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The Moonlight Tribe

Book By: Moness315
Action and adventure

Shadow: Just your every day wolf in the army fighting Dar'Don butt, and taken' names. But unlike the rest of the army her parents didn't only belong to a now gone tribe but where the strongest of them. She's only missing one thing among the limitless power and mind reading- her sister.
Kido: At least that's what she's know as, with no name or real family, she was left in the woods and some how found her way to Jessie, her "mom" in a way. Just a normal human mixed with the most powerful creatures to walk the earth. But when a strange girl shows up her world is turned up-side-down and thron ina blender put on "confuse me".

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By: Emma Garness

& Megan Schuzler

The War

It was a cold, and bloody and many of my fellow tribies where dead. My name is Shadow, but to the most people I would be The Unknown, and am one of the elite snipers in the army.

In the past there was another war over land and we were fighting with the same people that we have been for so long. All the humans that where in our world turned into their natural form, wolfs.

The Elders turned to the strongest people that they knew the leaders of the Moonlight Tribe, and my mom and dad. They would fight with honor for our tribe, but the leader of the enemy murdered them with no mercury when they attacked us. After that, the leader made his troops go and steal the young; looking for me, the strongest wolf in our army.

I was just a young pup when this happen and I was defenseless in my crib. I remember looking all around the room, and right next to me was another crib and the pup that was in there look just as scared as I was.

All of a sudden the troops came in to my room and one looked right at me then turned and said "The other one must have escape!" And then ran with the pup that was in the other crib. I was puzzled and lost, because I was right in front them. After that I knew I was on my own.

I some how found my way here, helping the army, then becoming a part of it when I was thirteen. I'm only fifteen no and I've seen more people dead, die and get hurt then your average human veteran from Vietnam.

* *

The war ended, safe to say that we won. But one thing that I know is I give it a wile and they'll be back. I will be waiting for them to come back. The reason why is because in the tribe we were fighting, the Dar'Dons, didn't back down.

"Hey, kid!"

"Oh, hey." I said as I put my hand out. "Nice to meet you."

"Thanks for saving me out there, I owe you man." He said, realizing that I was a girl. I looked at him, giving him in a "don't worry 'bout it" way. "The name's Ra."

"Unknown." I said.

Ra took off and headed back in to the conference room. I walked over to the general's room and pulled open the door and walked inside.

"Hello Miss Unknown." The general said in delight.

"Why are you so happy General?" I asked, wounding if he got a blow to the head. (Yeah it happens in practice too.)

"Well, we won the war." The general said as he jumped up into the air.

I roll my eyes "You know, we haven't won yet, they just backed off for a while. And that was forever ago why celebrate now?"

And I swear to you not two seconds later did a crash come from out side.

"Probably just another accidental set off in the cores." He told us. We nodded and started back about the up-coming war.

The general was telling Ra and I about the next mission, when we heard another loud bang. This was no accident. All of a sudden, the roof collapsed.

Ra was about to be flattened like a pancake, and I was not going to let that happen on my watch, so I push him out of the way.

A few minutes later I woke up in so much pain that I wasn't able to open my eyes. When I did get them opened I look at the source of my pain, my leg. Then knew that it would take an hour or more to heal, but as long as Ra was all right I was fine.

Ra ran over. "Unknown, are you okay?"

"Peachey." I replied smiling. "Can you lift that rock up it's crushing my leg."

"Of course." He ran over and lifted the rock just long enough for me to pull my leg out. My pants where covered in blood and dirt. "Oh my god, that doesn't look like your even close to okay!"

Ra told me that we were going to the clinic.

I would have told him about my powers, how I can heal my self, how I can read people's minds, and send messages via telepathy, how I can see people's dreams, about my tribe. But a long time ago I decided it only got me in trouble.

So I let him baby me a little.


"Hey kiddo, can you come here?" yelled Jessie from the room two doors down.

"Yeah, be right there" I got up from the front desk, and walked down the hall. "What ya need Jess?"

