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Austin Kirkland became a full time bodyguard since, she graduated high school a year ago and was happy that she wouldn't have to see a few cretin people that she thought would never have to see again. Until she get's a new mission being the bodyguard of a millionaire son, that happened to the most popular guy in high school.

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I'm falling for him
Chapter one;
I busted through the door, being chased by some idiot that can't get a hint. The rain started pouring down just as I ran out the door. It was raining hard I ran about a block the rain was getting heavier as I ran, my feet started to slip out from under me. I kept my balance and ran into the ally in front of me, stupid move. A chain link fence was blocking the ally, thank you Ty for making me climb those stupid rock walls when I was in training. I jumped up and began to climb the chain link fence. I dropped down slipping a little and found myself behind the guy that was chasing me.
This is to easy; I quickly ran up behind him and hit him in the back of the knees. He slid on the wet sidewalk and fell, he quickly got up and slung his leg around almost tripping me. I punched him in the nose; he punched me hard in the stomach. I kicked him in the stomach then I punched him in the nose again. He shoved me into the ground; I swung my leg around and hit him in the ankles making him fall to the ground. I got up and held him to the ground putting my knee on the middle of his back before putting a pair of handcuffs around his wrists.
I pulled him up and led him over to Kyle's car. I shoved the guy into the backseat of the car and slammed the door shut. He made me run four blocks just to get his butt kicked by a girl yeah that makes scenes, I leaned against the car with my arms folded waiting for Kyle to come back. I waited a little bit longer finely Kyle waked out of the dark ally with a smirk on his face.
"Took you long enough." I said pushing myself off the car.
"Unlike you I had to stick around and tell them what happen, since someone went busting through the door chasing that guy." He said pointing to the idiot in the back of the car.
"Someone had to do it and clearly my pretty boy partner wasn't going to do it."
Kyle and I got into the car and drove back to the office, that's the last time I'm a bodyguard for some stuck up jerk millionaire. I got into this business five years ago a year after my mom died, someone shot her in the neck on the way home form her picking me up from school. She was an agent to that's probably why someone tried to kill her. She was working on some unknown mission before she died; no one knows what it was yet. When I asked my older sister Kayla if I could join the agency she thought about then called my brother in law Ty to help her make a decision I guess. After they talked I got put into training then they decided to put me in the bodyguard department when I graduated from training. Ty and Kayla's way of keeping an eye on me since Ty is the boss.
Kyle pulled into the agency's parking lot, he parked in the place were we normally unloaded the criminals. I got out of the car and grabbing the idiot that sat in the back. I pulled him roughly out of the car and led him to the holding area. I threw him in one of the holding cells and locking the door so he couldn't get out. Agent Kelly walked up next to me she was the one that interrogated the criminals normally, holding a pale of papers in her hand.
"This is the last guy that was trying to kill Robert?" She asked
I was almost confused when I realize the Robert was the guy I've been guarding for three months. Unfortunately he was the most annoying client I've ever had, and I've been doing this for five years. I looked back up at Kelly almost forgetting I was talking to her.
"Yeah, that's the last guy." I replied.
"I almost for got Ty wants to see you, he has a new mission for you."
"Oh okay thank you."
I started to make my way to Ty office, I really need a shower and some sleep not another mission. I made a stop in my office, which was two doors down from Ty's office, I threw my jacket on the couch I had in the office and made my way to Ty's office. I sighed before knocking on the door, this mission better start after I have a shower.
"Come in Aust." Ty muffled voice said through the door.
I still hate it when he does that, I walked through the door sitting down in one of the chairs in front of his desk. All I wanted is a shower and some sleep but no my wonderful brother in law wants to assign me another mission. I really feel like I'm getting jipped, the things I do for my sibling. Ty sat behind his desk and was smiling at me, why do I get the feeling this is going to be another fun case...Not!
"What does my beloved and wonderful brother want now?" I said sarcastically.
"Love you to.... Here you might like this one better." He said handing me a file.
He either met that sarcastically or I was going to like this one, anything beats a spoiled forty something year old. Who acted more immature then I did and I'm only eighteen funny how's that work. I read through the file and the reports that were on this guy, the name on the file-looked familiar I think I know this guy. Well I guess I'll figure that out when I get there, of course he lives on the other side of town. I glanced back at the name crap I knew that last name.
