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brothers mark and spencer, desciver a secret handheld divice in their basement. they research it and find out that it is but, a time machine.They have fun going back in time until they make a fatal mistake that causes the fate of the entire world!!! they go to the creater of the time machine in search of help but to find something has turned him pure evil and he wants nothing but mark and spancer's death. Can they undo their mistake and safe mankind, or will the creater kill them first?

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Mark was 15 years old caring four his 9 year old brother Spencer. It was July 9th 2011.a sunny...rather hot day outside. the 2 boys couldnt stand the heat so they hung ou tin their cold basement. " Hey spen, what can you find?" "uuuuuh,hey check it out!!!" Mark ran over. "DUDE!!! since when do we have a ping pong table?" "sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!"let's look for some paddles and a ball. Mark reached for a box on a high shelf. he pulled it out as the whole shelf and everything on it collapsed on him. " mark, you ok?" " yeah, fine." they both turned to see a little, cellar door.they opened it to see only a tiny space with a metal box in it. he took the box and saw you needed 3 things for the 3 different locks: a combonation, a key, and a circular indent in the top. in the indent, was a note. Mark read it aloud "TO ENTER THIS CASE OF TEMPORAL SECRETS, PLACE YOUR KWY IN THE INDENT AND MAY THE SIGHT BLOW YOU, "BACK IN TIME" SIGNED, DEREK T. IME..."

weeks passed with nothing. they told no one about the case. not even Dan the 18 year old brother.one day spancer was cleaning his room, when he looked at the clock which appeared to have stopped at, 5:32 and the second hand was on the 49th second. that's weird he thought. " wait... on that note, what was the word?...............t.....t......temporal!!!!! that means time!!!. he then looked at the clock and memorized the combo. he then ran downstairs. spencer followed him. .........5,32,49! surprisingly the lock fell right off " YES!!!!" HE YELLED." now just 2 more." spencer said full of excitment. "Hey mark," spencer said as he pulled out a chain attched to a key. "no way..." "yes way" they turned the key into the lock.later that night, spencer couldnt sleep. he read the note over and over and thought to himself," what does it meen.......temporal secrets..........show your key,,,,,,," "MARRRRK!" mark walked in. " what is it?" " ok how did you get the combonation" my cloc stopped and thew note said temporal which meens time. so that was the combo. how'd you get the key?" "my clock fell and broke, the key was jammed in the back." "ok" mark thought. "the combo, was the frozen time. the key, was in time. so our final key..........is time" mark jumped out of his bed, grabbed his clock and ran to the basement.he lifted the box just as spen walked in.mark dropped the box.he then pput the clock face down in the circular indent.all of a sudden the room started to fill with white light. the it went to normal but all the locks on the box were gone. he slowly bulled it open. what he saw, was like a tape measure. except instead of inches and centimeters it had hours and days. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???" mark yelled.spencer tried to pull it out of mark's hand but mark held on. the device streched then spen let go. the thing lit up.mark and spencer the fould themself flying in some kind of portal.then they appeared in a black room. the light slowly turned on. "hello" said a voice from a man at the end of the room."my name is Derek T. Ime"mark and spencer stood in amazement. " you have found it..... my time machine" "time machine?" mark and spencer said confused. " yes. just pull the tape until you find the time when you wanna return to. then your there but beware. do not try to change history. it will change more then you think. now you requested a place and time now go to your request." thwen they found themselves in the portal again.

