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Illianna is an 18 year old human-cat hybrid that is in a tribe called Uhusti. All she wants to do is go on an adventure and soon get her wish when a man named Zabel ask her to help her find the path of Tsigeyui (The path of love). However, he does not know about Tsigeyui and she is going to take the chance of not knowing the dangers that lies ahead.

Zabel is an 21 year old assassan whose whole career goal is to take down the Inadu gang. He is asked by his boss to find the path of Tsigeyui also, but how will he find it until he runs into the beautiful uhusti girl in the woods? What he dosent know is he is already getting closer to finding that path just by finding her?

This is an Action/Adventure/Romance book that will have you thriving more of what will happen next in the story. It will have many twist and turns and will take you into the mind of these two charaters on their long journey to find the path of Tsigeyui.
Thanks to Shaymin Nojustno and Dakota Hiraji for proof reading and helping me make This Story better.

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the path to tsigeyui
Chapter 1: In the Woods (Illianna)
I woke up this morning and started as any normal day in the woods or at least for any other day for a cat-human hybrid in Uhusti. I want to get out of these woods, ever since I was about a foot tall, and now I am 5'3".
"Mom, I want to go on an adventure." I said.
"No no, my dearest daughter Illianna. What about your sister?" My mother replied in a general tone she always use on us.
"Alright mom, but can I hunt today?"
"Sure that's not a problem. But you better get going and be careful, there's been a lot of murders around here lately."
"Thanks mom sure will!" I grabbed my stuff near the door and got ready to leave.
CH 2 The assignment center Zabel
"How many times do i have to hear that word" I said
Looks to be about five people in front of me now
4 more
3 more
Show Time I go walk to my boss and say "Assassin Zabel reporting in"
"What is this visit for now" He asked
"Sir I have come for my next assignment" I replied
"Zabel I'm going to put you on our hardest mission yet I need to to Track down this Killer no one knows who he is or where hes from we just know where he has been"
"Okay yet another crook what makes this so hard if u don't mind me asking Sir"
"He is believed to be working with inadu you know the ones you have been knocking members out of for your whole career. but also I want you to do me a favor if you get the chance take the first person with you who knows where this is I want you to find and take the path of tsigeyui
for me." boss said
"Yes Sir everything is understood sir." I said.
"Hears your file last anyone had heard he was headed toward the uhusti woods now move out"
"Yes sir."
I packed my throwing knives and hand gun and set out for the woods.
Chapter 3: The Woods (Illianna)
I decided to go into the woods because I love being with the animals. They're such a blast to be around!
As I am running around carefully looking for food, I spotted a deer. It was huge, my family and I could eat that deer and last a week of that! I take cover in some nearby bushes and track the deer for a bit. It was heading south to the lake, the most common place to attack it.
I walked for fifteen minuted hiding in these rough, itchy bushes until I was near the late where the deer is located at. I sit in the exact place for a minute or so, in my tribe, it is traditional to let any animal we're hunting to have their last of their drink before death.
Until, suddenly I saw a man coming. He was not from my tribe because I never seen him in my life, but he will have to wait until I kill this deer. The deer lifted his head up, and I took the chance to pounce at it before it could run away. I got a hold of his neck and chin, flipping over its back with deathly speed and strength. The deer's head twisted all the way around as I snapped his neck to the point a crackling noise came.
"Thank you goddess and gods for another week worth of meals and please guide its soul to the spiritual fields for it to roam more forever."
With caution, I hid the deer in the bushes I was hiding in and went to see the man from earlier was doing. I hid for a bit.
Then when he passed by me, I jumped out at him. He was 6'3" with a mixed of platinum, blonde hair, and sapphire eyes
"Who are you?" I asked the man.
He answered, "I'm tracking down a killer who has been murdering innocent people. Now I have a question."
"Go for it."
"Do you know "The Path of Tsigeyui" is?"
I giggled and said "Yes...-"
"Good do you want to go on an adventure with me so I can find it?" He interrupted.
"He he..sure.." I blushed in front of me, but he doesn't noticed that. He's cute after all, to me.
"Follow me home so I can clear it with my mother, whoever you are." I picked up the deer and ran with him to the village.
I just wonder, what's his name?
CH 4 Zabel's side of the story
I was walking down the lake following the human tracks and i noticed a dear.
