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“They call me a home wrecker, a lover, a slut. A woman that has no morals and no standards.

I simply call it business.”

Isabella Marina was a mistress for the rich and the famous from mob bosses to con artists. In a world where the justice system is so corrupt, the only way these men can get a taste of their own medicine is from Isabella’s help.

When she is sent a photo of Derek Goodwill, the infamous con artist of the 21st century that had just stolen over 20 million dollars of stolen paintings and artifacts from the Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and National Gallery Isabella sees the chance to make her name infamous.

Derek refuses to date on the job, but when he meets Isabella he sees one of the most beautiful woman in world begging for him, and what type of man would he be if he refused?

They begin to develop a friendship as they’re pulled into the world of drug lords, art, and fraud. With secrets that are about to be blown up whose going to survive?

Sadly, this was just another day on the job.

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So I'm new to Booksie, but I do have a Wattpad account that I've already uploaded this story and I have many others :) Please feel free to check those out :)

Hello my peeps :) This is a new story!! I'm uber excited about this story, because I've worked really hard to bring back a fun writing style that I've been hoping to try out!! So-I'm going to keep it nice and short, this is my story and I hope that you guys like it!!

http://static.missguided.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/2/image/1516x1839/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/A/R/AR847-red-1.jpg_17.jpg (the dress she's wearing)

http://www.fashionfuss.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/christian-dior-black-satin-dior-cabine-platform-pumps-1.jpg (the shoes she's wearing)

*Important Message at the end :)*

Chapter 1

Madonna once said, "I'm tough, ambitious, and know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay."

She's a woman after my heart.

"You bitch! I hope you die in hell!" I guess that the quote couldn't have a more fitting place, I thought to myself as I threw my Tiffany sunglasses on, not even in the slightest fazed by the insults and threats that was getting thrown at me.

"Yeah and you're no better, so I guess I'll see you there darling!" I shouted back at her, before brushing my hazel hair over my shoulder and walked out into the beautiful Miami heat.

"Hey baby." I looked up to see Julio Guantara standing against his brand new Bentley convertible with no doubt a huge of cocaine stashed in the front seat floorboards.

"Hey, your wife certainly took that well-she even told me she'd see me in hell. I think that the meeting went really great actually." I replied teasingly.

Okay-okay so you caught me. I was sleeping with one of Miami's biggest drug dealers and he was married. Whatever, I just brush off the judging and gossip. I watched as Julio gave a full belted laugh, his biceps rippling against the crisp $1,000 dollar shirt, his voice sounded felt cold butter melting on hot toast, and his arms felt constricting and dangerous as he wrapped them around my shoulders and pulled me into his car.

"So, as a celebration of a soon-to-be separation why don't I take my new girl in her new dress to Zuma? I know how you love their spicy tuna rolls and tempura." I forced a giggle and stroked of my hand down his abs as he escorted me into the plush, yet firm leather front seat and closed the door. I watched him walk around the front of the car and took this opportunity to stick the device underneath my seat and turn my cellphone on.

"We were so busy talking about your horrid wife that I didn't even get to ask you how you're doing today." I pouted, keeping up my act, although I had to say if I had throw myself at him for even one more day I was going to kill someone.

"Aw, baby thank you for caring-you're so much better than my shit wife, you're what every man wants-smart, beautiful, you don't pressure me about my drug dealing, and you're amazing in bed." I gave him my patented sultry "come hither" smile, because if I did anything else I knew that I would shove my arm down his throat.

"Well baby what can I say? I'm the perfect lover." I whispered seductively into his ear, before I gave it a small nip and smiled as I heard his gratifying groan.

"You're killing me right now-we might not even make it to Zuma if you're gonna keep doing that."

"Well then we better get there quickly, I promise I'll behave."

"I bet you will, but first we need to make a quick pit stop along the way-" I didn't bother to reply to that comment or show my distress, because I knew that as soon as I started whining about his drug dealing that I'd end up exactly like his wife.


Of course you couldn't see it with the way she was defending her husband just a while ago, but it was purely out of fear. I mean she'd probably be jumping 10 feet in the air with excitement if she weren't already counting down the seconds till Julio sent men to their house to get rid of her quietly. I looked out the window and saw as we passed by little small alleyways and streets that were too familiar to me, which had small groups of people shoving money in one person's hand and little baggies in another.

"Wait here-this is the biggest deal that's about to go down and later I can take you out to go buy a new pair of lingerie."

"But-I don't need a new pair, I've already got one."

"Excess baby-Excess is never a bad thing." I watched as he leaned down and gave me a tongue-battling kiss, that felt more like he trying to push all his saliva down his throat and I avoided barfing the contents of my breakfast into his mouth.

