for a first aid kit." Thomas barks out.

I readjust myself into a more comfortable position so my shoulder doesn't have any pressure on it. Trinity comes over and sits beside the couch.

"You're going to be ok? Right Airy?" She's says with her eyes looking glassy.

"Of cour-" I clear my throat from the pain, "Course Trinny I'm just a little banged up at the moment, but I won't die."

"Pinkie Swear?" She hiccupped, getting ready to cry.

"Pinkie swear." We hooked our pinkies together.

She waddled off to help Serena look for anything valuable and any scraps of food.

I closed my eyes from the pain and thought about how to get the stuff back. Either by going back and getting it, or we could hit another part of the city.

"Damn, we lost a lot of money leaving that stuff behind." Phillip groans, reloading his gun.

"We could go back and get it. But it's pretty risky." Quill offers.

I look around and see only Phillip and Quill are in the room.

"Where's Thomas?" I ask.

"He's checking the perimeter." Quill shrugs.

No one is suppose to go anywhere alone, even in a small area. I wasn't happy and was about to unleash my fury from my pain on them, when Nathan came back with a first aid kit. He patched me up and stuffed it into one of the backpacks. I sat up and winced.

"I think we need to stay here for the night." I say.

"That's a good idea. An even better idea would be if you sent Phillip, Thomas, and I to go grab the cart." Quill adds.

"What about me? Why do I never get any of the action?" Nathan argues.

"Because you're the youngest, so get over it." Quill Replies with a sneer.

"Screw you dude." Nathan sulks out of the room.

I felt bad for Nathan but we didn't need to go play hero. I grabbed my gun from the floor and reloaded it. The ammunition was running low, so we probably had to stop by the bunker. We stashed a whole bunch of guns and ammunition in an old military bunker that was hidden on the outskirts of a bombed town. I need to remember to-"Hey Airy! Hello? You there?" Phillip interrupts my mind babble.

"Uh-huh yeah, what's up?"

"So can we go grab the cart before sunset?"

I thought about the pros and cons and decided there was too much riding on this delivery, we needed the cart. "Yes, but you need to bring Nathan. I don't want to, but it's better to have four than three right?"

Both groan out loud clearly not wanting to. Thomas comes through the back door and is met with the twins shouting that they need to hurry up and leave. They call out Nathan and he instantly perks up grabbing his gun from his bag. I announced that I was going to watch over Serena and Trinity. Only to be met with worried and unconvinced looks.

"Just get our cart please, I don't need you guys worrying about me. I can move around and that means I can kick butt ok? Jeez."

I lead them out the front door that's been kicked off its hinges and tell the girls to come outside. We look around the house to make sure that Thomas didn't miss anything. It was all clear.

We spent the next four hours in the backyard wandering around.. The one story house was the color of a peach. A couple bicycles were left haphazardly near the porch. I looked over the fence, under the bush came a rancid smell. The kind of smell that came from a decomposed body, animal or human. I pushed Trinity on the swing for awhile but got bored. Serena took over giving me time to polish and reload my gun. Serena knew me too well.

When the boys came back it was utter chaos. They ran through the gates and swiftly closed it. No cart with them.

"We gotta-go now!" Thomas says gasping for air.

"Whoa! Wait what's going on?"Serena asks.

"Surayliens!" Phillip says.

We grab the stuff from the house and jump the fences heading to the path that would lead us to our bunker. Dodging rubble and trash, scraping skin against everything with our ripped jeans that were ripping more. Thomas carries Trinity like a football. It would have been funny in any other circumstance. After awhile we slowed down, seeming to have escaped. Nathan hands out water bottles to everyone while we all sit under a tree.

"Ok what the hell happened back there?" I demanded.

"Well we went back to get the cart and there was this guy looking through the stuff. So we confronted him and then a group of big guys came out of nowhere and we tried to reason with them but they weren't having it. We took the cart and ran but it was too heavy for us to get away so we had to ditch it." Thomas explained.

Nathan looked at me at that part with a hint of a smile on his lips. I flipped him off .

"Damn. Well at least you all got out alive. So what did they look like and how many were there?" I asked.

"There was this guy with black hair that was the skinniest of them all, then a pinked haired girl who looked pretty evil in an tormented pixie way. And the rest were just muscle and all of them looked in their twenties, except the leader and pinky."

"It was just five of them but they equaled to about eight men in size." Phillip dramatized.

"Guess we need to go back to the bunker and reload on everything." I sighed with disappointment.

We all got up, but fell back down again because the ground started shaking and the trees swayed.

"Earthquake!" We all shouted and ran till there weren't any trees above us to come crashing down. The meadow flowers trembled just a bit to fool someone into thinking it was wind.

Everyone laid on the ground so they wouldn't fall over in the violent tremor of shakes. It lasted about ten minutes with breaks in between. It was steady enough to get up so we started to move, trying to get back to the bunker before sunset.

"That was my first earthquake." Serena says next to me.

"I've been through one before. Except this time I wasn't alone"

We walked in silence for a few minutes when the trees ahead of us broke away to show a rundown town in the middle of nowhere.

"Let's split up and remember, we may not be out of the woods yet. Let's just get to the bunker and get out of here." I say quietly.

We get past the trees at the edge and Phillip leans over and whispers "We're out of the woods now."

Phillip and Quill start laughing so loud we cover their mouths instantly trying to muffle their laughs. Then all hell breaks loose.


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