"I need you to finish wrapping her wrist and then, when you're done, empty all the trash cans in all the rooms." She told me handing me a role of bandages and walking out.

I laughed. She was always doing crazy stuff like that.

I looked over at the little girl on the bead. She looked about eight, and was cradling her arm. I walked over to her with the bandage and gently put her hand in mine trying to figure out where she would need the most support. I looked up her arm and saw her symbol, three points and four diamonds. The Sunlake Tribe, incredible strong warriors come from them, and she looked like she was going to be one of them.

* *

After I was done I sat on the roof watching the sun set over the trees. "Why am I here?"I asked myself. This was a question I asked often. The answer was the same every time, some dramatic story that tells me I shouldn't be alive. But I mean here, among the tribes, among the wolves.

A pathetic human mixed with the most powerful creatures to walk the Earth. It, to me, just seems like dumb luck, and I should have died a long time ago. Yet here I am, in a clinic next to the second largest military base in the tribes.

The worst part is my name. And not in the, my name is lame way, but the fact that I don't have one. Well I have one but no one knows it, not even me. Names mean every thing here; it's who your parents wanted you to be, or a skill they saw in you long before you could walk. So they couldn't just give me another. It wouldn't be permitted.

I looked at the small piece of newspaper that told my story:

"In the commotion of the attack on the Moonlight Tribe sat a human child, dropped by unknown parents, running away. At first they thought she was a member of the Moonlight Tribe, but after three years she would not turn wolf. So she was dropped off at the Eastside Clinic, to be cared for by owner Jessie, and help out when she is older." "Without a real name, in a place where a name is the only thing you can't lose, "Kido" and "Nurse" just stuck." I finished off.

"Kido," yelled Jessie from the ground, "time for dinner."

"'Ka be right down." I yelled back. She went back inside, and I started to clime down.

When I reached the door at the back, I opened it and went in side. The smell of roasted beef filled my nostrils.

"Smells grate Jess." I said as she sat the table with a couple of cups. I sat down across from her, my usual spot.


I looked up "So?"

"Your birthday is tomorrow."

I sat down my fork. "Jess its fine; we don't have to do anything special."

"I know what you said, but I want to do some thing for you. Kids your age do stuff like that."

"Jess, I'm not like the kids around hear." I said losing my apatite. Remembering the fact that the people that gave birth to me left me in a forest, and that I was human in a world of wolves, was not something I wanted to think about. I hadn't left the clinic in thirteen years, and Jessie was the only one who actually cared for me.

"Fine but I'm making a cake, and you are going to eat it if I have to shove it down your throat." She smiled.

"Fine." I monad with a smile.

I helped Jessie with the dishes then went to my room. It's small, but has enough room for a bed, a dresser, and a desk. I walked over to my bed and sat down. It had been a long day, and I just wanted to sleep. But for some reason I couldn't.

I lay staring at the ceiling for what seamed like forever. When my eyes finely closed I had a dream.

I lay in a crib staring up. It was dark but I could hear screams from out side. A man in a strange uniform came in and picked me up. He walked out side where the yelling was louder and bone chilling.

He handed me to another man.

"Is this one of them?" he asked.

The man put his hand on my head. "No. Kill it, we must find them both." He commanded handing me back to the man who got me.

He was now running towards the woods. "I can't kill you; I'm not one of them. I hate being a spy. I'll leave you hear. Hopefully some one will find you and care for you." He put me down in the middle of a clearing. "Good luck." He ran off and left me there, alone in the woods.

I woke up, face wet from crying.

"Het, kid…" she stopped when she saw my face. "You okay?"

"Yeah, crazy dream." I said getting up. "What ya need?"

"Okay. I need you at the front desk again today."

"Sure Jess." I got up, and got dressed. I walked up front, towards the lobby.

Like every thing else here, it was small. Chairs lined the walls and two pairs of back-to-back couches on either side sat in the middle. Two glass doors where on the far side welcoming people and the front desk sat right across.

On most days Wiled Ray, our help, would be hear, but the past few days she was sick. And I was stuck sitting in that hard chair all day.

