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Unbearable Chapter 1

Book By: Genoguy
Action and adventure

Tags: Please, Comment, I, Would, So, Enjoy, It

It's set in a science fiction world where everyone is augmented with bio-mechanical upgrades. It was sort of a joking book I wrote about me and my friends at first but I do hope you like it and I am expecting some harsh criticism so please comment and do not hold back.

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With the darkness devoid of all light he sat, the smell of blood tantalizing every aspect of his mind, the smell as sweet as strawberries and an allure so great that it made his mouth water with just the thought. The voice in his head whispered out everything he would do. Narrating every aspect of his life every movement he would make from there on out. His life was a book a story. Drawing him to where ever the ending was as in any great book. His head throbbed and his heart ached as the voice grew in his mind. Then as a bright light began to shine in the distance he heard them calling his name. "Target acquired!!!" the called as they all crowded around him. Then his story began from there.

Chapter 1

Ziggy X came hurtling down from the top of the skyscraper a pistol in one hand and a dagger in the other. He was cover in bruises and lacerations but he felt alright. Although the creature following after him was not as calm as he was. The beast was the size of a bear although it had a dogs head. It was basically a werewolf in short. The werewolf clawed at him but he blocked it with his steel incased arm but the attack enhanced his velocity sending him launching into the ground with the force of a small missile leaving an explosion and a large crater in his wake. The creature let out a fierce roar diving down claws first but was soon intercepted by a wrecking ball sized black orb that engulfed him and sent him crashing through the building he had just jumped off of. Demolishing it with one collision. The skyscraper came down in a spray of glass and smoke. Ziggy leaped out of the crater wiping the dust off of his shoulder his weapons vanishing into his skin. "Dang babe" he called with a smile. "What?" said a small dark skinned girl jumping from the skyscraper wreckage. She walked up to Ziggy planting a peck on his lips. "Oh my God" said another voice from behind. "What's wrong with you Keke!!!" said Dizzy Don. A tall Asian man. He was apart of the worlds greatest support styled family.

The year is 3012 and the universe is run by a group called the senate. They delegate everything that happens like a coalition pf dictators and whatever they say goes. In this future time every living human has technology even the poor people. Technology is what runs the world. The planet and every planet in the galaxy is covered in it. When ever a human is born they are implanted with biological upgrades that are further upgraded as they age. And when a human reaches adulthood their upgrades are attuned to whatever type of career choice they wish to do. That's where the story begins. Hunters are the people that were just shown in the beginning. They are basically the universes cops. Given immense power through their upgrades and only rivaled by the military themselves. They have no rules in when it comes to catching or killing criminals do to the fact that criminals these days are more than able to level an entire city if given the man power ,time and technology. There are different types if hunter, they are broken into classes, support and attack. There are different styles given to these respective classes, Support consists of: Trackers and psychics. And Assault consists of: Strikers, Berserkers and Artillery. And then there are those who take on the responsibility and power of being in between. The Nova and Strategist classes who can do it all. What makes these two different from each other however is that each of them still specialize at either Assault (Nova) or Support (Strategist). But that just depends on who ever is using the technology.

Our story starts with these hunters that were just mentioned. Keisha Keke Hills. A Berserker, her boyfriend Ziggy X Mirand an Artillery user and their leader Ron Dizzy Don a Strategist and as mentioned before the youngest son of one of the universes top Strategist families. From here the explanations end and the story will just unfold.

"What the Hell is wrong with you guys?" said Don. "What?" said Keke turning her back on the mess she had just made. "I told you guys to keep it quiet" said Ron "there was like one wolf where was the logic in what just happened here?". "Sorry" said Keke giving Ron her best impression of puppy dogs eyes.

"Ah Dizzy's mad now babe" said Ziggy. "No its just that my sister gunna bitch about this" said Ron

"I'm sure the construction workers will come and clean it up by morning" said Ziggy.

"I know but she doesn't care she just likes bitching at me al the time" said Ron. "Then tell her it was Keisha's fault" said Ziggy. "Uh uh Mye scares me I don't wanna have'ta fight her". The sun began to rise and the group finished talking with each other. "You guys wanna go eat" said Keke watching the numbers on her debit card rise from the pay they received. "gotta go home my sister wants me to help her catch some murderer or something" said Ron. "Yeah and we have to meet my cousin she wants us to help her too" said Ziggy pulling Keke closer into his embrace. With a sigh Keke complied nodding her head "Alright I guess we can go make some more money then" she said with a smile. They all walked off parting ways for the short while. Unaware of what fate would eventually bring into their lives.

The sun had just reached its peak on the horizon but all he saw was black. Target knew where he was going since the narration told so but the room was dark. cold, dark, the smell of blood was suffocating and the floor he was walking on was drenched but it was strange his toes stuck together as if he was walking in syrup but the liquid was too loose to be so. "Blood" he whispered to himself "Just blood", his breathing got erratic, the narration told him where he was then nothing as light finally reached his field of vision the narration stopped, "Now where do I go?" he said to himself as he starred into the sky.

"Ron" said Mye meeting him at the door "Where the hell were you?". Ron stopped at the door way and starred at her blankly. "I was hunting all night why?" he retorted. "With who?" said Mye. "Keke and Ziggy. Mye rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You brought that girl with you why?".

"She's my friend besides she's Ziggy's girlfriend their always together" said Ron. "Every time She's with you something gets destroyed and it looks bad on our family that our youngest heir to the name can't keep his group under control" said Mye shoving him out the door way and slamming the door closed. "C'mon" she said tossing him the car keys. Mye was the oldest of the youngest girl in Ron's family and ran his household. She was chosen to teach him how to be responsible. As well as teach him how to control his power. Combat tactics and martial ability. She was not a Strategist class however even though her entire family was strategist she was Nova. Her mother chose it for her saying that since her father was killed in a military training accident on Venus she had to reach his level quickly; So that the families name would grow stronger and put a veil on that shame. So Mye was arranged to marry into the universes top Nova class family so that they would be yet another addition to the families greatness.


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