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Nikolas has been bullied his whole life. Even in college he can't seem to get away from people harassing him. Over the years being bullied has become his way of life. So much that he begins thinking of killing himself. A little hope for change is the only thing that deters him from such an action, even though he thinks it's still useless. However, his life does change, a lot. For the better or worse, it is to be found out.

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WARNING: This is not the complete product. This is only part of it. I want help on how to improve my writing.

If you are reading this, I want to thank you for doing so. I want to thank you for taking some time from your life to read about mine. Before you start, I must warn you that I am no author. I may lack description, emotion, and everything that makes a good book, good. The one thing I can say, though, is that this will have something that not a lot of others have. And that, my friend, is the truth. This is not a fictional story. It is a story of my life. If you come to the conclusion that it is not real, that you don't believe it, that is ok. I just hope you will change your mind.


So, here it is.

I always wondered how many stars are actually in the universe. Then that would lead to the question of how big is the universe and if it was the only one. If there is one universe and it ends, what is outside of the universe? Nothing, quite a few people would say. But, that makes me question myself, what exactly is nothing? Personally, when I imagine nothingness, I imagine just black. Black, though, is something, right? It's there, we see it. Then, how can that be nothing? Nothing would be everything imaginable gone, including black. I find it hard to imagine that. I can't imagine nothingness. For me, at the moment, it's impossible. If it is impossible to imagine nothingness, then does that mean there will always be something?

Let's say the universe doesn't end. It goes on forever and forever. You could say that means there are endless possibilities for the universe. But, as with nothingness, I can't imagine forever. Like when I try to imagine numbers going on and on. For example, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...1000,2000, etc. Numbers will never end when you count. I could fill up a sheet of paper, front and back, and I could still make a number bigger. So, since it will always go on, I could count for all my life and never reach the end. If I can't imagine forever, does that mean, well, what does it mean? That the universe is actually growing? How else could it be endless? You can't reach endless or forever. If the universe is endless, that means it hasn't reach it yet. So, that would mean it's growing, expanding.

That's a speech I gave in college. I think it was a drama class. All the students had to give a speech that would touch the audience emotionally. I guess mine didwell because I remember on my report my drama instructor put, "I don't know about that being emotional, but it made my head hurt.". I took it for what it was and was just happy I passed.

I remember walking off the podium and sitting down in my seat. I recieved a few notes from some other students during class. One of them was from Phillip. His note said, "Good going nerd". I crumpled it up and threw it down. I went on to the next one, it was from Sammuel. It simply read, "freak!". The last one, from Vanessa read, "You've never been laid in your life have you?". That was my typical life. Practically every day I was harassed and tortured emotionally and physically. The notes were one of the emotional assaults I took. Two days after that I was physically attacked.

That was when I was eating lunch at the park. Some classmates happened to be there.

Sitting underneath a huge oak tree and eating a salad with fruit was one of my favorite things to do. It was so peaceful to me. I was able to get away from my troubles. I was finishing my salad when a voice yelled from behind me.

"Hey everyone! It's the universe freak!"

I recognized the voice as Sammuel's and ignored him. Though, that didn't stop him and his friends from coming over.

"What is this, a salad? At the park?", he proceeded to laugh. Then he grabbed my salad out of my hands. "I guess you freaks need to stay healthy huh?"

Feeling absolutely powerless, I hung my head knowing what was about to happen. Over the years I've subdued to the constant bullying I received. I sort of gotten used to it. As a side effect, I've always been in this depression like state. Slowly, but surely, life was growing more pointless.

*WHAP!* Sammuel slammed my fruit salad into my face throwing my head back against the tree. Phillip and his posse all started laughing. I could hear them walking away continuing to laugh as I slowly blacked out from smashing the tree.

If I was lucky, I'd get a day with no harassment and able to avoid all the students. On those days I'd watch T.V., eating ice cream in my dorm room. Some how I was graced with no roommate, that or no one wanted to bunk with me.

