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Recon: The Beginning

Book By: EDRC
Action and adventure

This is the official begining to Ryan's Recon Series. Full of action, adventure, and much more!

Ryan is only a baby when his mother dies. She was murdered, and Ryan was only at the age of two. Ryan was adopted by his aunt, who raised him all his life until high school.

Then, one day, Ryan discovered he had powers. He was in a fight at school, and suddenly something strange happened to him. Two adults (who's secret names were S.S. and Ninja) saw him get his sudden burst of powers, and asked him to join a secret group called "Recon". So began, Ryan's journey as a hero, and the rise once again of Recon.

Submitted:Dec 14, 2009    Reads: 74    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Please note: This book may and probably will take a while to complete. So the things that I upload on here may not be the completed book. You may read and comment, but things can change so don't be surprised if they do! The whole book is planned to become a Trilogy Series if it is ever completed, and this would be the very first book...RECON: The Beginning. The other two books are yet to be named.

A Short Introduction
For years a war has been occurring, thirty to the exact. No regular person knows about it, only those who are involved in the terror within it. This "Secret War" has been called the "Heroes War". Supernatural people are the only ones in this war. Some are called Heroes, otherwise known as "Recon." Heroes are the good people, who try to rid the world of evils.
The others in the war are called Villains, otherwise known as "Sector Thirteen". These people are the evil forces that the heroes are constantly trying to defeat. Their one goal is to take over the world, and while doing this, kill all normal humans.
At one time, the only supernatural people were Heroes. They all tried to save the world, and keep people from being harmed. One day, a Hero by the name of "Bakara" became evil. He betrayed his fellow heroes, and created his own group called "Sector Thirteen". This was the true beginning. He managed to get hundreds of Heroes to join him, all for one purpose: to gain power.
The Heroes slowly faded. More and more Heroes joined Sector Thirteen, and the number of them declined almost to the point of extinction. The Heroes decided to then go into hiding. They went off, got married, had children, and continued trying to live a regular life.
This gave Sector Thirteen the chance to gain more strength. They quickly took over abandoned buildings, and built secret bases all around the world. But, they knew the Heroes would probably one day return and try to defeat them. This is why they created a plan to hunt them all down, and kill them. If they were married, they decided to just kill the parents, and try to get any children they had to join them. Some villains were even married, and they killed their families just because of this. They killed their own husbands and wives, just so there would be no opposition to their children joining Sector Thirteen. This caused even more Heroes to disappear.
Their original leader (Bakara) has been missing for ten years, and Sector Thirteen has since been ran by other people in it. Bakara was fighting with a hero, and it is said he fell into the ocean and never came back up. Sector Thirteen came to the conclusion that he was dead, and then decided to pick new leadership and make a new plan. They decided to go along with Bakara's family killing plan, and ever since it has been happening.
For the time being, the Hero's and Sector Thirteen are not known, and the heroes are all missing. If any are left, they are waiting for the war to continue, and once and for all finish it.


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