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My story(not ready yet)

Book By: Creepymeow
Action and adventure

Its about a girl Kitty that ... well youl see xD its realy interesting . Im 12 yrs old.

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The first chapter.
Imagine the view - a typical American home's sunny morning. The dog in the yard, still lie dormant in the thinking about the work he would do today and what adventures he will struglle in. My mom baked pancakes and my dad was going to work. But what do I do? I am writing in my diary-the last time I do it very often. I hear far sound, breakfast! '. Far since I live in the attic. Why you ask? I dont know. But I like it, there's a warm and smelling of old books which is my favourite scent. My room was different than others, even if i I am 13 years old.There were no posters on the walls, no photos. I'm not really a fan of such celebrities as fans of the other children.My idols were past heroes, such as Ptolemy or Gilgamesh. I went down the old oak stairs and felt great smell- pancakes. Greeted my parents and sat down at the table with a steaming hot pancakes as fire hot summer night. I heard my father complain of their subordinates.He worked as an electronics store manager. I could see that she was not interested. Ha, I laughed but then I heard the Bell ringing at the door. It was my friend Jonathan. I grabbed the school backpack and walked out. Uhh, I sigh. The fresh summer air hit the nostrils.Butterfly couple engaged in battle with the sun rays.
-I said, Hello, how did you sleep? ''
- Dont be so modest, Kitty, say hi, and I slept well, thank you! ''He pushed his glasses further up his nose
-Again, this dream of wild wolves. '' He sighed.
- Poor! '' Kitty does not care. -Well, come on, or wee'l be late for physics '' I told Jonathan and put step.
The path to the school was only a km. Maybe you want to know more about me? I guess the answer was no but I will tell you, I'm a 13-year-old girl Kitty with short dark hair, blue eyes and a tail. Well that was a joke i didnt have tail. I dont have many friend. Speaking of relatives - my sister studying physics and brother. Well my brother has been gone a long time.
- Kitty! 'Jonathan again thwarted my thinking.
- Well? ', I saw something in a Bush! '' "He whispered. We slowly walked to bush and what we saw? Small squirrels are waiting for someone.
-Maybe mother left em? ''Jonathan again had a gleam in his eyes.
He was very interested in animals. He brought home and made a fuss over it as if they were his own children.
-No! We have to go to school. Maybe the way back . '' Kitty tried Jonathan urge to go.
-Well, if you insist, '' he went on.
When she saw the school she remembered that today is a good day!
- Friday! ''Kitty yelled.
-Well, and? What about it? ''
-Today is history '' I gladly ran forward.
They entered the school and went to class. The whole day went peacefully, and after 7 school hours they went home.
- Kitty? '' I knew what Jonathan wants. , Are those squirrels still there? '' I knew he wanted to see em!
- We went to the Bush and I was pleased to see the squirrel mother had returned. I could see that Jonathan was happy. We found ourselves at an intersection and I parted ways.
-Well, see you tomorrow a tree? '' The tree was the place where we have built a base we often go there observe animals or just read.
-Yes, why not? '' I went home. I saw my mother looking after garden.
-, Hi Mom! '
- Hi, how was it school? ''
-As well as always ''
I went home and ate a couple of sendwhiches. I didnt care they were allready cold but they tasted great. I didnt eat all day and then if everything tastes good. I went upstairs to the attic and sit down at the dusty table and wrote in a diary. All day i was up reading and fell asleep on the table. One nice day gone by. Thinking about the old days, I fell asleep. But then I woke from sleep in a big bang as a tree in the wind woulda fall. Someone knocked at the door. I walked over to them. very carefully.I was fearful. I turned the door knob and....


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