They suddenly appeared in their basement. but they were looking at..... them? mark was stuck under a shelf and boxes. " wait spencer, that happened to me a week ago?" oh my god. they thought... the time machine work.mark wanted to see his face that day when he found the box.But there was no cellar door. all of a sudden past mark and spencer said " oh well, nothing down here. let's go outside" 'how was there no door?" spencer said. "let's go even further back in time. " mark pulled the tape as far as he could then let go.then they appeared at their house but their house wasnt there. mark then saw a women walking down the sidewalk."hey mom." he said "mom? do i know you little boy?" "uh. yeah it's me mark....... your son." "son? but i dont have children." all of a sudden everything started to spin. then they appeared in the same spot. but in the original time 2012."uh mark" "yeah?" "why are you..... clear?" "huh?" "your like fading" " i dont know but i think something bad happened." they ran into their house. but there was alot of expensive stuff. only mom and mom's stuff was home. "where's dad?" said spencer.mom heard the voice and walked up to us. "i feel like ive seen you two before. you! you said your name was..... mark right?" "yeah but wheres dad?" " i dont know what you meen." " momm seriously" "mom? i have no children" "can you give us a moment?" the women walked away. "mark we stopped mom and dad from meeting." " but how? we didnt do anything" " look at our last time visited! 16 years ago!!! 1 year before you were born. mom was pregnent with you 15 and a half years ago. when she met dad. but we stalled her so she never met dad!!!" "that's why i'm fading. i was first born" all of a sudden mark was like a ghost almost fully gone. "spnecer i'm out of time" " mark no dont leave" "i dont have a choice spencer.it's up to you to fix this." "mark dont go!!! your my older brother. you cant just leave me.we stick by eachother's side!!! please....dont go....." "i'm sorry spencer, i trust you with all my heart. and if you think that you cant do it. just remember. if you can fix this, i'll come back. i love you spen." " i love you too..." at that moment mark disappeared. a tear ran down spencer's cheek.he pulled the tape and let go. he then appeared at the time when mark messed up history. just as mark was walking up to mom. spencer jumped and tackled him out of the way. " what's up spencer!" " im a spencer from the future." " me and future mark talked to mom. it changes history so that they never meet..." "oh my god. well where's mark?" " future mark disappears becuz he was first born.i miss him to death. and i dont have much time." at that moment spencer hugged past mark and said " i miss you bro" "good luck future spencer." said past mark.all of a sudden spencer reappeared in 2012."SPENCER!!!!!!!" yelled a voice. spencer turned around to see mark running up to him. but he didnt hug spencer he punched him."ow dude what the heck." mark then pulled a button out of his pocket and pressed it. derek then appeared. "THE TEMPORAL ENFORCES ARE FURIOUS!!!!!! NOT ONLY HAVE YOU MESSED UP TIME, YOU HAVE COMPLETELY CHANGED THE WORLD!!!" spencer looked into derek's eye's which were now beat red. he relized that, that wasnt derek. "derek" took out a ray gun and aimed it at spencer."THEREFORE, you must be elimunated from time itself." the tip of the gun lit up dark blue. " and im gonna do that RIGHT NOW!!!!!" "nooooooo!" yelled...mark's voice. mark jumped in the way just as the gun shot. mark skin was now as a holigram. fuzzy and static. "mark.no....." mark tried to move but couldnt.he was paralyzed. spencer looked at derek. he then unexpectedly kicked the gun out of derek's hand and cought it. he aimed it right at derek's forehead.it made a buzzing sound for a few seconds. then derek jumped to the ground. the gun started to glow red and the buzzing got louder. the gun shot 3 times in random directions! the 3 spots where the gun fired, 3 men appeared. all of them wearing bullet proof vest. they each had a ray gun, but not like derek's "WE ARE THE TEMPORAL ENFORCERS" the man with a green glowing belt said. "YOUR TIME TRAVEL IS DISORTING TIME ITSELF!!!" said one with blue glowing gloves "AND LIKE DEREK SAID, YOU MUST THEREFORE BE ELIMINATED FROM TIME!!!" said one with red glowing boots." what's with the belt ,gloves, and boots?" asked spencer. the man with the green belt stepped forward. "I AM LOGAN!!! THIS BELT MAKES HOLIGRAMS APEAR AND TELL ME WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG IN THE SPACE TIME CONTIUM!!!!" he stepped back. then the one with the gloves stepped up. "IM LUKE. WHEN THEESE GLOVES TOUCH, THEY CREATE A PORTAL TO ANYWHERE IN TIME AND SPACE." he stpped back, signaling the man with the red boots to step forward. "IM LARRY. IF I AM TO STOMP THEESE BOOTS APON THE GROUND,IT FREEZES TIME ITSELF. AND THE PEOPLE IN IT. BUT BECAUSE THE OTHER ENFORCERS HAVE A SPECIAL ITEM, IT DOESNT EFFECT THEM. WHEN TIME IS FROZEN, IT GIVES US ALL THE TIME WE NEED TO FIX PROBLEMS PEOPLE HAVE CAUSED." all of a sudden the ground shook so hard as if we were having an earthquake. then all the men said at once. "SUMMONING, BRIAN, THE LEADER OF THE TEMPORAL ENFORCERS!!!!!!!" all of a sudden a muscled man with armor, a green glowing belt, blue glowing gloves, and red glowing boots appeared. "IM BRIAN. THE LEADER OF THE TEMPORAL ENFORCERS!!!!" he then pulled a bow and arrow from a strap on his back. he aimed it at mark. "he saved me..... im gonna save him!!!" said spencer, jumping in the way just as brian shot the arrow.it went into spencers stomach. mark ran up to him. "spencer!!! oh my god!!!! are you alright?" "good-bye" said spencer." what?" mark wondered. all of a sudden mark stood up, ripped out the arrow, and pointed it to the sky. all of a sudden evrything except spencer's head, turned metal.then red glass came from the back of his neck over his eyes. the temporal enforcers had turned mark into a robot. and..... their apprentice..... "DESTROY MARK." mark ran with spencer casing him. mark ran a mile until he fell. spencer stepped up to him and pointed a ray gun at his face. just as spencer's finger planted itself to the trigger, mark quickly pulled out the time machine and sent himself back in time.

