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In this story a mom and her small daughter are on the run from people trying to kill them both. The person helping them escape is the girls real father who was also trying to kill them not to long before. If you like sadness with touches of exitment and horror mixed in there, then you'll just love my book. Sorry that the title is so lame but the books not, I swear.

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Chapter 1: Captive
Brown eye's, golden blonde hair, bright smile, rosy cheeks, tiny hands. That was the last thing I saw. She had been looking up at me with pleading eye's and there was nothing I could do. I couldn't protect her. 'Help!' She had cried as the men pulled her into the basement. I wanted to save her but there was nothing I could do. They allready had me. My hands were tied behind my back and my feet to the chair. They said that they wanted to ruin my highschool life and they allready did that so why can't they just leave me alone now. Did they have to bring her into this!
"Mommy!" I heard her small voice and came back into consiousness. There was a big brown headed man beating her and I couldn't stand to watch, yet, I couldn't take my eye's off of her. How could they hurt such a beautiful child. She was getting beat and there was nothing I could do to help her unless...
"Riley, Baby, I'm so sorry for this." I was talking to my life and she looked up at me from where she laid on the ground, tears running down her face. "KILL ME!" I screamed to the guy's. I could feel every one of them staring at me in shock but I could only focuss on Riley. She was so scared and now I felt her fear. "Please just kill me! Let her go. I'm begging you. You said you wanted to ruin my life and you allready did that now please just let her go! You want me to suffer but if you kill her I will kill myself and that will be a wasted effort on your part right." I was crying almost as much as Riley now and the men stared at the 2 of us bewildered.
"Mommy, where is daddy? He promised me that he would come save us if anything ever happend to us." Her usual bright smile was now a frown on her tear streaked cheeks.
"I'm so sorry honey. Daddy won't be coming home today. He would save us if he could though baby. I promise you, daddy would die for you just like I'm going to." She let out a huge wail.
"NO MOMMY! They can't kill you!" She was balling and breathing really hard.
"Come on guy's! She is only 3 years old! Give her a chance to live her life before you just take it away. I don't even know how you guy's live everyday. Killing innocent children and taking them from their family's." The man next to Riley cut the rope that held her hands but still had a firm grip on her shoulders.
"If you try to get away kid I'll kill you." He was harsh. "I'm what you might call an old friend of your father's. He almost killed me while he was on duty. It's pretty amazing that both of us made it out alive." I knew what he was talking about but Riley didn't need to hear this.
"Shut up! Just let her go!" I was trying to yell but wasn't doing a very good job because the man behind me was strangling me.
"Fine. I'll let her go. On one condition." The guy behind me stopped choking me and I glared at the man holding my little angle.
"I don't care what your condition is. Just let my baby go." I was talking the best I could with my hoarse voice. He kicked under Riley's knees and she yelped. She was sitting on her knees and he knelt down in front of her.
"Your going to watch your mommy suffer." He talked as if this were a casual conversation and I wished that I could get up and slap him. "Don't worry though." He put his hand on her shoulder and I flinched. "I won't let anybody kill her." His voice was so cold I knew that it would be worse than that. He would make it seem like I was dying but then just leave me there to suffer. I didn't care though, not if it meant saving her.
"Riley just be strong. Mommy is going to be allright. I promise." Her beautiful brown eye's looked at me worried and I knew she couldn't speak. I was amazed that I could.
"You shouldn't keep promises you can't keep." I didn't reply I just sat there watching Riley.
"Jacob, why are you doing this? Don't you remember when we were best friends and running around outside. We were just little kids and we would hold hands and talk all the time. We used to talk about getting married and having kids of out own! Well I've been keeping a secerate from you. Only my husband know's." I took a deep breath before continuing. "I'm sorry Riley, I didn't tell you this earlier. Jacob, Riley is yours!! She is your daughter! That's why I had her before I got married and Skylar know's that. He know's that she's not really his. That's not my point though. My point is why would you want to hurt your own daughter. Did you notice that me and Skylar have brown hair yet our daughter is blonde, like you..." He was just staring at me obviously trying to hide the terror in his eye's.
"I'm sorry." He whispered through clenched teeth. "I'm really sorry that I can't stop now because I'm part of them." He was looking around the room.
"But Jake, we were best friends and boyfriend and girlfriend for a while. I've alway's loved you as a friend but if you keep hurting Riley then I will never feel that kind of love for you again." I could see the tears forming in his eye's and he fell to his knees. One of the other guy's came over and sat by him. His hands were covering his face but I could hear his sobs.
"I can't do it! I can't hurt my baby." He reached for his back pocket and before I could blink he pulled a gun on the guy next to him. It didn't even look like he was going to think about it.
"NO JACOB! You can't kill sombody! Your so young and I still see that high school boy in your eye's. You won't have the same glow in your eye's if you committe murdur, even to save me and her." It was my turn to cry now and I tried to break my hands free. Jacob kept holding the gun in front of him. He was the only one there with a gun.
"Drop the girl or I'll shoot." He turned to the guy behind me. "Untie her hands or your all dead." Everyone in the room listened to him without hesitation and Riley ran to me. I opend my arms and she jumped in. "I want you all to forget any of this happening and leave the family alone." I heard the faint sound of a baby cry and then rememberd my son that I had protected safley upstairs. One of the guy's bolted out the door.
"I want her dead." One of Jacob's 'friends' was pointing at me.
"I'll make her wish she was dead okay. Just not in front of my little girl." He was pointing the gun at the man that was talking and the rest of the guy's fleed immidiatly. I stood up with shaking legs and held Riley close to my chest. "Let me hold her." Her arms tightend around my neck.
"She doesn't want to go to you right now. Maybe she would if you would be nice to both of us." I almost completly forgot that I was talking to a man with a gun but I knew he wouldn't shoot me. He couldn't shoot me.
"I'm sorry Kate. I won't hurt you anymore but you have to listen to me. Their not gone for good. There going to come after me to now though, so I'll help you." I was rocking Riley and walking toward the stairs. "Where are you going?" He asked and I looked up the stairs.
"Ethan, my son, is upstairs." I started walking up the stairs and he put the gun away and followed.
Chapter 2: Follow Me

