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Circle Were (Preview)

Book By: Melissa Firefox
Action and adventure

(WARNING: PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE BEGINNING THE ACTUAL CIRCLE WERE SERIES. This explains what CW is all about, so you will understand it much clearer. Anyway, I had so much fun creating this, and I hope you enjoy the series!)

Submitted:Oct 24, 2013    Reads: 50    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

You know, werewolves aren't at all as scary as we've pictured them over the years. They only bare their fangs (which are actually just like the average German Shepard's), bristle up, and flash blood-red eyes when they're angry.

And there are two groups of werewolf- only ONE of which can appear human by day and morph back into itself at night. This shape-shifting pack is called Circle Were.The other non-morphing pack is called Night Howler. Unlike Circle Weres, these wolfies always remain a werewolf, even in the daytime. Because of this, the sun always fries them so they're nocturnal.

Do you REALLY want to know what exactly a wolf is? I'll tell you: your every-day, average canis lupus is actually a werewolf whose genes have fully matured (whatever THAT means). Their Midnight Abilities (or MA), as they are called, diminish, leaving an ordinary animal with no powers.

...Except for the traditional urge to "howl at the moon". And I'll fill you in on this habit: Long ago, werewolves were guided by a silvery spirit in the moon known as Luna lupus, or Moon Wolf, whom they always obeyed. But one night, the Sun Wolf, named Sol lupus, fought with the moon wolf, and the werewolves' beloved alpha was killed. Her silver blood splattered all over the moon, which is why today the moon has large gray-ish spots, and also why, in Luna lupus's honor, wolves call to their beloved moon, mourning (another reason why they howl with their head upward when mourning over another wolf), wishing she would come back.

Appearance, appearance! Well, I gotta say, werewolves are pretty darn tricky to tell apart from real wolves, and Circle Weres NEVER tell a SOUL they are part wolf. But, unlike Night Howlers, Circle Weres wear special charm necklaces (the charm being whatever represents the werewolf). Oh, yes, and the names. All werewolves, including Night Howlers, have Latin names (but as humans, Circle Weres bare regular human names). Every wolf's surname (this does not make everyone related to each other) is lupus, or wolf, as you have probably guessed.

The extremely rare few whose genes have not "fully matured" yet remain a werewolf.

Please enjoy the thrilling series coming soon!

PLEASE READ: If you want to make a werewolf character for me to include in the Circle Were series, I'd be happy to take a look at any suggestions or ideas! Thanks!


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