I felt his lips slowly move away from mine and I gave that farce God up there a great big thank you for saving the contents of my stomach. I scrutinized from the tinted window Julio and his business partner Samuel making some sort of a deal with Tony Alvino, a member of the Italian mafia. Most women would be scared, cowering in their seat, trying to get their phone out to call the police-but this wasn't my first rodeo and I certainly wasn't some stupid slut, so I just sat there and counted down.

"5-4-3-2-1" my count down was right on the marker as I saw groups of FBI and SWAT team trucks and cars swarm in, along with good ole' MDPD.

"Down to the ground now!" I smirked as Julio and the rest of his little business meeting had to fall to the ground, a look of pure anger shooting across their face. I saw Lieutenant Valdo walk towards me, a confident stride that matched my smile perfectly.



"I see you were dressed for the occasion?" He commented as his eyes roamed down my tight blood red body-con dress and charcoal black Dior's heels.

"You know I always say, dress for the occasion never the weather." I replied haughtily, before I took the hand that he offered and stepped out into the scalding hot Miami street-or alleyway.

"Look! Look! There's my wife-just ask her, she was here to witness the whole thing I wasn't doing a deal of any kind, right baby?" I watched as he gave me a forceful prodding with the words that he was verbally-of course-shoving in my face.

"Please honey, I ain't your wife-and Valdo they were doing a deal by the way. Oh, and one more thing Julio-the sex was awful, you should really get a self-help book or something." I blew him a quick kiss and wink, before I listened the satisfying sounds the handcuffs clink and a furious Julio being dragged away by the officials.

"You whore! You just wait-there are people that will get you killed, you better your back!" I laughed a whole-hearted laugh, not even slightly fazed by his threat-or so called threat.

"Yeah sure-¿Claro que si. Como tus pendejos amigos que son en cárcel? You've got no one honey, besides you don't have the intelligence to find me." His face contorted in anger as I threw Spanish back at him like it was my first language-I could play the stupid card really well is all I could say.

"Thanks Marina, we definitely needed you for that one or else Julio would still be running around the streets."

"Please, I've been doing this for you guys what 4 years? If you guys are too lazy to get off your asses to deal with a problem that is clearly threatening all of Miami, then someone's got to do it. Besides, who can resist-"

"I thanked you-you don't need to give me the whole spiel of why you think our justice system is corrupt each and every time someone from the police department thanks you." He replied in an agitated and angry voice.

"Whatever you say Valdo-whatever you say. Now if you excuse me I've got to go, I wouldn't want Julio's reservation to go to waste." I whispered in his ear, I felt his body shiver slightly against my voice and I couldn't help but feel a smug smile pull on my face.

So off I went to my reservation to Zuma's, but with his car-hey, I gave the police bag of cocaine that was stashed in the front seat underneath the floorboards and his cellphone, full of his little "buddies". I deserved this bonus. I climbed into his beautiful Bentley, started the engine-not before pumping the gas to hear the roar of the engine-and gave all the lovely officers a wave before ripping out of the alleyway into the busy streets of downtown of Miami. I heard a few yells of protest from certain police officers, probably newbies to the force. I knew that Valdo would take care of them and I wouldn't have anything to worry about.

This was our deal, I got all the biggest and most dangerous drug lords, drug cartels, con artists, anything that you can think of behind bars, and in return-I got to take all their cars for a spin. They can't say anything, because they knew that I could get all of them kicked off their jobs cause all they do is sit on their asses surfing the web-meanwhile a woman can do their job with no hesitant or problem.


I heard the energy of the Bentley convertible roar as I moved quickly down the streets of Miami, feeling the rush of the air against my creamy brown hair, the charge of adrenaline coursing through my veins as I continuously pressed the gas-thankfully it was one of the periods in the afternoon where there were barely any cars, which gave me the perfect opportunity to practice a little bit of my driving. I was never one for being interested in street-racing or competitive racing either, but I've learned sometimes to get in with the right crowd you need to know how to do everything and anything-of course you would also need to the learn the fastest way to hotwire a car to get away.

These men, they can get you at any time. I would know.

I saw an open spot right in front of the restaurant Zuma, feeling as though it was my lucky day I parallel parked right into the spot, I kicked the door open feeling the texture of the satin slowly rub off against the leather seat. I placed my sunglasses against the top of my head as I gracefully walked into the story, my black Dior shoes clicking against the hardwood floor of Zuma.

"Hi, reservation for 2 under Julio? I'm sorry but my boyfriend couldn't make it, he got caught up in a little work and doesn't seem to be able to make it out today." I giggled quietly under my breath at the idea of being caught up in a "little work", when really he was going to get the questioning of his life from Valdo and his little police buddies.