I looked away for a couple of minutes and the dear was gone.
"Maybe he just ran off i guess." I thought to myself.
I walked on and all of a sudden I heard this beautiful voice.
"What are you Doing"
I turned around and saw this girl who also resembled a cat but was Beautiful. she had no clothes on.
She had big breast just exposed to the wind and Tan skin she was skinny but not too skinny almost like a model.
She had emerald green eyes and blonde hair with pink bangs. What could she be.
Then I remembered oh yeah she is a uhusti tribe member. maybe she would know where the path of tsigeyui is.
I replied to her question "I'm trying to catch the killer who has murdered innocent people next I have a question for you.
"Go for" it that beautiful voice said
"Do you know where the path to tsigeyui is."I asked
She giggled for some reason as if Its something I am supposed to know.
"good do you want to go on an adventure with me so I can find it." I said
"Yes" she blushed
dose she notice me checking her out. Man I hope not that would not be a good first meeting.
"Okay follow me home so I can clear it with my mom" she said and picked up the dear I saw earlier and ran only slightly faster than me so i could keep up.
I ran behind her and checked out her ass as she ran it wasn't big but it want small.
We ran north for awhile and finally hit the village and she showed me to her place.
"Mom Mom someone asked me to go on an adventure to find the path of tsigeyui now you have to let me go its a calling from the goddess." she busted in excitedly
"Is this true Illianna if so then is the guy with you to go to the church to be blessed for your travels" a lady said from the kitchen.
"Yes mom he's right here his name is um..um..um...."
"Zabel" I replied
"Nice to meet you Zabel well I lead you to the church", the lady said.
She stepped out and was fully Clothed. Witch if I remember right she had been asked to take the same journey.
We walk to the church it is an old mud made building that looks like it has been around for years with a newer house be hind it.
We go into the building and an old man walks out.
"Mr. Dostino this is Zabel. Zabel this is Mr. Dostino Zabel has asked my Daughter Illianna to take an adventure to find the path of tsigeyui with him" Illianna's Mother said.
"What path dose the sun fallow from rise to set Kind Zabel."
I try to remember back to school to find the answer to this question then it clicks.
"Sir it follows the west path it rise in the east lighting the sky and everything under it for all to find there way and it moves west wood darkening some places and lighting others. then it sets in the west for all to lay to rest and the moon to have its turn to shed its pale light on us the people of this wonderful planet. Mr. Dostino that is the path the sun takes and will take forever more."
"Very good Courageous Zabel What is the element that gives life." Illianna's mother asked.
"The element that gives life is water the element that also sustains life and runs all life on this so kind planet Madam of the birth."
"Oh so wonderful protective Zabel but what is the element that takes life." Illianna asked
"Fair Illiana The element that takes lives is Fire for may it never touch you and may you forever be unmarked perfect one."
"You are very well educated wise Zabel what is the perfect way to live life?" Mr. Dostino
"Balance oh holy Dostino Balance of everything good and bad if life is not balanced it is disastrous and eventually life will balance its self out O wonderful Dostino"
"Very well are Strong Zabel are you ready to start this ceremony" Mr. Dostino
"As certain as my name rings Zabel and as certain as Lovely Illianna is alive."
"Okay the laws that apply to our culture is you shall pick out fair Illianna's clothes to be acceptable to your Culture and you may pick two weeks worth of Clothes and while on this land she may not change with out you there and she will not change where anyone may see her except you with the expiation of putting on her first clothing.
You will live in a house on the far south side of the lake it will take you a week to get their at that house is when you make her familiar to your culture she may not drink at a bar with out you there.
After a week at that house you may start your journey to tsigeyui and no sooner or later."
Mr. Dostino explained.
"I understand and agree" we both say at the same time.
"Now pick the appropriate wear for a feast in your culture she may not see until the first dressing when she gets all of her clothes." Mr. Dostino said
"I understand and shall do" I said
They took me into the house and Illianna went home I picked out two weeks worth of clothes and picked out a nice White dress and some slip on shoes and also got her a pair of Tennis shoes and washed up for the feast.
