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You can't escape the Shadows

Book By: hotmilk
Action and adventure

Everyone speculated about how the world was going to end but what if it was ending and you didn't know how or why. A group of young adults end up entwined in dealing with the shadows. For their safety, and those of the ones they love. How much can each of them lose, how many more fallen will there be and what happens when the bullets run out ?

warning: inc. strong marijuana usage

Submitted:Dec 28, 2012    Reads: 45    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

"Luke!!", Courtney's voice screeched, slicing through the atmosphere. In a flash her blonde hair disappeared into the hoard of shadows, her petiteness masked by their mass numbers as the black scarecrow like creatures staggered towards her. For the first time I could take a deep breath, our Jeep was free from their clutches. Deep breath done. Time sped up again. That deep breath would come in handy. Without even thinking my feet flung off the bed of the Jeep. They barely touched the ground I felt, light, free and fast, but only cos I had to be. Fresh blood was now in the arena and this time, it was mine. Part of the hoard broke at the sound of my heart beat. Ominous groans grew garishly, as shadows milled closer and closer, closing off the suns rays. Dismembered arms swung towards me, claws out with crusting puss over their cracked old skin.

But I didn't care. As I felt the wind levitate my hair and caress the sides of my neck, it was if the shrill screams didn't matter , the groans were nothing more than a mild inconvenience. For the first time in three days, I felt at peace with the world. The wind still breathed through the streets and the cracked tarmac bridge still lay strong. The world was gonna be alright. It would keep breathing, keep beating and the sun will keep shining. Even if I wont be the earth will always be here. A place for hope to conceal itself in.

Then the screeching mattered again, I looked down and there she was, clenching her big brothers hand. Begging and begging him not to let go. Any childhood innocence left in her was erupting from her eyes and plummeting across her rounded cheeks. The shadows crept closer. Luke's body lay there, cold and still. The only sign he was still alive was the red hot glow in his cheeks. He was already in the feverish stage. " Courtney...go." The hush whisper tumbled through his ever drying lips. She shook her head. Luke now looked to me, he wasn't my brother, I hadn't known him all my life but he was my friend and I knew him, he knew me too. One shine from those vivid blue eyes and I knew his thoughts. They were his final message to me.

Not even looking back to see his heart slowly slow and shut down, I was on my feet again; this time dragging Courtney up and behind me. " What the fuck. Do you think your doing." She gasped " Get. Off. Me." "Courtney we have to go, look around you" . The hoard of shadows were surrounding us, I finally understood the full wrath of their pungent breath. They were not a hoard they were a murder, like crows but savage and cruel. So happily willing to take another victim. So happy to wipe just another human off the face of the earth just to satisfy their cravings. " He's my brother. I can't leave, him. Do you know what its like. To watch the one person you. Thought could. protect you from anything. Die. In front of your eyes !?" She paused to get herself back together, to channel the immense anger she was feeling to try and contain her emotions. "To fuck with these monsters , if he's going I'm going too. You don't care. None of you care! What have we got to live for Mary?! What !?!?! I don't care about them, I'm not leaving his side until he's gone. My brother is not dyeing alone" I looked at her "Courtney" It was incredible how calm my voice was, even with all my instincts telling me to reload my AA-12 and start splitting skulls. " He is gone." The words barley formed in my mouth, they were to hard to say, spell or even whisper. The light in her eyes dropped. She couldn't even adjust the angle of her shoulders to lay her eyes on his blood stained body.

Weapons drown, we faced the murder. "Come on" I spat. " No" Courtney's voice was cold now. " Wait till they get closer, I'm running out of magasines" . Moans and groans grew as the shadows crept closer, closer and closer. A decrepit claw scratched down on my t shirt. "NOW!!!!!!!" screaming both for fun, anger, mourning and fear for our lives. Rows of bullets cut through the air. Taking blackened silhouettes with them.

And to think this all started with a text....


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