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AfterLife (the prolouge)

Book By: DeepThinkerBoy
Action and adventure

This is hard worked writting I have worked on for days now. This is just the prolouge but I hope you enjoy it.. If you are intrested I have only written chapter 1 thus far and chapter 2 has just begun...

Submitted:Aug 24, 2012    Reads: 7    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I had lived a good life, but now I could sense them even from here; there ratcheted power oozing like thick blood from the very deepest pits and crevasses of the earth, the Scarred had grown in power vastly over the years. They had grown so much now, that they even knew the location of this sacred place. The message was giving directly to me from the great Divinity himself, but I did not give in to disappear. For in his message he ended with one word, one simple word that rang like a clear bell chime, soft and sweat I even now could feel it echoing in my head "just remember my dear friend, and never forget it, hope."

Time grow short, I watched helplessly as the scarlet sun glowed harshly, lighting the sky a raging burnt orange. It seemed to almost race its way down like a fiery comet. 'No use trying to stop the sun' I thought to myself. Then finally as the suns glow died away into the great field, a swirl of pure white light burst through my windows, it curled around my room like sea waves. The magic imbedded in it weighing it down, making it behave like a liquid rather than a ray. Slowly the light drained away. I got up, and opened the front door to reveal the floating stranger face up on the ponds silver surface. Copper brown hair hung loosely on his head bobbing in strands around him, he was thin for a man but I knew strength did all ways come from brawn. As he lay he un-consciously squirmed and shook unstable as if he had a high fever, but this was all normal as I knew it was temperate.

Quickly I chanted two simple spell forming the words first in my head, I felt the comforting feeling again remembering its presence like a dear friend as it tingled deep within my brain like you would describe butterflies in a stomach, taking a deep breath I drew this feeling to the tips of fingers before exhaling with a deep yet quiet whisper. His body flashed gold as part by part clothes wrapped around him like a vines before become whole. Now upon him were simple deep blue leggings, with a sturdy mahogany jacket slightly unzipped across his hairy chest. On his once bare feet were now also huge tight fitting boots made of strong tanned leather made for long journeys. The levitation spell then jumped into action lifting his body in a thick purple fog so he drifted and followed my hand motions. After much coordinated movement I placed him inside on a bed found in the upstairs room, and fetched him a glass. I left him be and went down stairs to prepare for my fate. Hour by hour I watched as the grandfather clock stroke, knocking of what little time I had left. Then finally as dawn finally broke and the glaring sun signifying my end rises almost laughing at me, the in-human growl vibrates the house like an earth quake, the demon slowly began to work his way through the force field of the house, once through I would be utterly defenceless. They only sent one but that was all they needed to defeat me, I am forbidden to use spells for attack and my body was weak and frail, fighting would achieve nothing so I prayed the young man could defeat this monster. In seconds a high pitched squeal erupts through the walls sounding like nails on a chalk board, signalling the shields failure. Both impact and the sound entwining into a huge shock wave, making the house shake violently as I lose my balance and nearly fall over, my vision blurring as I try to look at my killer in the eye, and there he was. He appeared from teleportation in a blinding green flash, a simple and often used trick that the scarred used. He stood snorting at me with a face mixed with both satisfaction and hunger. I looked right as his burning emerald eyes as he began, just before it hit its mark. I smiled...


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