I sat down, and picked up the book Ray was reading. I attempted to read the back. I couldn't read most of it. It sounded pretty bad from what I could make out. I put it back on the desk and laid my head down.

Again I lay in the crib but this time instead of a dark heavy feeling, I got a more pleasant, loving one. The room was normal on my right I could see another crib. Empty.

I was picked up by a woman this time, with a soft, gentle touch. She carried me over to a rocking chair I hadn't noticed before. Across from us was a man with another baby in his arms sitting on the window seat.

"How's Shadow doing?" asked the woman "She's been fussy all day."

"Fell right to sleep." He said smiling. "And how is little Dark Knight."

Shadow and Dark Knight, have to remember those names I said to my self. I didn't know why, but they felt important.

I woke up to the ring of the bell that someone had come in. She just sat down in one of the chairs.

"Ma'am," I said getting up. "Are you okay?"

She kept her head down. I walked over to her, and as I got closer to her I could see a large cut on her leg. "Ma'am?" I put my hand on her shoulder. She lifted her head slowly to look up.

When our eyes met, I didn't trust them with what I saw.


Her hair was the same jet black. Her noise, the same soft point. Her chin, the same curve that gave me a more rounded head. The only difference is our eyes. Mine where a black. Herr's where bluish-gray

I stood up, not taking my eyes off hers. "Who are you?" I asked in a hard tone.

"I, I'm, um, well, um," She stuttered trying to think.

"Who are you?" I asked again stepping forward, forcing her back.

She swallowed. "I'm called Nurse."

"Your real name." I toke another step forward, forcing her back more.

"I don't really have one" She said seeming half scared that I would hit her. But I just backed up and walked out.

I ran out side, right to Ra's truck. "Go back to the base." I said jumping in.

"What wait your leg...?"

I cut him off. "Doesn't matter, I'll explain later. Just drive."

He opened his mouth to talk again, but then thought better of it and put the truck in drive.

We arrived at the base shortly afterwards and I ran all the way to where the General had told me he was going to be. (Not that hard for someone like me to do but for someone like you all... never know.)

I charged in to the tent. "General, we need to talk."

He looked at me strangely then told every one to come back in twenty. "What do you need, and why is it important enough to interrupt my conference?"

I sat down in one of the arm chairs at the end of a large wooden table, that didn't look like it could fit in the small tent but some how did. "Remember when I was little and I told you there was another me out there?"

"Yeah, we told that that dream you had was a memory, and the other kid was you in a mirror." He said crossing his arms seeing where this was going.

"It wasn't me in a mirror, it was another me. In a way. Just as I thought." He looked confused.

"It was my twin." I was sitting on the edge of my chair with my hands on the table. "Today, when Ra toke me to the clinic up the road, I saw her. It was like looking in to a mirror, but without the felling that I was looking at my own eyes." I jumped up; trying to be a soldger and talk about possibly finding your long-lost-twin was hard.

"Unknown," Ra barged in. He stopped short when he saw me looking like a school girl begging her teacher for more cookies. "What's going on?"

"Ra, not now." The General said firmly, sending Ra in to a guarding stance at the entrance.

"General, you knew there was another Moonlight out there, didn't you?" I asked. "You knew that it wasn't just a mirror."

"What, why would you even accuse me of such a thing." He stood in a protective stance with his arms crossed and legs spread out just enough to start running at any moment, and still stand if hit by a large blow.

"Because, you didn't sound the least bit surprised that she was out there; and you where best friends with both of my parents. You would have known how many kids they had."

I almost couldn't stand the thought of the Dar'Dons hearing this and going after her. She seamed so innocent when I saw her, as if she wasn't even able to hit a fly.

"We have to go get her before the Dar'Dons hear about it." I told him. "We have to." There was no moving me once I had my mind set, and he knew it.

"How do you even know it's her? What if it's just some random kid and we pick her up, then what?" He asked, as if he had found a perfect reason to not to.

"What if it is her, and the Dar'Dons hear about it, and take her, and torture her. Then what?" I wasn't going to move on this.