"Certainly, please follow me and I'll escort you to your seat." I walked with her through the restaurant, as there were various tables of people from intense make out couples, good friends, and old married couples.

I watched as the skank set the menu down on my table and walked away, her hips shaking trying to get attention at all the men in the restaurant. She probably had 3 different boyfriends, or if she were married-she'd be having two different affairs. It was a gift you could say, that I could tell what type of person someone is as soon as I met them, many people don't notice the little details about people, but I do and that's exactly how I make a living on my job.

"Hell I'm Chance I'll be your server today. Would you like anything to drink?"

"I would love a mojito with extra limes please."

"Is there anything else that you would like-that isn't on the menu?" I watched as he tried to edge closer to me and push his lower body close up against mine upper one.

It seems like the men just couldn't get enough of me today.

"Yes, but he isn't here right now." His faced fell so quickly that I barely had time to register the change in facial emotions and watched as he walked away briskly muttering words of distraught and offence that made me giggles.

I watched the group of people crowded around the outside VIP patio area, I smirked thinking that I was sitting in a section that would probably-a few years back cost my entire salary to eat one fry-but now I enjoy for a daily bases. I had just gotten my mojito and was enjoying the cool blended citric ice against my throat when someone had sat in the seat across from me.

"Yes Bryan?" He probably thought surprising me at the restaurant that I frequented with Julio would make me shocked or jump in fright, but he's been trying to scare me for years.

Nice try.

"Damn it---I thought I had you that time. How are you?"

"I'm fine-look let's cut the chit chat, I know you're here for something, what is it?"

"Well someone's feisty this morning-look I've got another job for you, you're needed by MDPD to become this Derek Goodwill's mistress. He's apparently been caught or discovered stealing expensive paintings from various art museums around the world."

"In what way does this challenge me?"

"Well-I mean you haven't gotten a con-artist job for a long time, besides I asked them what was in it for you and guess what they said-"


"He's their number one wanted man in all of Miami, he's apparently untraceable." The words number one and untraceable suddenly clicked in my mind.

If I could catch him, then I can make my name immortal in this town, I'll be famous. I'll be a celebrity-of sorts. I could already feel my mind coursing through ideas, plans, and tricks to get to fall for me-and then into my bed. I'll be able to figure out his secrets in no time.

"Okay, I'll get your job done by the end of the week-or in the next 5 days if he's really a weakling. I just need a new wardrobe, where he is going to be staying for the next few weeks, all his aliases, and what type of woman he likes."

"Got it right here." He handed me a white envelope that was bursting and overflowing with papers and notes.

I grabbed it without a second thought and began sorting through all the different pages; in this lifetime I am probably the only gorgeous woman that is equally organized and punctual-and you can take that to the bank. As I was flipping through the pages I could still feel Bryan's presence looming over my table.

"Go away." I told him in a forceful tone. I watched him hold his hands up in surrender before walking away slowing and disappearing right into the busy streets of Miami.

Now, normally girls are classy-claiming that they would excuse themselves and deal with things normally, but I'm not your average girl. I have a body that makes all men swoon, hair that cascades down my shoulders to my mid-back like a waterfall, and I'm great in bed. What can I say?

I'm the perfect package.

"Are you ready to order ma'am?" I had looked up to see that my previous waiter had been switched with someone else-a woman. I guess he got a little insecure and decided that he didn't want to face me after his embarrassing rejection.

"Yes, I'd love your spicy tuna rolls and tempura, also another re-fill on the mojito please."

"Of course." She collected my menu and walked away with a confident march in her step.

Oh-damn it, please excuse my forgetfulness-sometimes I get so into my job that I forget to really tell people who I am. I'm called the other women, the hooker, and the home wrecker. I've heard everything from the "he's just trying to get into your pants", "you're a whore and a bitch-I hope you die in hell", and my personal favourite "you're so beneath me".

I'm the mistress.

So? What do you think? I'm really enjoying this new story and I sincerely hope that you do to!!

All right, so now for the important message :) I had gotten a bunch of people awhile back to make a billon covers for me! So instead of just choosing one and forgetting about all the other ones I've decided to advertise every single cover every time I upload ;) They are all amazing and I want to thank all of you for helping me make this story come true!!

Also, all Spanish that I write in this story you can either choose to Google translate *I can't guarantee that it'll make total sense on Google translate cause I actually take Spanish and I'm trying to write it according to how they actually say it :) However, the translation will also be here:

"Of course. Like your asshole friends that are in jail?"

I'm also going to try to keep these endings as short as possible so that I don't hinder you from reading the story :) This will probably be the only long message!! So, do you guys have any suggestions for whom to play all the other characters? I've got Aimee Garcia playing Isabella-isn't she beautiful? Look her up!!

So don't forget to vote, fan, and comment!!


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