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Tags: Cool, Funny, Crazy, Love

My very first upload. If you enjoy it, be sure to like it and I'll upload more.

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A bottle cap. A bottle cap is what he'd found. And he was amazed. He found it in his hand when he woke up. And now he was just sat, scratching his finger nail around the side of the cap, making a scratchy noise, Giggling to himself, he squeezed the cap with his first finger and thumb, and it popped out of his hand and down onto the grass. He looked down. Then slowly and cautiously stroked the grass with both hands. Once again he was amazed. He looked around at his first memory. He had so many questions but didn't know how to ask them. He stared at what was around him for a few minutes before standing up, and he was back on his arse before he could take his first step. He prepared to stand again, but this time, he didn't stand still. As soon as he got on two feet, he put one foot in front of the other and before he knew it, he was running. It didn't take him too long to reach the end of the woods. As he took his first step out of the shadows of the huge palm trees, his feet touched the burning sand, his eyes looked straight towards the gleaming light of the sun, and his legs gave up on him. He hit the ground face first. It was a disaster. The worst pain he'd ever felt. With a mouth full of sand and tears running down his face, he stumbled his way back towards the cool shadows of the palm trees.

As he used his sandy palm to wipe off any remaining grains of sand from his tongue, he walked back to the exact spot where he woke up and sat back down on the grass. He expected this horrific feeling he had gained by going out there, to just disappear, and he was confused when it didn't. He picked up the bottle cap, fell back onto the grass and shut his eyes, with the cap closed firmly in his right hand. No more than 7 seconds passed before the temptation was too much for him. He sat up and opened his eyes. He just wanted to feel the same as he did when he woke up. Angry with himself, he clenched his fist in which he held the bottle cap, and with all his strength he threw it as far as he possibly could. It flew over a ginormous tree that had fallen down, and it had landed in something, something that made a splash. His next feeling was curiosity. It took over his body in an instant and before he knew it he was climbing a huge horizontal tree.

When he got to the other side he got to a sort-of cliff. It was a curcular shape, more like a hole in the ground. He stepped towards the edge and as he looked down into the hole he had an unpleasant feeling in his stomache, fear. It was a long way down. But at the bottom was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Water. Clear, blue water. It looked refreshing and welcoming, and he fell in love with the very sight of it. A reflection from the sun above him bounced off the waves and into his eyes, making the water look 10 times better, just as it would to a child. It was back, that feeling. He was yet again amazed.

As he stared down he seen his purple bottle cap. That was 'his' bottle cap. So he had no choice but to jump down into that lovely looking water and get his cap. He sat and dangled both legs over the edge and looked down again. And just before he done it, he froze. He just froze. He physically couldn't bring himself to jump. This feeling was new, he was nervous. Similar to fear, being nervous was an umpleasant feeling. But unlike fear, he knew that this was something he had to do, something he wanted to do. He was just scared. He didn't quite know why he was so nervous. but at that moment in time, jumping down that very steep drop didn't seem like the best idea. So he decided to give it a miss.

He slowly got up and went to take a step away from the edge.


Like and comment and I will upload the next half :)


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