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A British naval ship was sailing the Caribbean Sea, off into the dissents the lieutenant saw a pirate ship few hundred yards away. The pirate ship's flag had a skeleton with an hourglass in the left hand and an arrow in the right pointing down to three bleeding hearts "Striking fear in others ". Only could mean one thing, Edward Teach aka Black-Beard's Queen Anne Revenge." All hands on deck enemy are closing in on us!" lieutenant Robert Maynard said to his crew of a couple hundred men on board. A few men climbed up the to the crow's nest to pull down the sailing flags it had blue in the back-round with huge white x's on each of them. The British ship sailed in closer to Queen Anne Revenge connected there ships together with rope. The lieutenant swung over to the enemy's ship waiting for Black beard. You could smell his beard burning with smoke coming off his facial hair then you knew he is close by. When I saw him he as wearing a big feathered triton and having multiple swords, knives, and pistols at his disposal. The burning hair smell was to intimidate my crew with a horrible stench. He put matches in his woven big black beard. That's where he got his nickname from. When Blackbeard emerged, he snarled, "Damn ye, ye yellow-bellied sapsuckers! I'm a better man than all ye milksops put together!" He came towards me walking like he was drunk." One of ye is going to dance with Jack Ketch" He loved talking riddles playing with everyone's mind." I came to tell you we have war in three days at Port Royal your neck will be on the hangman's noose and I will have your head on a pike in my study." Edward gave him an evil grin as if he accepted the threat from Robert Manyard. "We have an accord then Robert bring ye best crew in three days now get of my ship." Robert swung back over to H.M.S Seaford to tell his crew they will sail back to Port Royal for the battle in three days. "Lieutenant Maynard Edward Teach is a fierce pirate. We need men who know how to fight then know how to carry a sword or a pistol.
We need at least two hundred men how are we going to find that many in a couple of days?" Robert was writing in his log book for his ship to track where they have been and supply check. He looked at his first mate with worry shook his head sighed deeply in regret that he ever made the choice to kill Blackbeard. "The local tavern in Port Royal lot of drunken men there that won't know what they've signed up for. Hopefully that will work if not we shall go to a different port and tavern get more men that way." His first mate went off to the local tavern with his assistant to collect as many men as they can within twenty four hours they had left.
Charleston South Carolina
Edward Teach was invited to the city counsel of Charleston to have a word with Charles Eden. A knock outside of his office was heard while he was writing down his plans for the next "Ah Edward Tech the infamous Blackbeard so good to see you again my you've become bolder and very arrogant I've heard rumors about you sinking the Queen's Anne Revenge why on earth would you do that? It's the fastest ship on the high seas." Blackbeard took a seat in front of his desk while his beard was smoking the smell I remember was so intimidating wanted to get out of the room to get some fresh air." Well here is the policy for a new ship if you're looking for one it was my old one I barely use anymore. It's called the Revenge don't change the name but you can have everything that's left on board." Blackbeard started going over the policy and signing the papers where his signature needed to be.
"In return Charles for looking the other way where people in Port Royal would've just hanged me by the noose. I will share my takings with ye." He handed back the papers left his office the get his crew on board the Revenge. Once he noticed his crew was up to something he left twenty five crew men marooned on the first island he saw in sight. Meanwhile back at Port Royal Alexander Spotswood an assistant to Lieutenant Robert Maynard was at the local tavern collecting as many signatures that were willing to carry a sword into battle. He had about thirty five signatures within a few hours which he thought was a good start but not good enough to Robert he needed at least sixty five more strong men. "Very well Alexander we will evacuate women and children to a different port and get the men from teen to adult to fight along with us."
Alexander took off to the orlop went into his sleeping corner. At Ocracoke Island Blackbeard's hangout stormy weather was on the horizon. Edward was in his Bamboo hideout going over his log book and checking the supplies on his ship. His lasting crew men were throwing a drunken party.
Golden Age of Piracy
November 22nd 1718 Blackbeard is now thirty eight years of age. Little did he know his days were coming to an end with a brutal fate? He and his crew made it to Port Royal waiting for the big battle to take place. "Come, let us make hell of our own, and try how long we can bare it." Going into the ship's hold they closed the hatches, filled several pots with brimstone and set it on fire. Soon the men were gasping for air. As for Blackbeard he escaped from the harsh sulphurous fumes. Blackbeard snarled reopened the hatch doors letting his crew men out besides none of them would survive the battle even if they tried.
Lieutenant Robert Maynard sailed from James River in command of twenty five of his men onboard the H.M.S sea-ford. Robert was given a mission by the Governor of Port Royal Blackbeard was wanted dead or alive he was worth €.100. Robert Maynard was in his office planning the next big battle against Blackbeard. He rests the side of his head on his right palm thinking about the deal he made with Govenror Charles Eden. A sudden knock on his office door was heard. "Robert come in son was expecting you. I have made friends with our enemy Blackbeard. I have a mission for you to kill Edward .Now I know you have a family back home will you be able to do this you my best Lieutenant I have." Robert thought about it twice before making a final decision. "I shall kill him for you Charles." Back on board the Revenge Blackbeard's crew was scrambling on the deck getting ready for the battle. They stood six feet and four inches tall very skilled men on the high seas but their education is very sketchy. All of them as teens went into piracy.
