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The Big City

By: Codfish16

Page 1, Story of three objects that would set on an adventure to the Big City.

Once upon a time, their lived a strange young walnut called charley who lives inside an egg carton. He enjoys his life and never has any worries as his house is located inside a forest on the outskirts of the big city he has only heard rumours of. He passes his time collecting bark from nearby trees and makes detailed sculptures of penguins and pandas. Chapter 1- Charley wakes up and puts on his clogs and decides to take a stroll down the forest, he comes across a group of singing acorns, he has never seen another living item before and is now filled with happiness, he goes over to say hi as they all scatter in alternate directions to each other, Charley felt offended and saddened that they wouldn't stay to talk but he decided to follow the smallest acorn for a friendship he has lacked in his dull but fulfilling life. Following the footprints of the acorn he finds himself a small burrow inside a tree and is greeted by a doormat made of leaves and he enters. Inside he greets the acorn, The startled acorn throws various objects he has near until there are none left. Charley once again greets the acorn and asks for him to come and help him collect bark, the acorn asks his name to which the walnut replies, "Charley", charley than asks the name if the small acorn, a moment of silence stood amongst them until he murmured "Lucas", Charley asked him not to be worried he just wanted to play and show him his sculptures. Lucas followed Charley back to his home and was greeted by numerous penguins and pandas in and out of the egg carton. Lucas liked the animals and asked where he had seen such animals and Charley replied with a story about one of his journeys to the nearby big city he never managed to finish due to the fear of the giant men that roamed it, he told Lucas of a strange book that he read featuring penguins, pandas, crocodiles and elephants and started to create his favourite of them. Lucas asked him if he would ever try to complete his once failed journey, Charley said that with the aid of a friend he would like to but he had none at the time he aspired to so didn't feel safe around the giants. Lucas asked if he would like to venture with him to the big city. Charley was thrilled to have a dream of his come true and now got ready for the Journey of his life. Chapter 2- Charley realises later that day that even if he had a friend to go to the big city, he would want to remain realistic as two people couldn't just venture into the forest to endure the difficult path ahead, so he asked Lucas if he knew any other people that could come along that would be a great help with the journey and a nice person to be around. Lucas then gave some thought and knew the one person that would fit the job, so he got right onto finding him. As Lucas went out to find this person Charley stayed at home and prepared by getting some food and drink for the journey. Lucas found the wooden fortress that the mystical being lived and knocked a couple of times until he heard movement. The door swung open and out appeared a tall chip wielding a stick with a small marble placed on top. Lucas informed Chip about the journey with Charley and the Chip was eager to join and with haste he gathered together essential items and placed them in his satchel, he then put on his hat and agreed to the journey and began walking to Charley's house. Now with the aid of a small acorn and a Chip, Charley was ready to take on his dream. (Story so far, would like some response whether to continue?)

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