He paused, thinking. "We leave tonight, twenty-one hundred hours." I gave a slight smile. "If you're not there at dock three by then, then she's not our problem. Understand?"

"Yes sir." I saluted and walked out, Ra flowing.

"You have a sister?" Ra asked when we got a few yards away.

I turned in the dirt, doing a one-eighty. "Ra, understand this: you can't tell anyone. No one. Do you understand?" Men and woman ran around us, cleaning up from the attack.


I thought for a second. "Come with me." I jogged over to a tent on the east side of the base. I checked to make sure no one was around, then started. "You remember the attack on the Moonlight Tribe sixteen yeas ago, when the Dar'Dons murdered the leaders of our army and their kid?"

"Yeah, why."

"Well they didn't kill their kid; they didn't even know where to find her."

"How would you know this?" He asked. I did another three-sixty to see if there was anyone around.

"Because that kid is me. I have powers that most of our kind can only dream of. I hid using a power called shadowing."

"What? I don't understand."

"Shadowing is when you blend into the shadows and no one can see you, not even with night-vision. I used this to hide when they came in to my room. The other kid, my sister, was not so lucky and was taken." I paused.

This was the first time I have told anyone every thing. I told them enough to get a sense of who I am, never what I am. Not even the General knew every thing. "And if the Dar'Dons ever found any of this out it would not only hurt me and her, but every one."

He looked confused as he tried to process all of what I've said. "So if you can do that, shadowing I mean, what ells can you do?"

I pondered if I should tell him. I can do this. I thought to him. He jumped back, astonished. "I can read people's minds, see there dreams and send thoughts."

"So you're a telepath?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"All of your abilities work with your mind besides shadowing."

"Yeah." I remembered my original reason for telling him all of this. "But you can't tell anyone. If word of anything I've told you gets out, it could be catastrophic."

"Yes ma'am." He said saluting. I started to walk out when he called, "Unknown, why tell me all of this?"

"Because, I felt like I could trust you. And one more thing, the name's Shadow." I ran out and towards the armory. I had to prepare for tonight.

Sixteen for two

After that girl came in I didn't fell to good, and was spooked enough to not want to work the front for a long, long time.

"Kido!" Jess yelled from the back, where the house was.

"Just a sec Jess!" I yelled back turning off the lights in the lobby.

I walked back to the house and opened the door.

"Happy Birthday!" She yelled coming out from the kitchen with a small brown icing cake with a candle on top. "Make a wish!"

I thought for a second. What did I want more then anything right now? What could I ask for and never have to tell anyone?

Then I knew. I want to know who I really am. I want to know my name. I blew out the candle with that wish.

"Lets eat!" She smiled setting the cake down on the table.

I sat down across from her and started to dig in when I got a head-ache so bad I curled in to a ball and healed my head.

"Kido, oh my gosh! Are you all right." She Ran over to me kneeling on the floor to see my face.

It ended as quickly as it had come, and I just looked at her. "Yeah, just don't fell to well."

"Come on, let's get you to bed. Hopefully you'll fell better in the morning." I nodded and held on to her shoulders as she walked me to my room. "I'm glad you're light."

I smiled. I was only about a hundred pounds, and was easer to carry because of it.

My eyes where practically closed before Jess even opened my door.

I fell asleep and for the third time, had a crazy dream.

I was running, as hard as I could, form something I couldn't hear, much less see.

Two people, one on each side, where running with me.

"Come on, we have to reach base before..." She was cut off and tackled by something bigger then me by far, but we still tackled it and tried to pull it off of her.

For some reason it was not only for her sake but mine too, like if she died here, I would too.

Come up front. I shot up from my bed. Some one was here.

I walked out of my room, into our living room-dining room. "Who's there?" I grabbed a bat that we always kept between the fridge and wall it leaned against, just in case.

Be quite. Come on, out to the lobby.

In the hall leading to the lobby I could hear the loud sound of rain bashing in to the roof and sliding off.

With ever strike of lightning I got closer to the lobby. When I passed the thresh-hold to lobby lightning lit up the room and door way, where I could see a dark figure standing.