CH 4 the feast Illianna's side
I am so happy I finally get to go on my adventure even if it is to find the path of tsigeyui with a cute Guy. I really don't think he knows what he is asking for though. I am kind of nervous about what clothes he picked out for me and his culture or if he will convert to mine or if I'm going to his. I don't know what I am going to do when I get on my adventure and I hope he knows there is no physical path to tsigeyui and I don't know how he heard of it but I don't know
"Feast time the" announcer said
When i stepped into the feast room I was called up to put on my first clothes. I hope he didn't pick anything bad out for me. when I got up to the stage he brought me the first clothes there was a white long dress white underwear and a white bra. with white slip on shoes. I put all the clothes on like I was instructed by my mom and I showed my self to the crowed on how I looked everyone gasped because of how good I looked I looked in the stage mirror and saw I looked beautiful. I guess it was not that bad after all wearing clothes. I sat down and cut the first piece of the cooked dear and put it on his plate saying
"I promise I will show you to the path of tsigeyui."
Then he cut me a piece saying
"I promise to protect you on our adventure."
Then everyone ate. The band played traditional music and then they walked us to the lake we got in to the boat and rowed it off the shore and then dropped the ores in water as for tradition. Now we are in the goddess hands completely stranded on the lake for a week. During that week I tough him about the uhusti culture and how we hunt and our prayer afterward to the goddess and he described his culture and where he came from. On the last day we had hit shore as scheduled and we were so happy we kissed. That was a sign we were going out but he was still so guarded with me. we went into the house and I asked him to talk.
"Why are you still so guarded I want to know more about you."
"You know all you need to know about me I am an assassin who kills bad people and is trying to wipe out the inadu gang and my whole career has been set on it." he replied.
"Fine then lets go to the bar."
"That sounds like a plan." he said and got ready and took me out.
When I got there it was amazing but I didn't drink because I didn't want to plus I saw a guy following Zabel around I came up to the back of the guy n asked
"what are you doing."
"I'm about to stab this guy." he said
" You talking about Zabel"
"Yes why dose it matter to you." he said
"Ill give you whatever you want if you don't kill him."
"Okay I'll hold you to it then" he said.
I walked away Zabel had got really drunk and I walked him to the house and put him to bed. About half an hour latter the guy showed up.
"Time to cash in your promise." he said
"What do you want"
"Sex" he said
"Then Ill kill him." he said
Zabel heard and got up.
He lounges at me and I dogged.
"Lets play cat and mouse then" he said.
"Okay" I said with a smirk on my face.
He grabbed for me and I dogged.
"Missed me missed me not allowed to kiss me." I said
Zabel signaled to to me by reflecting light on his blade. game on. He went to grab for me and before he even realized he missed me I had him held up in the air. Zabel threw one of his throwing knives and cut his leg completely open. I threw him to the ground and then into the chair. Zabel jumped down the stairs and told me to go up stairs.
CH 5 in Zabel's point of view the torture
"Who r u working for"
"why does it matter? you kill me for not rating he'll send more, and they might not be so nice, they might off the little lady" he said
I grab a sat shaker and pours a bit of salt in the wound
"owww! no one knows where the top of the chain is, but it is rumored to be some decedent of the start of some local thingy, I don't remember the name of it." he said
"pours a bit more I know u have more details than that or someone i can get a hold of"
"owwwwwww! okay okay here is my contact's number he may know more"he said
"do i have all the info i need from u"
"yes, do you know the gang name I can't remember? it's local" he said
"yes it is inadu."
I poor The rest of the salt shaker in his wound n grabs a new one and lemon juice.
"Now u r going to call your contact and set up a meeting with him n tell me where its at n all the details and i might let u live"
"okay okay owwww just stop doing that " he sets up meeting with contact" meet him at the dinner down the street next Wednesday. at 3. owwwwwww that hurts!"he said
"okay" I empty the whole salt shaker in his wound and all the lemon juice" now walk out of here and I will not see your face again am i understood"
"yes... owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." he said
He leaves as asked. as he gets about five feet away i throw a knife and it goes threw his throat.
Illianna comes down stairs "is he gone" she asked.
"Yes but we have some clean up to do now"
"Okay" she replied
She cleaned up the blood on the carpet and furniture and I went out and got a video recorder and the body took them out back.
"Illianna I need you to burn the body as I record it so I can use him as an example."
"Okay" she replied
she put gasoline on the body in a metal tub and I told her to stand back and hold the video recorder.
