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Coming Up Blank

Book By: Chamila
Action and adventure

Two girls, Leah and Mia, go adventuring in a forest. Something caught Leah's interest. She, being the leader of this journey, ends up being caught in a trap of many down the trail. Mia ends up running as fast as she possibly can, at the request of Leah. Everyone coming up blank about the disappearance, Mia decides to set out on her own journey. She takes her savings to the kingdom's best tracker/bounty hunter, later to fall in love with her, to see if he'll help her. Either way, she is set on finding the long lost Leah.
(Names subject to change)

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(Coming Up Blank is yet again another work in progress. I am the only one working on this book, unlike Over Run, though. Also, the names that are currently being used, I might still change. Any suggestions would be nice. Especially for the bounty hunter/ tracker guy's name..)

The moon was slowly rising in front of us, two young girls in a forest. Our shadows grew in front of our eyes before merging with the other shadows of the night. The trees became dark and shapeless, and the normal noises of the forest became abnormally quiet.
"Leah.. I think we should go home now.." I whispered. "It's getting dark and you know what Madam says about adventuring in the night! It.. It isn't safe!"
"Mia, you will be just fine- I promise you this- and Madam knows we can handle ourselves." Leah replied, seeming confident and much calmer than myself. "Besides, that floating light we are looking for should be right around these trees.." Her voice trailed off. She was quiet and collected, but it was obvious she was excited about whatever that light actually was. Unlike me, of course.
"What if it's all a mistake, though, Leah. What if this.. Light thing is all a trap!" My voice rose by the end of this sentence. It was clear I was shaking like a mad-dog and terrified of what was about to happen. "What if we're following an empty promise and-" I was cut off by a distant snap. "Oh goddess, we have to get out of here!"
"Come on, Mia. That could have just been a squirrel or something." Leah then screamed, she was suddenly lifted from the ground in a net. Writhing around like a fish out of water, she was obviously looking around for me. She screamed again, "Mia, go! It is a trap! Go! Run! You have to go get help! Don't just stand there..! Go!"
I suddenly sat up, catching the scream in my throat. It was that dream again.. Why can't it just leave me alone? It isn't like the police haven't already done what they can.. I then stretched and swung my legs around to get out of bed. Grabbing the remote to the TV in my dorm, I changed it to the news channel in hopes to hear something new about Leah.
Of course, the bounty hunter who everyone deems a hero in our kingdom is on, instead, talking about his latest assignment that he has succeeded on. If he were so good, he should be able to find Leah. I then quietly switched the channel back to our regular morning program.
With a sigh, I grabbed my clothes and began to head towards the bathroom to change. If I delayed any further, everyone else in this foster home would get there first. That's why I'm an early riser now, plus I have my job to get to, to help pay the bills. That's the only reason Madam doesn't kick me out on the streets. Apparently all I am is a lousy shadow now that Leah is gone.
When I finished getting dressed, brushing my teeth and hair, I grabbed my bag of things and headed down to the main floor. I always just grab a small glass of milk in the morning before heading out. I waved good-bye to Madam this morning too, as it might be a while before I see her again. I've got a new plan to find Leah. This time it will work, it has got to.
Standing at the bus stop, the same faces come and go. Some I wave to, as if we were friends, but I know most of them are just sympathetic about loosing Leah. When the bus finally came, I handed the driver just enough money to get me to the cafe. Sure, he gave me a strange look since this wasn't my usual stop. Though, this is the start of my plan. It begins here, as this is where our kingdom's bounty hunter, or 'hero', starts his morning.
When the bus came to my stop at the cafe, I slowly got up and took a few deep breathes. Clutching my bag to make sure the pouch of coins earned over time is still there, I headed off the bus. The driver stopped me for a second and mouthed the words 'good luck'. Was it really that obvious what I was trying to do today and would it really be so difficult to the point where I need a good luck..?


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