"Kate, I'm really sorry. Don't worry about what Ryan was saying. I won't tell Riley what happens in war till she's old enough to understand. I need you to do what I tell you to do though. I'm taking you to your husband so that he can protect both of you." He walked ahead of me to where the baby was crying. "So how come I never heard about Ethan?" He asked while I picked up the baby.
"Well I don't know. Maybe because you joined the group of jerks that never left me alone in high school and started trying to kill me." The sarcasm in my voice was impossibal to miss.
"Ya, sorry about that." I was carrying a sleeping Riley in one arm and a crying Ethan in the other. He looked at Riley and smiled. "Is she really mine?" He sounded a little unsure and I looked at his face, shocked.
"Of course. If you didn't believe that she was your daughter then why did you let me and her go?" He was blushing now and I put Riley on the little bed in the room. She made a small whining noise and I brushed her hair back behind her ear to relax her. Jacob was looking at me now but when I saw he looked down at Riley again.
"Because she looks so much like you. All of the men knew that I couldn't hurt you so they were going to do that while I wasn't in the room. When I got a closer look at Riley I saw such a resemblance and I felt that she was part of me. That didn't really mean that she was my daughter it just meant that I got the sudden earge to protect her." He sat on the edge of the bed Riley was sleeping on and took her hand in his.
"Why did you hurt her in the begining then? Couldn't you see her?" My voice was raising slightly and Riley stirred in her sleep.
"I'm sorry. I closed my eye's so that I could do it." He very gently touched a bruise on her right arm. It was purple and blue and made me want to cry.
"I don't blame you. I couldn't protect her. I couldn't protect my very own life, how could I protect hers? I don't deserve her yet here I am still watching over her like no other." I was sitting next to Jacob now with Ethan asleep in my arms. He stood up and took the gun out of his pocket.
"Your a great mom. You just didn't have the tools needed to protect her." He held it out to me but I gently pushed his hand away. He was looking really worried and I had the same feeling.
"I could never use it." He had a very slight smile on his face and I looked at him confused.
"You don't actually have to use it Kate. It just makes a good bluff so that other people don't try to kill you. It's like what I did to save you guy's. By the way, I would have done that no matter what. I didn't want to hurt her, ever. I just needed to get you to say something so that the men would understand why I freaked out." He explained still staring at Riley, who was starting to wake up.
"Mommy?" She whispered and I touched her cheek.
"Yes baby? It's me. " Her eye's fluttered open and she was looking at me. She didn't notice Jacob sitting there holing her hand still. I had taken the gun out of his hands and put it under the bed before Riley woke up.
"Who is my daddy?" She looked sad and torn. I wished that I could just sew her back together and say that none of that ever happend but it did, and she was seriously hurt.
"Well Riley, Jacob is your daddy. I'm so sorry baby girl! I really do wish that you didn't have to find out who he was this way. You are to little to understand well enough but it's okay if you hate me sweet heart." I was hugging her to my chest now and I felt her tilt her head up to look at me with surprise in her eye's.
"I could never hate you mama. Your part of me, just like you used to alway's say before I fell asleep. Your would alway's say You were my missing peice all these years, angle, your a part of me." She was smile that beautiful smile that I was worried I would never see again. I couldn't help but smile back. Jacob was still sitting there staring at us.
"May I hold my daughter now?" Riley looked at him and frowned.
"Did you hurt my mommy while I was sleeping?" She was questioning him with her tiny voice and arms crossed on her chest. She was almost to adorable. She was my unique blonde haired, brown eyed baby girl that I would alway's love and protect.
"No Riley. I'm so sorry that I hurt you, did I hit you to hard?" She flinched away from him and he frowned. "It's okay if you never want to see me again. You and your mommy just have to follow me for a little bit. I'm going to take you to your daddy so that he can protect you." She looked confused when he said this.
"But arn't you my daddy?" Her bright smile was still there but very faint now.
"Only if you can forgive me for what I've done." He looked ready to cry and for some reason I wanted to throw myself into his arms and to feel him embrace me. She did what I felt and dove into his arms.
"How could I not fowgive my daddy!?! I wanna fowow you!" She beamed a huge smile and he wrapped his arms securly around her small body.
"Your really are the perfect child. So forgiving, so innocent, so cute, so friendly, so...perfect." I was whispering but Jacob could obviously hear me.
"How have I, of all people, be granted this beautiful child? I don't deserve her. You deserve her Kate but I didn't even know she was mine for the first 3 years of her life and beat her half to death today." I glanced at him and then Riley.
"Because you are almost as perfect as her. You pulled a gun on the men who tried to hurt her so you are my daughters daddy." I was smiling now and he quickly looked at the clock.
"Thank you Kate. I see where she get's her forgivness from. I love you, like a sister. We need to get moving before they come back." He picked up Riley and headed for the door to the bedroom. I grabbed Ethan and followed him. By the looks of it I would be following him a lot in the next few day's.

