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Am I Still Dreaming: Chapter 2

Action and adventure

Adam continues to linger on in this unknown dark environment he awoke from, seeming like there was no more hope left for him; a new form of hope lights his way from the darkness.

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Am I Still Dreaming: Chapter 2

So Adam continued to linger on, in hopes of finding an end or waking up from this darkness; spites of hopelessness still prevailed and surrounded him like the darkness.

It became a routine to sit or lay down from time to time; trying to puzzle for some new memories that were somewhere deep inside his thoughts. He closed his eyes and laid-down on his back once again; when suddenly he had a bright vision before his eyes and a warming but sad melody of music of an acoustic guitar and piano that surrounded and haunted him. The vision was of a child swinging in a backyard of a house; with a bright smile and laughing. The sky was clear and blue and he could faintly feel the warm summer air and smell the plant-life that surrounded the backyard. The bright sunlight shone from behind rosebushes; which sent gentle shafts of sunlight shining through the open spaces of the bush. This vision he was having seemed so familiar to him, it seemed like he could enjoy this moment forever.

Before he could enjoy it for a few more moments, his vision turned towards the shining sun through the rosebush and he felt a swift motion of flying and vertigo as he shot towards the sun which blinded him with brightness. The laughing child began to fade and echo behind him as Adam opened his eyes and peered into darkness. It seemed like he was falling and turning in darkness, then he gently felt the ground press against his back; the coldness snapping at his attention.

He suddenly sat upright; surprised from his vision he got for a few moments. The euphoric feeling he had still invaded his senses as he thought about that familiar feeling he got and the melody that he heard and recognized.

He was then overwhelmed with emotion as he finally began to conclude what was going on and exactly why he was here in darkness. "This can't be" he said out loud, his throat started to ache and throb and this new feeling began to invade his whole body. "This can't be!!" he yelled as loud as he could while he got back on his feet. "I can't believe this is happening, this can't be happening" he said while beginning to run as fast as he could. But he realised that this solved absolutely nothing. "Tell me what is happening!, I want the truth!!!, just give me the truth!!!" he yelled once again in darkness. Then suddenly a muffled sound of an explosion and rumble got his attention; this explosion sent a gentle rumble through the ground. Then right before his eyes, a gentle source of light peered from very far away; like a star.

Adam was overwhelmed with excitement and hope as he looked at this source of light. He began to sprint towards it; it seemed like it was miles away and he knew it would take a while for him to get there. But he was enlightened with the thought of having a new hope of some kind; even just an explanation meant everything to him.


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