My heart beat fast as I thought of all the different ways he or she could kill me.

Calm down, we're not going to kill you. But I am sorry for what I have to do now. The person said.

"Who are you...?" I was cut off as I fell to the floor. I saw them open the doors before my eyes got heavy and closed.

* *

When I woke, I was in a small room made of concert. The only light source was a small lamp that was on a desk to my left. The door had a reddish rust paint on it with a small handle.

I stood up and ran to it to see if it was looked. I turned it slowly to the right and it popped open. I cracked it open, and peered out.

It was a small hallway lit every five feet or so with a light bulb hanging on a wire. Every thing was concrete; no windows either.

No one was in the hall to I opened the door more to walk out. I still had on the close from today, but was barefoot. I walked down the hall where there was a T intersection. I turned right and started walking.

Every thing looked the same; I could have been walking in circles for all I knew. All the doors where reddish rust and all the halls where concrete.

Finally, after what seamed like forever, I saw a double door. I ran through it and was instantly greeted by light.

I continued to run as my eyes agusted, then stopped dead in my tracks as I saw where I was.

Men and women where running around as other men and women barked orders. Trucks where coming in as other full with, what looked like broken concrete, went out.

Others where careering people that looked beat up to a tent with a large red cross.

It was night but every thing was lit with stadium lights.

No one noticed me looking like a lost baby in a mall. I walked around and saw more and more damage. I was walking backward when I ran in to someone. I spun around. "Oh sorry,"

"No, no. It was my," He stopped mid sentence. "Unknown, what are you wearing?"


"Never mind. The General needs you, come on." He grabbed my arm and led me through the maze of people and tents, then finally into one. The whole time I looked at his upper arm where I could see the same symbol as that little girl had. Afraid, I followed him with out resistance.

When we entered the tent an older man with darkened skin from the sun and gray-white hair in a military uniform stood on front of me.

"Unknown?" He looked confused. "What are you wearing?"

I looked down at plain white T-shirt and slightly torn jeans. "Um,"

"Never mind, it turns out the attack this morning was the Dar'Dons. We found this around where they would have had to be to cause this much damage." He held up a paper with little squiggles on it that looked like they may be words.

"Um," I started again.

Suddenly another person barged through the tent door, dressed in a military uniform. "General," She started looking at me and stopping.

She ran over and hugged me in a way that only Jess did. I could fell tears drip on to my shirt, as she continued to hug me.

When she let go she looked me in the eyes with her jet black eyes that matched her hair. Her face was red, and another tear ran down her cheek as she looked at my puzzled face. "I finally found you."

I pushed her arm that she still had holding me down. "Who are you people? Where am I? Take me back to the clinic. Now." I was freaking by now.

The guy that dragged me in here looked at us confused. "Witch of you is Unknown?"

"Me, and this is my girl I told you about." She looked at me this time with only half a smile.

"How do you know me?" I yelled. "I want to go home!" I felt like a little kid when I said that last part.

"I'm Unknown, I'm your sister." She said. She grabbed my wrist and held it. "You have to remember."

"I don't know you." I grabber her wrist the way Jessie had taught me and tried to pull her off when my vision faded and the seen turned to something else.

We where sitting on the ground on a blanket that was spread out. The two people from before sat on either side feeding us both.

I could hear the birds chirping and saw a dragonfly speed across in front of me.

All of a sudden I was being lifted up and falling down, only to be caught again.

We where sat down facing each other, we smiled and tried to stand using each other as stands. The people laughed as we final both got up and jumped holding on, never to let go.

My vision faded and then I was back in the tent sit holding on to her wrist, trying to get away. I let go and looked at her.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I just need a sec." I remembered what I felt was so important to me. "Shadow and Dark Night." I muttered.


"What's your name?"

"Unknown, like I said."

"No, no it's not. Its Shadow isn't it. You can blend in to the shadows, that's why they named you that." I looked at her.

"How'd you know?"

Thats all for now Chapter Five will come out if people like it so far! :P


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