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Grey Clouds Chapter 3

Book By: ginger1403
Action and adventure

Sorry for the delay sexy people of the world, I hope you like it.

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Grey Clouds

Chapter 3: The New Home

I woke up not to the smell of eggs, but to the smell of crisp clean morning air sweeping me off the ground. It was something I would have to get used to. In fact there were a lot of things I was going to have to get used to. Everyone around me was fast asleep, having their nightmarish dreams. My stomach growled like the beast in the tunnels. I had not eaten since the morning we left, and I could feel slight fatigue. I reached in my backpack for the beef jerky, that I packed for my self. "Glad to see you're awake", smiled Sam. I let out one of my famous fake smiles and continued nibble at my jerky. Sam and I had a special bond ever since our dad died. We always looked out for each other, and protected one another as if we were a lion and a cub. I slowly noticed the twins waking up as their yawns broke the morning silence. " We cant stay here forever. It's basically a pit in the ground!" grunted Blake. "Agreed!" Yelled Sam and Dylan. "Fine, quit your complaints! Look, we will travel west until we find the perfect dream place you guys are so egger to find" I shoved the food into my back. I was aggravated and frustrated. I wouldn't have brought these numskulls with me if I knew they be whiney little brats. "If you guys wanted to leave so fast then why are you just sitting around!" "Wow calm down, you're going crazy!" Sam said in a hushed voice. "Aren't we all?" The boys got up, and dusted themselves off. We each took a sip of water we gathered from the creek, and freshen up. I took out my campus and walked west. It felt like the heat was rising like popcorn rising in a microwave. We walked for about two hours in the melting snow till we decided to rest. Just then we herd a slight movement in the brush. Both Sam and I grabbed out our almost ridiculous weapons and angled our selves at the bush. "I don't mean any harm," said a voice coming behind the bush. "That's such a cliché thing to say", I giggled. Right then a boy about the age of thirteen stepped out. He was surprisingly tan, and wore the tattered thing I had ever seen. His eyes were a deep blue and he had the greasiest hair I had ever seen. "Who are you?! What are you doing here? Aren't these woods supposed to be abounded?" "Well of course not! This is where my tribe lives, we have been living here for centuries!" "Well we all have been looking for a place to crash if you know what I mean", Sam said trying to keep his "cool". I rolled my eyes in disbelief that Sam even did that. The boy gestured for us to follow him, so we each put away our weapons and slowly walked towards him. We walked for about thirty minutes and stumbled across the tribe's land. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A stream gently flowed its way through the village. Horses of all colors ran as free as sprits. Green grass filled the whole village along with multicolored flowers. My mouth gaped open at the serenity. "Well what do you think?" the boy joked. "Now this is the paradise I was talking about", said Sam. It was perfect and there was no doubt about that.


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