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Grey Clouds: Chapter 2

Book By: ginger1403
Action and adventure

A teen-aged girl named Aja Rosswell wants to escape the life she is living, and so she does. She into the woods with her three brothers. She will learn as her ancestors did, and will make friends along the way. Follow her through her journey of danger and luck, to a land of only your dreams could imagine

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Grey Clouds

Chapter 2: The New Begging

I Looked behind me watching as my small quaint house disappear. In our town, Elkhorn, there was one way in and one way out, unless you knew the secret tunnel. The tunnel was located south of the town and ran about one mile long. I traveled through it many times when I was mad or angry and just wanted to escape. Bushes and trees along Creek Hope hid the tunnel. I felt that it was a good time to leave since it was just about to turn spring and good weather would be upon us. I looked behind to see my brothers sitting down for a break, we had been walking for long time, so joined them.

" Are we there yet?" asked Blake

" If we were there yet don't you think I would tell you?"

"Maybe, we can never trust you", we all laughed and got up to head to the creek when one of my friends appeared.

" Where are you going, Aja?"

" Just going shopping with my brothers"

"Aw man I just got finished shopping! Well I guess I will see you around?"

"Ya", I said in a joking way.

We hugged and moved on. I knew it was most likely going to be the last time I saw my dear friend, or anyone in fact. I swallowed my pain and moved on. Step by step my pace quickens, step by step my eyes swelled at thought of leaving. Maybe I couldn't do this. I couldn't leave from where I was born, where I was raised on hope and happiness. What did I have here anyways? What will my future hold if I stayed? It would be dull and lifeless. I knew I was leaving for the better. Finally we got to Creek Hope. We hopped on the rocks trying to dodge to frizzing water. I disappeared into the brush along with my brothers. I noticed a sigh that had never been put up before, it read in big bold letters ENTER AT WILL. I had not been to the tunnel in over nine months and was curious of what it meant.

" Are you sure about this Aja?" whispered Blake

" Yes, all they are tiring to do is to scare us."

"I hope so"

As we slipped into the caves the walls seem to get closer and closer as if they were trying to crush us. I took a deep breath and smelled the stench of rotten flesh. I couldn't see anything so almost all in sync my brothers and I took out our flashlights. I could feel a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to Sam looking cautiously around. The in a second a scream priced my right ear.

"Blake! Help me!"

"I cant see you Dylan, where are you?"

We looked around with our flashlights to find a beast caring Dylan in his massive jaws. The beast was at least twice my height; it had light brown, hair razor sharp teeth, and ran on all fours. I brought two weapons with me: a kitchen knife, and a can of pepper spray. I took my pepper spray and darted to the large creature.

"Hey you big bully! Why don't you pick on someone your own sizes?"

As it looked down upon me I got a clear view of its eyes and started spraying with all my might. It whined and hissed with an ear bleeding sound. It spat Dylan out as if he was sour milk. Then the beast fell to the ground. I got out my oversized kitchen knife and made a clean cut across its throat. Dylan had a giant gash on his arm. The warm blood fell to forum a puddle of sticky goop. Sam got out his first aid kit that he packed and wrapped a banged around Dylan's arm. We then slowly got up and walked to the end of the tunnel where there was light once again pounding on our faces. We didn't know what was going to become of this trip. We didn't know if we had made the right decision. Once again I doubted myself. If some much already happened in just the begging, will we ever make it to the end? I stepped into the earth my footprints left into the dying snow.

" Follow me, I know a secret hideout where I like to go when I just want to escape. That will be our camp for today."

"Aja when will my wound heal?" whimpered Dylan.

" Will we run to another one of thoseā€¦ things?" asked Blake.

"I don't know any of the answers to your questions. All I know is that we wanted to leave, so we did. If you cant handle it go home."

They all looked at the grown in shame. I strutted forward, not caring about what just happened. I am only caring about the future and what will happen.


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