"Are you kidding me?" I asked with some whining in my voice.
"You know for someone that is almost 19 you whine a lot and no I'm not kidding."
The last name on the file had the same last name of a guy that we protected 6 months ago. He was some Wall Street millionaire, that wasn't half as annoying as that Robert guy was. I continued to go through the file his first name seemed familiar to; I just couldn't place it though. Apparently the guy I protected 6 months ago was the uncle of this guy and the only nice thing about his guy was he was my age. Finely someone younger then 30, that was the bright side.
"When do I start?" I asked now noticing how late it was.
"Tomorrow morning at 9am, you can go home and take a shower. Then call your sister." He said as I walked out of his office.
I walked back into my office and grabbed my motorcycle hamlet and jacket. I was looking forward to my shower and a nice warm bed. I pressed the elevator button tapping my foot and waiting for the doors to open. The elevator door finely opened and the eye and hand scanner came out of the wall. I placed my hand on the scanner; it scanned my hand and eye. "ID conformed hello agent A. Kirkland." The computer said, I rolled my eyes and waited for the doors to open.
I finely mad it to my baby a Honda shadow 750 motorcycle. Best high school graduation present Ty and Kayla could ever give me; though I'm pretty sure Ty spent a few weeks talking Kayla into it. I wanted one of these since I was 7 years old and saw one in the parking lot across the street from my school. When I told Kayla I was going to get one she said over my died body-that's ironic now.
I pulled up into the parking lot of my apartment, home sweet home. I slid the key into my front door and threw my keys on the kitchen counter. I turned one the shower letting it get hot; I striped off my cloths and got in. I got out and changed into a pair of jeans, red tank top and a black hooded zip up hoodie. I called Kayla while warming up some left over pizza. She had to remind me that I had collage classes in a few days. Thank you Kayla for reminding me and ruining my whole night.
After I hung with Kayla, I pulled out my warm and rubbery left over pizza. I took my dinner and sat down on the couch and turning on the T.V the only thing on was the news or some lame low budget movie. I choose the movie I hate the news, after I finished my dinner and washed my dish. I laid back down on the couch and fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up by falling off the couch, that really hurt. I groaned in pain and pulled myself off the floor. I took a quick shower and changed into some new clothes. I thought I better put on my bodyguard uniform, a black pair of slacks and a black button down shirt. I gabbed my jacket, helmet and keys. I pulled my jacket on while I walked, to my bike. I got on my motorcycle and made the drive to the place I was no more then five hours ago, I love my job and take it seriously. The only thing I hated was protection people between the ages of 30 to 50 and their normally shocked when I show up.
I was supposed to meet this guy in Ty's office in thirty minutes that gave me time to talk to the guy we caught last night. This was going to be fun I thought, I got up to the interrogation room door. I waited for Kyle bring the guy in and sat him down. I was just about to go in when Kyle stop me outside the door.
"Austin, be nice." He whispered in my ear.
I looked at, "I'm always nice." I said with a smirk and walking into the interrogation.
I walked over to the chair sitting across from him. I sat down across from him with a smirk on my face, he looked a little nervous. This is way to fun, I leaned back into my chair putting my feet on the table and crossing my feet over my ankles. Waiting for him to speak. We had a staring contest with each other for about fifteen minutes; it was wearing on my nervous.
"You want to do this the hard way or the easy way?" I asked taking my feet off the table.
He didn't say anything; I stared at him a little longer. I could wait all day, but for him he might get a little nervous and will break. I started at him for a while longer he was starting to get annoyed by me staring at him. He began to sweat I could see the ripples of sweat on his forehead as I continued to stare at him.
"Do you really want to do this the hard way?" I asked still waiting him to speak.
Again he didn't say anything. They can't just make it easy and talk no they have to do it the hard way. I sighed and waited for another ten minutes before making any move the more he got nervous the more this would be fun. I smirked as I stared at him, not making any sudden moves. He still didn't say anything and tried to hide how nervousness he had. This was the part of my job I loved so much. I quickly got up picking up the table with pressing it against his stomach making it hard to breath.
He finely told me everything while I still had the table press against his stomach, I got the answers I wanted for him. I was about to let him go when I heard Ty voice over the intercom. By the sound of his voice I'm late or Kyle told him I was suppose to be nice either way, I'm in trouble.
