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Steve: A Minecraft Hero Chapter III

Book By: christblade
Action and adventure

Kate meets someone on a hunt.

Submitted:Dec 20, 2013    Reads: 15    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Chapter 3

That night, Kate decided she could do more than just cook. She went upstairs to get her leather outfit and stone sword. She brought along a slice of beef too. She said her goodbyes to her brothers and headed out into the world, on high alert. She saw a pig and killed it. She collected its pork and trudged on. She walked for a while and became uneasy. She cautiously and slowly moved on. In the distance she saw what looked like a chest. She was no griefer, and ignored it. She kept her distance from it and as it left her vision, someone cried out, "Stay away!" It sounded like a girl. Kate stopped it her tracks. "Please, go away!" Kate listened closely and ignored the command. She saw a black figure with purple hair and blue eyes. It was a girl. "Don't be afraid", Kate called out to her. The girl drew an iron sword, superior to Kate's stone one. "It's all right" Kate said calmly. "No! Get back!" the girl screamed, tears forming in her eyes. Kate didn't understand. Why wouldn't the girl realize she wasn't in danger? Or was it something else? Kate stood her ground. She wasn't going to let the girl suffer. "I'm a friend, not a foe" she tried to assure her. Kate threw her weapons on the grass to try and calm the girl down. "If you want me to leave, I will" Kate said. Kate began to turn around when the girl said "How...how could you be so calm?" Kate froze. "What do you..." "The break in" the girl continued. " I saw. I was there." Kate was speechless. Her heart stopped. "My brother and I are assassins. We sought revenge on the world. The world is cruel. And are family paid the price." Kate interrupted. "But if you were there, why didn't you..." "I had a realization. I just couldn't take out another innocent family. It wasn't right." They sat in silence for a while. "What is your name?" Kate asked. "Maria" the girl answered back. "Well, Maria, I'm Kate and I think you'll like it at our house. It's been repaired for the most part." "Thanks Kate" Maria said. The new friends gathered Kate's things and headed to her house.


Meanwhile, at Maria's house, her brother starts to worry about her. "Where is she? She should have been back by now." In a nearby corner, a shadow appeared. It had a long robe and its grotesque, scaly head showed. "Don't worry, my son, She can't stay out there forever. She has to return soon." The shadow put it's arm on the brother's shoulder and they both stared out into the world, waiting.


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