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Its no where near done, i just want some feed back on what you think of it so far. be as honist as you like, just keep it clean ok.

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The void

Stripes of moons light penetrated the forest floors; the air was moist and cold. Behind me, emerald eyes stared through my soul as it wisped across the bushes and thorns. I turned and ran, my skin was bare, I had no clothes so the deadly thorns ripped and bruised me as I stumbled down the moon lit paths... I sensed his eagerness, his adrenalin rush fuelling him as he pounded down everything that got in his way, he was the predator and I was his prey. I broke out of the forest to a cliffs edge; I made a leap of faith across one of the narrowest gaps to the other side. My hand smacked down hard on the rocky surface as I crawled up, my arms and hands were now badly cut as dark sticky blood oozed out, suddenly I felt light headed. I must have lost a lot of blood, the creatures roar was much nearer, I ran once more. The hard rocky paths mercilessly gauging at my feet, when I was certain I had somehow lost the creature hunting me I hid beneath a small crevice in the side of a mounting. Was this a nightmare I pondered, I pinched my skin but to a horrifying confirmation if realised this was well and truly real. Who was I anyway and why was I in the forest, did I have a family? The more I thought the blurrier my memory became... The crevice was very small; all I could hear was my frantic breaths and the cold dripping water from the ceiling, I looked up... the monsters jaw wide open by a meter was now drooling. I heard an ear pricing wail as it bounded of the ceiling at super human speed, I last thing I saw was silver claws aiming for my throat, I blacked out...

I heard, voices... they whispered softly to me as if I was but an infant. I strained to try and open my eyes, everything was so grey; I tried to get up but a fiery pain erupted out of my thigh, I screamed in pain. The voices whispered once more but I couldn't make out what they were saying or where they were. I felt slow slivery chill on my left shoulder, it was not too cold but somehow it made me feel sad, it was if whatever had touched me literally had no hope anymore, like she had lost all she had ever loved. I saw a fine mist in the shape of a lady stand next to me with her hand on my shoulder, her body almost completely transparent. She had no face but I felt her pain, her suffering. It reached into my very soul and began me feel empty. She bent down so her face was next to my ear and whispered, "Welcome, to the void..."

Her whisper was so soft but so raspy, the last word was elongated like an echo, this was not a welcome, it was a warning. The grey scene blinded me with a flash of bright gold, when I opened my eyes again, I was in a house.

The walls were old and wooden, many looked like they were about to collapse, it smelled ancient. Next to me was a straw bed and cabinet, on top I saw a picture of small girl standing in a sunny beach with long ginger hair and bright blue eyes. Her expression looked of pure joy with her bright white teeth smiling at the camera. Next to her stood a young man who looked like he was having just as much fun. A tear trickled down from my eye, I knew I had known her but the more I thought the more my memory of her faded... I punched the cabinet and to my surprise my fist went through it like it did not exist. Rage flurried into me, I screamed in rage. "Man oh man, is it really that bad for you mate" I spun round anxious to beat the living crap out of whoever had said that.

To my surprise a young boy was leaning on a door way, he was very thin, with a grey shirt and thin black jeans. His hair was all over the place and very ragged "Wh... who are you" trying hard to contain my rage.

The boy came in with a smirk on his face; he obviously did not care about my feelings at all. "You know um?" he said pointing to the photo I had examined beforehand.

I looked at him in the eyes; he had no pupils. Just a cold milky white centre that sent shivers down my spine. "I don't know... I think so, the girl at least."

The boy looked closer at the photo, "well you should know, I mean you're the one standing next to her." I felt, confused...

I went over to a hanging gold framed mirror. I jumped back when I realised I also had no pupils, just a plain white eye that glowed a mysteries silver when it reflected the light from a nearby lamp. "Are you, like me...? Am I dead?"

The boy gave a look as if I had asked the stupidest question in the world, "DUH... thought you would have figured it out by now dumbass, did the cant touch anything give you a clue, yes you are dead, and yes I am like you. Hate to break it to you but where now shadow beings, or ghosts as people normally call them." I looked at him Blankley, fazed by being called a ghost.

I spoke once more "then if where ghosts and we can't touch anything. How did you lean on that door way, and how am I not sinking through the floor?" The boy thought about it trying to come up with an explanation.

"As shadow beings, we can't normally touch things no. But when you focus hard enough on the mortal world you can interact with things, some things are easy to do, while others take practise. Some gifted can even switch from the Void to the Mortal realm. That's teleporting from this realm the void, into the human realm. As for being able to not sink through the floor, that's because standing is the easiest thing to do in the mortal realm, it requires almost no thought. If you relax to much you will though." I nodded; it was a bit confused on what was exactly going on.

Everything had happened so fast so I found it easy to just accept I was a ghost or shadow being. I looked out of a broken window, I heard a breeze but the cool air did not touch me. I tried to concentrate; I closed my eyes and tried hard to imagine flying, with the wind rustling through my hair. Sure enough it did it, I felt the wind physically now brushing me so smoothly, I opened my eyes and fell to onto the roof with a loud thud, if I was normal I was sure the fall would have broken my spine. Below me I heard the kid laughing "Blimey, flying on first day, you definitely have a knack for this, usually takes a least two days to do that. Another ten to master it though ha, ha! Next time don't get so scared, fear breaks concentration which makes it easy for demons to nab you."A flashback of emerald eyes shot through me again...


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