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kingdom of doom or kingdom of wonders

Book By: malaika125
Action and adventure

funny and entertaining and appropiate

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Kingdom of doom or Kingdom of wonders

I don't know how to start this story I mean with once upon a time or there was a bright and sunny day I think I could start it with one evil looking and gloomy day there was a thunderous storm which held many people coming and going to the village. This wasn't some ordinary village that was all no technology like, this village was a non-technology free land this place was filled with all gadgets and rich stuff I wander who came up with this idea of technology village theme. In this village there were many buildings that were memorable but one in particular because no one wanted to go there in this place there were children who needed parents and a place to live, this place was owned by a giant useable slimy monster at least that's what everyone says cause no one has seen her except the unfortunates who live there. There are big gates and massive dogs the size of a mansion they guard the kingdom 24.7. However I'm out on a secret mission to get inside and rescue those children my names Jessica Ennis and I'm going to take down whatever comes my way. In this place there are rats, bats and viscous cats the size of a finger. Yeah yeah I know quite small but one bite and down you go want to know why because they are filled with poisonous liquid don't want to go anywhere near them. They have a butler and a chef who has magic hands whenever he touches food the food becomes delicious and mouth-watering even rotten eggs. That's the best thing about that place as well as how they let you decorate your room the way you want it. Writers used to visit there all the time but got denied at the door step, the writers wanted to write about the place and publish it into the newspaper but I don't think that the owner of the kingdom would want to get fired after letting everyone know about how cruel and evil the place is so she probably told the servants to say no. Outside the building it was completely black no interest in that. The only thing I don't get is why don't social services shut them down they've been inside to, so that's what I'm going to find out and that's only going to happen inside. I've never heard of anyone coming out of there but looks like I'm going to be the first. I'll be a hero to everyone and I'll be rich and live in a mansion. The truth is the only reason I'm doing this is because those kids deserve better and I should know because I lived in a care home to and I was treated badly so I decided that it's not fair for anyone else to live a life like mine and not have a future like mine. They have a rule of no animals allowed when the owner is one anyway wait a minute I forgot to tell you her name her name is Alaine the pain, because she's a pain. The office is a mess and they are not much organised, I think they make the kids work as their slaves. They even had their own phones every time a new phone came out they would bin their other one and get the new one ,how cool. I'm starting to think that it's alright to live there. NO Jessica NO snap out of it sorry I am feeling dizzy at times so I dream of a wonderland for others and dark gloomy stillness for myself but that's never going to happen that's why I'm doing all of this, for the future children of technology village, it's the village we live in. The owner wants them to be healthy but then at times she wants them to be full of sweets and treats, I don't know why but oh well. Alright I think that's enough chatting, I'm going in my friend James will tell you how it goes. There goes Jessica she attaches a rope to the building and herself , oh she goes flying past the dogs and oh she goes flying past the rats, bats and vicious cats, yes she's got in but has a huge claw scratch on her arm by the dog, I hope she is alright pray to god everyone. She's broken the windows open in complete silence and off she pops in the rest is up to her. I'm in the house wow it's beautiful so colourful I think I'm in paradise, but I don't get it this place is supposed to be horrible and dirty, is this a prank. "no it's not hi I'm Alaine I own this place since you're the first to ever dare to even think about breaking in so I might as well tell you why it's so wonderful inside and horrible outside. Well the thing is we once had this place the same from the inside and outside dazzling and vibrant, but then one day a huge lot of people arrived with their children saying that they treat their children badly so put them into care but then we heard them saying to their children that they have to get them treats as well. So we decided to make it look like a boring old place so whatever child has come has come for the right reason."" You could have just called the police you know!" " oh yeah you know what that's what we are going to do from now and we are going to make this place look like it's paradise falls again, thank you so much we appreciate your help and offer you a job here."" Taken it's better than being a fake spy." So everything turned out to be good, the kingdom of doom became the kingdom of wonders Jessica got a proper job and I was left out to find out my future. Even though she didn't become a here she felt like one.


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