Blockade of Charleston
The night prior to the big battle Robert Maynard was in his office lying down on his bed. With an open golden pocket watch staring at a small picture of his family regretting he ever made the choice he made with Alexander Spotswood back at Port Royal. A sudden knock on his office door was heard. "Sir we approached the Revenge. You should come check it out he only has nineteen men on board we can out number him he doesn't have a chance to defeat us. Sir are you even listening to me?" His crew member went into the room seeing he wasn't there anymore the bed sheets were gone hanging out of the small window. "Damnit to hell he did not do that." He ran back on deck rushing towards his fellow crew members.
"The lieutenant is missing he sailed on a rowboat towards the Revenge!" On board the Revenge one of the crew members spotted an abandon rowboat from the H.M.S Sea-ford. With a body bag lying there unattended. Once it made it's towards them the crew member tied the rope hoisted it up onto the deck .He brought it to Blackbeard's cabin.
"Captain look what washed up by the ship." Edward looked down at the body bag took a swig of his flask placed it back on his desk. He grabbed a dagger cut it open what appeared before his eyes was the lieutenant from Port Royal. His greasy hands touched Robert's golden pocket watch opened it seeing a small picture of his family. Robert slowly reached down to his disposal getting grip of the handle. He suddenly jumped up from the body bag and shot his crew member dead center of the neck. Robert's assistant was looking out on the deck once he saw the crew scrambling on board after they heard the crew member below yell in pain. His assistant ordered to fire the cannons, Blackbeard cut off his finger on his right hand that was holding the pistol. Robert took out his cut-less sword "
Damnation seizes my soul if I give ye quarter, or take from you!" At once the desperate battle began when Maynard's sloop was close enough Blackbeard's crew started o fire back without command from the captain himself. Little did the crew know more of Maynard's crew was below deck." Their all knocked on the head. So let's jump on board and cut them into pieces!" Blackbeard's crews were all fired up and they swung over to the H.M.S Sea-ford while Edward and Maynard were still fighting below deck. It was a bloody fierce battle indeed many crew from both sides died. The once blue ocean was stained with red dye of blood and debris flying from both ships.
Execution of Piracy
Maynard begun fighting with their cut-less swords as Robert thrust his sword into Blackbeard's cartilage box while one of his crew members stabbed him threw the back. Robert sliced his head off and disposed the rest of his body over board. One of the crew members could've sworn that Edward Teach's body swam around the H.M.S Sea-Ford three times before sinking into the deep depths of Davy Jones locker. The surviving crew of Blackbeard was thrown into the brig below deck to be executed back at Port Royal. After the last few cannon shots from the H.M.S Sea- Ford were fired The Revenge finally sank to the bottom of the ocean floor.
Robert climbed on top of the bow tied Edwards head as a trophy. Victory for his last surviving crew members as well. Three days after the battle they finally reached the dock at Port Royal leading the pirates in chains to the gallows. For tomorrow's execution, while Robert Maynard grabbed a pike and his trophy he went up to the highest cliff on Port Royal looking outwards to the harbor he placed Edward's head on the pike and stuck it into the ground as a warning to all pirates that they will be executed if they dock their ships by Port Royal.
Once Robert got back to his cabin his wife and kids were waiting for his return back home. One of his kids saw him walking down the hill his little son ran towards him excited that he made it home safely.
"How is my boy you've been fighting been winning?"
He picked up his son holding him as they walked down back to the cabin.
"Yes father I have."
"That's my boy go clean up for supper tell your brothers as well."
He touched the top of his sons nose sat him down letting him run off into the cabin. While his wife came to greet him personally. His wife was three months along expecting another child.
End of a great Legacy
"So did you finally kill your greatest enemy?"
His wife was so grateful he made it home safely until she noticed his right hand his fingers were cut off.
"My god your hurt comes I will clean them off." She forced him into their room as she grabbed a rag dumped it in a in a bucket full of warm water and bandages lying next to it.
"What's left of Blackbeard's crew is going to be hanged tomorrow morning. In the center of town for illegal piracy I have to be there."
"I'm glad piracy is over to tell you the truth Robert I was afraid our little boys will become pirates them selves. It's ridicules but while you were out at sea they were outside all the time playing pirates and British naval men. Maybe you should tell them you've met Edward Teach?"
"I don't know if I should because it will inspire them to become pirates even more. I should get some rest have to make a speech for the lasting crew of Blackbeard."
Robert Maynard went into to his study preparing for his speech for tomorrow's execution. Once he went to bed tomorrow was just around the corner came quicker then he expected. He made his way to the center of town where the gallows were already set up. He met up with Charles Eden who was sitting by a table eating his breakfast warm tea and a biscuit.
"Having breakfast Sir in front of a hanging?"
Robert took a seat next to him tell everyone showed up. When a decent sized crowd showed up around nine am and five pirates were standing in a straight line on the gallows. Robert Maynard was near the gallows looking over the bounty.
"Blackbeard's lasting crew about fifteen are going too be hanged at the gallows for piracy, Robbery and murder." The man in the mask went to the lever pulled it down as their necks snapped. There was a pile of bodies and a pile of boots from their feet that they save for someone else. At least ten more were hanged at the gallows that afternoon. Robert went back over to Charles Eden took a seat by the table where he was finishing up his breakfast. "The end of the golden age of piracy thought I would never see the day. Robert you did us proud killing Blackbeard. Here is your reward a €.100."
Robert collect his winnings went back home to his cabin. He put his saving in a wooden chest he kept in his room.
"Hun how did it go today you came home late I was worried."
"Don't be worried I brought home savings from Charles Eden a €.100."
His wife kissed him on his cheek went to make dinner for the entire family. His kids went running up to him wanted to hear his stories how he met and how he defeated the greatest pirate alive.
"Tell us the story father please."


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