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The Lucky Ones by Matthew Henderson

Book By: Matthew Henderson
Action and adventure

Ella, a 17 year old orphan, has just survived an apocalypse. Her and 100,000 other people are living in underground bumkers. Then, when word gets out that her father may still be alive, she sets out on a journey.

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The Lucky Ones

Prologue: Perpose Medical Center, New York 4:45pm

As I make my way through the hospital, I pass several rooms with at least 5 patients. This town, having such a huge population and such small amount of money can really put people down. The hospital hallways are full of activity. Doctors, nurses, housekeepers, trying to do their job.

I decide not to ask the receptionist where my mother is nursing, because she has at least 5 phones that seem to be taped to her ears, just so that she doesn't have to use her arms too much. My mother told me that the lobby receptionist had arthritis and whenever she uses her hands, she would throw whatever she had in them. I also didn't want to ask anyone anything because of my terrible stutter. Its not that I have a disease, but I always get so nervous.

Suddenly, I hear loud sirens coming from inside and out. The TV in the lobby is flashing words across the top of the screen like a crowd doing a marathon. For the next 5 seconds, all in the hospital is quiet. The only noise is coming from the sirens. I hear the front door to the hospital open, flashing lights, loud screams, and then all goes black.

Chapter 1: Training

Unknown Location 7:00am

I wake up in Bunker 9, the usual. After Phase 4 of the apocalypse, about 100,000 of us have been living underground in the sewers or underground garages. Each of us helped create the 20 floor down bunker hideout. Its the safest place for us to stay. I am among only 7 other children out of 100,000 people. All of us have lost our families, and we are all alone. Bunker 9 is where we all stay. Its one of the deeper bunkers that could be the least destroyed.

We recieve our schedules through the mail slot annd go to our stations. Each of us have to be trained to be able to handle the next 6 phases of the apocalypse. Training includes creating camps, hunting for any food that may be nearby, using our GPS systems and so on.

I need to report to Camp Training 432. I dont even notice Orion following me.

"What are you doing?" I say curiosly. My eyes move into a suspicous look that seems to make him unconfortable.

"My schedule says Camp Training 432. See?" Orion says with slight nervousness. Some of the other kids think that he has a massive crush on me, but we both know that this is all about survival now and that there is no time for going on dates. Even though he is my age and he is pretty athletic, I cannot let that get the best of me. Not like how the apocalypse did.

"Do you wanna walk together then?" he asks.

"Sure." We approach the elevator and I press the button for the 2nd Level. What seems like a short ride up, could actually feel like going up a billion floors.

"Ella. I need to tell you something. Its very impor-" I inturrupt him.

"Please dont call me that Orion. Just call me El. Nobody has called me Ella, except my parents."

The elevator doors finally open and death is laid out before my eyes. The entire room is exposed to the outdoors, the ceiling completely erased from the room. Blood and bodies of the trainers lay everywhere, as if the insides of their bodies where thrown out of them. Above the training room is where the Armory Training is, or where it was. Orion and I shakily walk into the training room. Then, a loud siren blows and each of the bodies start to turn to dust. The ceiling forms back together, all of the blood and guts also disappearing. Then, the trainers walk in laughing.

"Well you sure did handle that well. You have just passed the Emotional Test." says one of the trainers with a smile.

" I can't believe you motherfuckers actually fell for it!" the other trainer bursts out laughing.

"Wait? So all of this was just a test?" Orion says angrily. The trainers continue their laughter, which also includes some profanity. The laughter starts to die out.

"Of course it was just a test! Phase 5 doesnt begin for another week!" the trainers say.

"I am Noah." the boy trainer says.

"And I am Rebecca" the girl trainer says. Noah looks like he is around 18 years old, while Rebecca looks around 25. Noah has spiky blond hair and a huge scar that runs along the back of his arm. Rebecca has long black hair and always seems to have a confident face.

"So. Lets begin Training!" says Rebecca.

Training goes by in a flash and we are already heading to lunch. Lunch really only consists of the same thing. It's the only thing that is now prospering. And that is a lifeless, colorless, tofu. The scientists on the bottom level figured out how to create food out of dead people and animals. But all they could come up with was tofu.

"Taste like shit!" Noah replies with distaste and anger.

" Well it's the only thing that we can eat at the moment. Can you just be thankful for what you have?" Rebecca asks.

Suddenly, I am in a garden, with my mother but I am only 5 years old. We are planting our favorite vegetables, taro and sweet potato. Then the phone is ringing. My mother walks inside to answer it. I hear some gasps and remarks, and swearing. My mother runs out crying, picks me up and runs me inside. All is a flash. My father walks in, wondering what is going on.

"Do you know who Tara is?" she says shakily with anger. She is constantly telling him to get out of the house. That was the last time I ever saw my dad. When I got older, my mother told me that he cheated on her for almost all my life. Since I was born. She told me that it was all my fault that they split. She was indenial, of course. She started getting sick. Got cancer and several tumors. After a couple of months of treatment, I went to go visit her. She was no longer angry at me. She told me she was sorry for everything. Since that day, I was visiting her everyday. She always told me that she was thankful to have me in her life. Till the apocalypse.

"So, El. How's your lunch?" Orion asks.

"The usual. Same thing as yours." I respond. He seems taken aback.

"Oh, right. Haha. Sorry I for-"

"Don't say sorry. It doesnt matter anyway." I hear a siren from above. At first I think its from the ground level, but it gets louder, and I realize the siren is in this room...

(This book has been currently paused from being edited. For more, visit my other books-in-progress.)


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