he was so scared he at the moment didnt care where he went. so mark now had no idea when or where he was. he went up to someone and asked, "what year is it?" the women kindly answered, "2001" mark had been sent back 11 years!!! mark looked around. hethen found himself in an airport. "hey that's uncle frank...." thought mark. he ran up to him. " "uh. do i know you?" asked uncle frank. " yeah it's me mark." frank's responce was a blank stare. " your nephew mark" "yeah ok. my nephew mark is 2 years old. andim pretty sure your what? 13?" "yes" mark had now remembered that he was in 2001. franks plane ticket then slipped out of his pocket. "i'll get that fro you" said mark. he looked at it. but one thing on that ticket caught his eye over everything else there. the date." September 11, 2001" mark read aloud. mark remembered the flight numbers for the twin tower crashes. those flights had left 20 minutes ago. so uncle frank must've been on the one which was gonna crash into the white house. but the passengers stopped the highjackers. but the plane still crashed in pennsilvania killing all inside.mark had to stop uncle frank from going on that plane. " thank you young man. i'll just be getting on my flight now." "noooo!!!" yelled mark tackling frank. mark looked out the window to see frank's flight leave.all of a sudden mark reappeared in 2012. but there was a different flag then the USA flag.this flag had the face of none other than, Osama Bin Laden.

mark finally figured it out. uncle frank had to be one of the passengers who stopped the highjackers in the failed 9-11. but since he wasnt on the plane, he couldnt stop them. so the plane did crash into the white house!!!! out of nowhere, luke appeared looking furioius. we clapped his gloves together and suddenly a greenish red portal appeared." YOU HAVE MADE THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!YOU HAVE SHIFTED TIME AND SPACE, AND NOW, BIN LADEN, IS RULER OF THE USA!!!!" he said. he then grabbed marks arm and dragged him into the portal.he then appeared out of time itself, surrownded by all the temporal enforcers: brian luke larry logan and derek.they all stepped back. then "spencer" fell from the sky and landed right in front of mark. "prepare to be eliminated from the space time continuem!!!" said spencer. just as he threw the time machine to the ground, breaking it. the peices lit up all different colors shooting beams of light everywhere. blue green orange red yellow purle black white. every where. then it completely blew up sending everyone: mark spencer brian luke logan larry and derek, each to a different place, and time, with now, no way to return home........

PART 2 COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!


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