I picked up a bow and arrow and lit the arrow on fire and shot it in the tube and the flames caught. I video taped the whole thing and put his ashes in a lunch bag.
We showered together that day and burned the old clothes to where we could get rid of the evidence and went to bed.
CH 6 the meeting Zabel's view again.
I called a few friends up to watch the house and a stand in for Illianna and took her to a safe house with a few guards there too make sure none got through. Then I set out to the meeting. I got there an half an hour early and dropped the ashes and tape that were in the bag on the chair as I checked in for him and hid at another table full of people. The contact got their right on time went and saw the bag and opened it up and saw he tape. He had a pleased look on his face he mumbled to himself he got him. Then he left I went out to my car and trailed him. Then found the place where he was going he got out of the car and a little girl came up to him.
"Are you looking for my Daddy?" she asked.
"Yes" he replied.
"He is in the back room." the little girl said
"Okay" he replied.
He walked into to the house as the little girl followed him. When the got in I ran and got on the roof with out being noticed. I pressed my ear up to the the roof and listened.
"I got something for you boss" the man said
"What is it" said the boss
the man laid down the lunch bag and pulled out the tape and played it.
"Wait that's not Zabel that is the guy you sent to kill him." the boss said.
"God damn it I didn't know Mr. Rufio. I didn't think Zabel was that good." the man said
"What do you mean you didn't think he was that Good he has only been in assassin Training SINCE HE WAS FIVE. You are a Dumb ass. Get Ten of your best men to gang up on him that is the only way you can kill him. Shit you didn't think he was that good he has only been killing off my men one by one for the last three years. How did you not think he was that good."Mr. Rufio said.
"I'm sorry sir it will not happen again." The man said.
"It better not or I will have your head." Mr. Rufio said. "Now go"
"Yes sir" the man said
" Zabel Rufio Why did you have to be a rebel child. Why couldn't you be just like your Father." Mr. Rufio said. I ran back to my car and grabbed my other knife and waited for him to drive off."
He pulled In to an abandoned shack and made a phone call. After he was done I got out of my car.
"Who are you." the man asked.
"I'm the one your looking for."
He pulls out a gun
"Your Zabel Rufio." He asked
I pulled out one of my throwing knives threw at the hand with the gun and knocked the gun out of his hand.
"Dose that answer your question"
His eyes widened because he knows what is next.
He replied "you know your house will be raided wither or not you kill me."
"I know I saw you make the call."
After that I threw a knife and it stabbed him in the heart and he dropped to the ground.
I called my friends who guarded the house and they answered.
"I'm on my way don't let anyone in or out and is Illiana still in the safe house"
"Last I checked yes" he replied.
I hung up and got in my car. I took off and went to the house left my car and ran in.
"Ten of inadu's best men are on their way here are you ready for a fight."
"Yeah" they all said and started making celebration noises.
A few minutes latter the men came but there was way more than ten it might have been twenty to thirty if not more.
"God damn it was code"
"We are out numbered" one of my friends said.
"Well I guess I'm going to meet my Grave today because there is no hope."
Then Illianna Came down from her hiding spot on the stairs "
yes there is." she said.
"Why are you here"
" Came up to see how things were when I saw the guys and told the guys at the safe house to come so you will have a few more reinforcement and take what you can handle and leave the rest to me." Illianna said.
"I'm trusting you" one of my friends said.
CH 7 the fight Illianna's point of view.
I got ready to battle. I hope this works out I thought to myself because I do not want to lead all these people into a battle that will lead us all to their graves but I need to have faith I know how to fight and I am quicker and stronger than they are and then I can continue to help Zabel to the path of tsigeyui. I still don't think he knows that he is asking me to show him the path of love but I am not telling him my self. There is a knock at the door.
"Who is it"
"Come in."
Zabel walks over to me and say
"There is something I want to ask you"
"What is it"
Zabel gets down on one knee.
"If we survive this will you marry me?" he asked.
"Yes" I replied.
He put the ring on my finger and kissed me. I kissed him back and then one of Zabel's friends came in.
"This is no time to be kissing we got a battle to fight." he said.
"Right" Zabel says "ready the men I'm going o take the roof tops and Illiana is going to go with me and then joining battle"
"Okay" he said" men get ready and lets go"


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