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Grey Clouds: Chapter 1

By: ginger1403

Page 1, A teen-aged girl named Aja Rosswell wants to escape the life she is living, and so she does. She into the woods with her three brothers. She will learn as her ancestors did, and will make friends along the way. Follow her through her journey of danger and luck, to a land of only your dreams could imagine.

Grey Clouds

Chapter One: Gone With the Wind

I woke up with the morning frost knocking on my window, the smell of eggs, and the sound of the normal screaming and panicking of my siblings. It was finally the very first day of spring, and I more then just happy. If you knew me, you would know that I was the eldest of three other irritating brothers. I was the only girl, which was hard but fun at the same time. Beingthe eldest meant all responsibility was on me. My mother was to sick to even get out of bed ever since my father died which must have been three years ago. I was only eighteen and my brothers were fifth teen (Sam), and the twins (Blake and Dylan) were thirteen. You might think how we could survive if none was working in the family. Well, you see we get this special kind of money from the government once our dad died, its been helping us get by but not by much. I slowly got dressed and tiptoed down stairs; I didn’t want my brothers to notice me leave.

“Hey! Where are you going?” shouted Dylan. “Nowhere”, I lied, “ Just wanted to check the weather”

“We made our self breakfast”, said Sam as proud as a lion.

I nodded and put on a fake smile. To think of it, everything I did was faked. I faked having fun, I faked not being hungry, and I even faked laughing. I did not like to be here, in a small house cramped with sloppy kids and a mother who already seemed dead. I needed and wanted to leave far, far away. I lived in a small town where everyone knew everybody but just outside of this town were the unexplored woods where I liked to escape if I had time. In my mind I started thinking of a plan to run away, but then I forgot that I couldn’t leave my brothers with my, zombie of a mother, I loved them too much. So, I decided that I should take them with me.

“Listen up you creeps! Who wants to leave with me into the woods and escape this hell hole?”

They all quietly looked at each other and raised their hands.

“Wait, what about mom?” they all asked at the same time.

“We will…. Let her do what ever she wants” I said with a murmured

“Well what are we just standing around for let’s get packed and go!” yelled Sam.

So that’s exactly what we did. I tolled mom and she seem to just gaze of in the corner of the room. I knew she did not care; she was most likely going to be happy that we left. I loved with all my heart but I could tell that too much was too much. Once the boys and I gathered out things we went to go visit mom for the last time and kiss her good bye. Little tears ran down the boys’ checks, as we walked out the door. I took a deep breath and marched on the wet and mudy grown towards the woods where we would leave all thoughts behind.



The Twins:

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