The days when I was bullied, it'd be about the same. Except, suicidal thoughts loomed back and forth in my barely lit mind. Every time the thought surfaced it would be as a towering wave slamming against my skull. The only thing that kept me from giving in was the faint hope that somehow my life would change. I hated myself for that, for having hope. I suffered every day because of it. Nothing ever changed. That is, until I woke up from Phillip knocking me unconscious.

When I woke up, my life took a very drastic turn.

I slowly regained consciousness. I couldn't help but wonder why it was so hard to open my eyes. As my eyelids slowly lifted, a bright light crept though making me regret trying to do so. I gasped as my hands instinctively came up to cover my eyes.

"He's awake", a deep, distant voice said.

All of a sudden I heard a *whoosh* then I heard people walking towards me. Their footsteps sounded like earthquakes pounding away.

"Open your eyes", one of them said.

I tried only for the bright light to burn my eyes again. "Argh! I can't!"

The footsteps shuffled a few seconds and again one of them told me, "Open your eyes".

Getting aggravated at this point, I took a deep breath and very carefully pried open my eyes. This time, there was no bright light. I got them completely open only for everything to be out of focus.

"Good", another voice said.

"Where am I?", I asked trying to focus on the individuals surrounding me.

"That's not important right now", A woman dragged a chair in front of me and sat down. "What is important, is that you answer some questions".

My eyes slowly focused on her, "Am I in heaven?". I smiled as I asked the question, happy I was no longer to be bullied and depressed.

"No", she said quite bluntly.

I narrowed my eyes as the all too familiar feeling of total anguish spread throughout my body once more.

"Do you remember what happened to you?", she asked.

Instantly a searing pain thrashed my head. I couldn't help but hold it, "Um, yeah", I replied, "Just another day in the great life".

A smile of pity, barely noticed, adorned her face. "Can you answer some questions for me?", the woman asked.

I nodded my head in return, regretting the action when my head was hit with the searing pain again.

She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms, "What's your name?"

"Nikolas", I answered, "Nikolas Colt".

"Nikolas Colt", she said to herself, "and where were you born?".

"Woah woah", I slurred and managed a light chuckle at her, "who are you people again?". My eyes began adjusting and I looked around the room at the strangers, "If I'm not dead, I'm going home." I stood up and started walking towards the door.

I didn't even get past her when two of the men stepped in front of me.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that", the lady said in a calm voice, "not until you answer my questions."

Fear began taking over. I turned around and yelled, "Listen lady, I'm going to call the cops!"


I quickly checked my front right pocket, it was empty. Then the fear took hold. They must have taken it when I was knocked out. I pushed passed the men and bolted for the door. Making it to the door, I pushed it open and ran out. Only to run into something solid knocking me down.

"Nikolas, you must answer my questions"

I looked up and it was the woman from the room, "How'd--How'd you do that?"

"Go back into the room, answer my questions and I'll tell you"

Obviously I had no choice. I couldn't run away from someone who could, what seemingly looked like, teleport. So I stumbled back into the room and sat down.

"Alright, where were you born?"

Reluctantly I answered her question, "Red Oak, Iowa"

"When were you born?"

*This is crazy*, I thought to myself, "January, 31, 1980"

"It's him", a man said behind her.

She cast a quick glare at him. He dropped his eyes and stepped back.

"What does he mean, I'm him?" I asked suspiciously.

"Nothing, he means nothing", she said disdainfully still glaring at him.

She turned her gaze back on me, "I have no more questions, and you're free to go."

I stood up, "You still haven't answered my question"

She smiled, "Which one?"

I had to think a moment, "Both of them"

She said, not pointing to anyone, "That is Gunther, Hraban, Odo, and Adanna".

"And you are?"

Her smile got bigger as if happy to announce herself, "Adaeze"

"Now what the heck are you people?" I asked,not sureof what I might hear.

There was a long pause as she stood there and looked at me. Her smile faded and eventually said, "We are not people. We are angels, God's Angels."

And that's when I woke up, still in the park.


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