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The Nights of Gallantry

Book By: Lightknight90
Action and adventure

After the cold, bloody war, Mark and Tim had to find their way back to civilization. With Vicki dead, how will they do their job?

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I was walking through the coals of my fallen loved ones. I start to cry when I see Vicki on the ground...dead.

"Attack the NBC? You've got to be kidding me?!" Mark exclaims, "We lost Vicki, Brian, and almost YOU! You're lucky that we barely won this war!" I knod "We're not going,"

"Yes we are", I say, "just give it time," I want Mark to just trust what I'm trying to do. I look at chance's bloody leg.

"Rodney, you're lucky we barely won this war!!" Mark yells. "How do you feel? We lost so many people and lots of people injured. I hope you're happy,"

"I'm not happy," I say with sympothy.

"Let's just go back to Googe..." he says. I'm walking back with Mark, Chance, and me. Hopefully things will be better. I go back to the shack when I see writing on the walls.

"Keep Out," It says. I decided to ignore it. I set chance on the table. I take out my blueberry muffin and give it to chance

"No, Tim, you have it," He says

"Fine, we share it," I utter

"1-2-3," we both say. I gobble mine and chance just eats it 1 bite at a time. I walk out of the room to see where Mark went. I notice him in the main field where Vicki died.

"She was a good person," I say. "Too bad she had to go,"

"She was a great person," He adds. "I bet she's in a better place,"her a

"I'm going back to check on chance," I utter. I walk back to the room where I set chance down. I notice that he had more blood than when I found him. I start to look around for any clues for who did this

"UGH!" Chance screams. "What happened?" I decide not to answer him and grab a towel and make it damp. I rub it lightly on his legs and his back. I grab the bandages and wrap it around his leg.

"Please go to the meeting room A.S.A.P.," I say on the loudspeaker. The way me and chance walk is military style. One hand over someone's sholder. when I get to the meeting room, I only notice five people, but that's what I expected of the council.

"Everyone's noticed the sign in front of the front door?" I ask.

"I experenced it," Chance says.

"So, what are we gonna do about it?" Rick asks

"What are we gonna do about it?" I repeat. "We're gonna fight back. We're never gonna do nothing,"

"Tim's right. Why sit here. We need to fight back and protect out fort as much as we can,"

"Glad you could join us, Hudson." Says Mark

"Hudson, good to see you're back," I say. "How are your days?" He looks at me with narrow eyes.

"Not too shabby... But not too cold," He explains. "Updates?"

"Well, Chance has been struck by his brother, or atleast I think," I say to Hudson.

"Did Brian come with you?" Mark asks.

"I'm sorry to say, no," Hudson says.

"That's too bad", I say,"I think we are done. Go back to doing what you were doing." Everyone walks out but me, Mark, Hudson, and Chance.

"I'm just going to go," Chance says.

"Alrighty. I'll see you around." We wait for Chance to limp out of the room. Hudson starts talking again. "Mark, I am really sorry for what happened to Vicki.


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