Chapter 3: Journey to nowhere
We had driven for about 3 hours and were now at an air port. When we landed we took a cab to what seemed to me like a desert. When I looked out at the sandy ground I drempt about seeing Skylars face light up when he spotted Ethan and Riley. I would run to him and he would kiss me. It would make all of this worth it.
"How long is fis gonna take?" Riley was fanning her face and looked so tired. She looked up to Jacob with pleading eye's and he grabbed her and swung her onto his back.
"Not to long honey." He reasured her. "Only about another day, But if your tired we could set up our tent here and sleep for a while before continueing." She shot me a glance as if asking if I agreed.
"I don't wanna set up a tent here. I am a big stwong girl! I can take this." She flexed one of her muscles and Jacob and I both laughed.
"Well even big strong girl's need rest sweety! Do you at least want some water?" He was holding up the cantine of water that was decorated with flowers just for her.
"Sure. Thank you vewy much." Her small, high voice was like music to my ears.
"Maybe we should set up camp now, it's getting late and when it's night time in the desert it get's really cold doesn't it? If we trap the heat in the tent now we should be okay then." The only reason I said that was to get my baby in bed. She needed sleep and so did Ethan. Jacob nodded in agreement and put Riley on the ground. I put a blanket on the dirt and laid Ethan on it next to Riley and she started playing with him right away.
"Are you going to help me set up or should I do it?" He smiled at me and I smiled back.
"Of course I'm going to help." I stated still watching the kids closley.
"Well I didn't think that you could lift any part of the tent, so I didn't know if you could help." He smirked knowing that I wasn't going to react nicely. I looked around and grabbed the closest thing I could find. I flung It at him and it hit his head. "OWW!" He yelled and this time I smirked.
"Hey, I think that I have enough muscle to help put up a tent if I can fling a baby rattle that hard." I laughed at his glare. Before I knew it we were both laughing and talking at the same time.
"Do you know why those guy's were after you Kate?" Jacob was suddenly serious. That took me by surprise so I had to think before answering.
"They still wanted to make my life terribal from high school. Don't you remember? I broke up with one of them and they all wanted to get even." My voice was uneven remembering the experiance of near death that happend earlier today. "Do you know why they didn't just leave me alone after high school?" I questioned him this time.
"Well not nessasarily but I have a pretty good idea." I thought for a minute.
"What's your idea?" He looked at the kids and pointed to Ethan.
"Him. They were looking for him but they could only find the two of you. They were going to have me search your house for him but I refused. He's Skylar's kid and they hate Skylar. After he almost killed Jerry, they all wanted revenge on him and his family. They didn't want Riley to be caught up in this but she was in the way." I remembered Riley trying to come to me once the men had tied my hands and me screaming at her to go back in the house.
"So their not after her their after my other baby. Do normal parents have to work this hard to protect their children?" We both smiled but then heard a shreik. I turned to Riley and Ethan imidiatly and she was sitting on her knees with her hands on the ground crying. I droped the pole I had in my hands and ran to her. I scooped her in my arms and rocked her gently. "What's wrong baby girl?" Jacob was at my side now.
"I fell and huwt my knee!" She sobbed and I looked at the badly cut wound on her knee. Before I said anything else Jacob had a bottle of proxide and cotton ball in his hands.
"This is going to make it all better sweety." Jake comforted her but she tried to break free of my arms that were holding her leg to him.
"NO! That stuff hurts badwy!" She screeched. I held her just a little tighter and Jake poured a little proxide onto the cotton ball.