I sighed and walked back out of the room and into the other room. Where Ty was standing with two other guys one looked to be my age and to familiar. He had amber eyes and dark brown almost black hair that swap across his face. Now I know why the name on his file looked familiar. His jaw dropped then was quickly replaced by arrogant smirk. I had a strong dislike for him, when I was in high school and the feeling I had about him then are still the same.
"Josh Larkin, I knew that name sounded familiar." I said in an annoyed voice and folding my arms.
"Austin, this is Clay Larkin he is the brother of Drew Larkin. The one you helped six months ago, and I guess you already know Josh, and Mr. Larkin this is our best agent Austin Kirkland." Ty said introducing everyone.
"Yeah, unfortunately."
"Then it won't be a problem, let's go to my office and discuss the details." Ty said walking out of the room and into his office.
Clay walked out behind Ty then Josh walked behind his father and I walked behind him. Still annoyed by his whole thing they thought was who was after him is then, we were going to be in trouble. We all walked into Ty office and I closed the door behind us. I sat down on Ty's brown leather couch, while Clay and Josh sat on the two chairs in front of his desk.
"Are you sure it's him?" Ty asked.
"Agent Lawson, I don't have very many enemies but he is one of them."
Ty nodded his head shuffled through some papers on his desk, looking for the file on Josh. I sat there and stared at the most annoying person on the planet, I was just zoning in and out of the conversation I already knew what I had to do. That wasn't hard I waited for them to finish. I crossed one leg over my other. Josh must have felt my gaze on him because he turn to me and smirked. I'm so glad this is so amusing to him; I rolled my eyes and turned my gaze over to Ty.
I continued to wait patiently for Ty to finish; I slightly tapped my foot a little impatiently. I can't believe I agree to this, at the time I didn't think anything of it. Until now Mr. Larkin and Ty continue to there discussion. I already knew whom they where talking about and if it was true who was after him then he really would need to be protected.
Mr. Larkin much like his brother was a Wall Street millionaire and as he said many times in the interviews was the only thing that could get to him was his son's, in his words they were the most imported things in his life. That just says; hey if you want to punish me kill my son's. Lucky for me I only had to watch him. His brother already had one of the best bodyguards form another agency. One less thing to worry about, I waited for Ty to finish his conversation with Mr. Larkin.
After about an hour in Ty's office, after Ty and Mr. Larkin finishing their conversation. They shook hands, Josh and I walked out of Ty's office I stop at my office. I grabbed my jacket and motorcycle helmet. Josh was waiting for me; he was leaning against the doorframe staring at me.
"What?" I asked putting on my jacket.
"I just never thought I would see you again, after graduation."
"I have the same feeling about you, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to see you again."
"Rude much."
I rolled my eyes at him and walked past him. He followed right behind me to the elevator; I push the elevator button and waited for the elevator to come. We sat in awkward silences. The elevators door opened and we walked in, the scanner popped out of the wall. I let it scan my eye and palm. "ID confirmed, welcome agent A. Kirkland." I rolled my eyes at it and Josh almost had a heart attack when the computer said welcome.
The doors of the elevator open to the parking garage. Sitting in the middle of the parking lot taking up about three parking spaces was none other then a black limo. I looked over at Josh and glared at him, he had to be kidding me. He looked at me and smirked, I sighed. I told Josh I would follow him to his place on my motorcycle, he nodded and got in after his dad did.
Josh said that we would have to make a stop, to drop off his dad before going to his place. I reluctantly agreed to it, I waited a few minutes for the limo to pull out before I did. Once we pulled out of the parking garage, the limo driver pulled out pretty fast.
We pulled up in front of Josh's apartment or I should say town house. It looked like large house placed in between two other houses. It was a painted a dark brick red color with a balcony on the second floor with a black rod iron fence going across balcony. It was surprising to me, as fair as I new he's had this place since high school.
I pulled into an empty parking place, letting my hair fall. That I tucked into my hamlet, I turned off my bike and waited for the Josh's limo to pull into the parking lot. Josh got out of the car; I waited until he passed me before I followed him to his house. When we got to up to his front door there was someone they're waiting for him. I looked up to see who it was, oh crap and I thought this day couldn't get any worse no, it just did. Somehow I think this is Ty's way of punishing me.


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