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Lilly and Logan chapter 2.

Book By: JordynRoxYourSox
Action and adventure

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Submitted:Nov 26, 2010    Reads: 32    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter 2.

Ok, so I forgot to tell you one little detail about us... we happen to be, ninja`s!! First, I know what your thinking, ya ok ninjas, psh!! But its true! Well instead of me just begging you to believe me, I will tell you the story...

Its was a warm summers day and Logan and I decided to go to Starwood Island. We were on our way to the best place in the world not knowing something terrible was going to happen at any moment. We were just arraving when all of a sudden, out of no where, three black belt ninja`s poped out of no where. Then everything went pitch black and we fell to the ground! When we woke up we were tied up and screeming for our lives. Now I know that makes us sound like chickens but it was scary the first time. Anyway some guy came out with a mask on and said " Shut up"! I knew that voice any where, it was our best friend "JAKE!!!!" "Wow how did you guys figure that out so fast, well I guess it really dosnt matter" I wanted to know what he wanted but I was to frightend to ask!! He said something about us stealing his gift of martial arts. I didnt even know that was possible but I guess it is. Maybe he thought we knew martial arts. I think he thought that our Uncle Mike had already thought us, because thats who thought us at a later time. But how did he know who our uncle was in the first place. Anyway he told us that we had to fight and defeat all three of his ninja`s before he let us go. We tryed to tell him that he didnt teach us yet, and that we had no clue what he was talking about, but he didnt listen or really even seem to care. So we had no choice but to fight, so we did with no experiance. All three of them came at once and all of a sudden our uncle swoped in started kicking there ass`es like there was no tomorrow! Well anyway long story short, after that he taught us everything!! Interesting right?!?


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