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Book By: EdgeWing
Action and adventure

Last Time...
Kimi and Alex was in a bit of a death trap
but Kimi goes back to mum and dad while Alex stays with sarah
though it's not long until pressure takes over Alex and Sarah
something will happen?


Submitted:Mar 25, 2012    Reads: 13    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

{ THE DEPTH & THE AIR } - This story is Originally Created By EdgeWing - Author: EdgeWing )

* LAST UPDATED * - 25/03/2012 - 15:50 UK Time - Click Here for Chapter 3 - Coming Soon!!!


Alex - (You)

Ben - Little brother

Joe - Older Brother

Sarah - Older Sister

Kimi - Younger Sister

Lenny - Father

Katie - Mother

- Chapter 2 - ( Pressure & Emotions ) - When we help someone we love but can't always protect what are the consequences???

Date: Monday 13 November 1986 - Time: 5:00 PM - Night 2

I held onto Sarah's hand as we awoke from our deep sleep, I placed my firm hands on the wall to push pressure so that i could get up, Sarah heard Kimi's voice again but this time it was further away from us, Sarah told me that this pit we in leads to the Neighbour's living room from the looks of it. I stopped and turned towards sarah and i told her that we shoudn't go down there it's too risky as she turned towards me she whispered softly Kimi is down there i'm sure of it, As i stood there trying to think of a way of keeping sarah safe dust fell from the rusty celling that was holding this pit up, The rocks began to crumble as i heard Sarah scream i was now frozen in fear from this event i tried to dig out of this death trap but no use as the rocks collapsed light was now blocked out, I was now alone with sarah seen no where in sight i gulped once again and brushed my small hands against her necklace i found lying next to my knee, I shoved the rocks out of way to clear a path into where i think sarah had fallen into, I managed to move the heavy crumbled rock out of my path. As i slowly placed my hands on the final rock that could fall any seconds i pushed my self down and realised there will be no going back up, As i slided down the painful bumpy rocks i landed onto something soft i couldn't see anything as i used my hands to feel what it could've been but i was clueless, I felt a fissure in this soft thing i slowly grabbed the end of it and lifted it up it looked like a cushion or something else...

I shouted sarah! inside of this dark home, But no answer... I tried to find the way into the other rooms but no luck as i laid there on this soft object while my poor heart was rapidly beating i slowly grasped the rock sitting beside me and threw it in the darkness, I heard a shatter of glass not far away from me as i coudln't see anything i also realised theres not much oxygen down here, I felt like some sharp object has cut me on my back but i never checked since i couldn't see anything, I moved towards the darkness where i threw the rock and i place my hand on this smooth cracked object it felt like sharp glass like a window been smashed, The rock i thrown must of smashed this window, I heard echoes from below hoping it would be Sarah but i had no idea how to get down there. As i smashed the rest of the window with my fist i carefully placed my left leg through so i could get to what ever is behind this window, I sat on this soft object and used it for a landing once again to get behind the window without cutting my-self, My hands were now feeling frozen from some cool air that seems to be coming through the walls. Now this time as i hit the bottom of this tunnel thing, My hands were placed down so i could have a safer landing than before as i gradually got back up on my feet i moved towards a light source that i could see from around the corner, Still no sign of Sarah anywhere this started to scare me considering i'm now alone but i feel quite brave wanting to explore deeper into this abyss. I finally found a light source it loosk like an old oil lamp so i held it up to the walls and i saw that this room is the kitchen now that i could see there was cobwebs all over the walls and some rats and mice running around my feet. I heard a tapping sound on the wall near my right i slowly approached the next door wanting to proceed deeper to find out more about this house, I saw shadow from what looked like the hallway as i shown the light into the hallway i saw the figure dissapear inside of the walls...

I realised that we are quited deeper than top floor, My arms were now killing from the painful first fall that i had i was braver than i thought so i walked towards where the figure was standing as i moved my oil lamp onto the old dusty door i slowly pushed the door open as it creaked with a quite whisper from some voice, I then slowly walked inside of this room with my oil lamp still lit i approached the tables i am now in the living room from what i can see as i moved towards the tables i could feel a cold chill shiver down my spine as if something is near me inside the room with me. My heart rate was rapidly increasing from all these event's i turned to face what ever could be behind me and i saw nothing as i turned once more the door slammed shut and the windows of the living room smashed in-front of my eyes i couldn't beleive this, Everything i was seeing just freaked me out I heard Sarah's voice underneath the trapdoor that i could see with-in the living room. I approached the trap door with no fear while shivering from the chill, I tapped on it once to make sure i weren't just hearing things but it was real as i heard sarah screaminh right underneath me i knew she was in danger...

- End of Chapter 2 - This story is just getting better :)

- EdgeWing!


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