"Honey it's gonna hurt a lot more later if you don't let us do this." I said, then I noticed Ethan laying on the blanket laughing. Riley screamed.
"What's so funny!?!" She yelled in Ethans direction.
"He's a baby darling. He doesn't know what is happening." Ethan had distracted her and she didn't notice that Jacob put the proxide on the wound allready untill it started burning.
"HEY! No fair, tat hurts!" She cried some more and burried her face into my chest. I held her their while Jake put the band-aid on her knee. She got up once it was on and bent her knee a little bit.
"Now be carefull and go play." I kissed her forehead and she ran off. "Stay where I can see you!" I called after her. "So are we gonna fix this tent up sometime tonight?" Jake just laughed and started fixing the pole I had dropped before.
"MOMMY!" Riley's scream broke through the air like a bullet and the girl had my attention immidiatly. She was standing wide eyed with a man I've never seen before holding her arms behind her back. Now his hand was over her mouth to.
"GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY KID!!!" I screamed at him. He didn't release her and I tried to think of somthing to do. Jacob tapped my back and I remembered the gun he had given me. "Your know I couldn't do it." I whispered soft enough for the men not to hear a word that I was saying.
"Just bluff. It's either threaten them or they'll kill Riley and Ethan!" He whispered back sharply. I pulled the gun out and pointed it on the man with my kid. "Take your hands off of our kid or she'll shoot." Jake warned sencing that I was to scared to speak. The other man had a knife held by Riley's neck and Riley attempted a few muffled screams.
"What ever. This little princess will shoot? I'd like to see that." I felt my eye's get wide because I knew he was right and Jake took the gun out of my hands.
"Even if she won't, don't dought that I will." He said with a steady voice. I was amazed at how calm he could stay.
"Now now callm down." He held the knife in front of Riley. "If you shoot him then he'll fall and stab her, if you shoot me, I'll drop her and she'll fall into the knife." He explained and I heard a small shreik escape my mouth. "I'm willing to make you a deal." He said and Jake took just a step closer.
"What's your deal?" His tone was harsh and cold, almost detached.
"Well, I'll let the kid go if I can have you." He took another step forward and I reached for his arm.
"Jake, no. You guy's can have me. Don't take away my family though!" My voice shook but this time I took a step forward. That's when I realized what Jake was about to do. The way that the guy in front of Riley was sitting with the knife, if he was shot he would fall back ward. Jacob was going to shoot him, then the other guy. He looked at my eye's realizing that I understood.
"Don't worry Kate, just close your eye's." He whispered softly. I did as he said but it didn't stop me from hearing the noise. 2 loud shot's, then silence. I heard a small whimper and opened my eye's. Riley stood there next to 3 bodies, one breathing, next to her. Before Jacob had shot the second man he had grabbed a knife out of his pocket and threw it. I dropped to my knees next to his body.
"Jacob I don't know what to do!" I cried in his ear. The tears that were in Riley's eye's brought the need to protect back. I ripped his shirt off and wrapped it around the knife that was in his arm. "You'll make it! I know that you will. You can't just leave now. Riley needs you." I ripped the knife out of his arm then quickly put the shirt sleeve against the wound. I watched the once white fabric turn crimson red. Jacob screamed.
"Kate, are you okay?" He asked while wincing from the pain.

"I'm fine, your the one who was just stabbed!" I was freaking out not knowing what to do. "Jacob what am I supposed to do!!" I tried to say through my sobs.

"Kate, I'm going to be fine. Go get the first aid kit from under that part of the tent." He tried to lift his arm to point but yelled in pain when he did so.

If you want me to write more then comment me telling me that you do. If not then I'll just post some other stories and focuss on them.


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