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Kenny was your normal high school girl, until she was taken away from home and put on an unknown island in and unknown sea, to train with her brothers and sisters from a past life to defect and evil spirit that threaten to eat the souls of all thous they love.
But hey, it's not like Kyle, Kenny, Chris, Tommy, A.J., and Lilly can't handle it.

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The Six Warriors

By: Emma Garness

Chapter One

Fighting the crowed to get outside, not the easiest thing to do in an over-crowded high school with everyone heading the other way. But somehow I made it out the back doors.

I pushed the large metal doors open and walked outside. I immediately saw a bunch of kids surrounding a fight. I started to walk away when I heard a voice. "Let me go jerks!"

He yelled it like he wanted it to be heard a mile away. It was Charlie.

We're not best-friends or anything; we're those kids in every school that no one wants as a lab partner or to sit by at lunch. So we kinda ended up to gether because of our differences.

But best-friends or not Charlie was the only one who I would smiled in front of. I wasn't going to let him get hurt.

I dropped my backpack by the side of the sidewalk in case I needed to get out fast and pushed my way through the crowd.

Charlie was on the ground, jeans torn at his knees, shirt untucked and patted with dirt. He looked like they had been at him for two, three minutes tops. I steeped in front of him before another mussel man got a hold of him. "Hey jack asses, pick on someone your own size."

"Kenny, don't." Charlie got up and held on to me. "Please." his face looked beat up the most.

"Hey, little girl, you sure have a big mouth. Care to back it up?" One of them asked me.

I leaned Charlie against his little sister. I nodded at her to watch him, then turned to the kid talking to me. I didn't know his name, but I knew his face. He was the kid that beat up anyone smaller or weaker then him.

"I would love to." I told him.

"Fine, I'll go easy on you 'cause you're a girl." He cracked his knuckles.

"Same for you." It was custom for me to insult people before their face met my foot.

"You little bitch." He ran towards me, fist flying. I knocked it to the side throwing mine into his jaw, felling flesh brake beneath it. He fell to ground.

Time slowed down as two more came from, what seemed like no ware, and tried to grab me. I had time to reackt as they lifted their arms to punch me in the face. Their faces looked shocked as I turned and lifted both arms catching them both around the upper cheats sending them back about three feet.

I thought that was strange how far they went, they just assumed it was their force being stopped dead and turned around. A lot of since stuff.

Time started again and they fell like rocks in water. "Anyone else?" I yelled. No one came out. "Good. Now you three, leave Charlie alone or it'll be five times as worse next time." I walked over to Charlie and his sister, pulled Charlie over on to my shoulder. "Let's go guys."

I picked up my backpack when I heard the metal doors open and the vice-principal yelling my name. I pretended not to hear and walked away.

We where about half way to Charlie and his sister's house when anyone said anything. "Thanks, for what you did back there I mean."

I looked over to him, his face black and blue. "Don't mention it." I said, my shoulder starting to hurt from the dead weight.

"No seriously Kenny, you saved my life. Thanks." He stopped, like he needed it to get through my thick head.

"And I seriously mean don't tell anyone. I word gets out that I saved you, things would get weird." He started again.

"I just have one question, how'd you get those guys so fast?"


"How'd you move so fast when those two guys where coming at you?" He looked over at me.

"What are you talking about I didn't move faster, those guys where moving so slow it's hard not to beat them to the punch. Literally." I thought about it.

Time did seem to slow down, but I wasn't paying much ation. I was focusing all I had on the three guys wanting to flatten me like a pancake.

"I think I can take him from here." I popped back to reality and realized we were at their street.

"Oh, yeah." I let go of Charlie and leaned him against his sister. "You sure ya got him?"

"Yeah, see you tomorrow."

"Later." She turned down the road, and I kept on this until I reached my road. I walked for another two blocks and reached my house.

My mom was one of those house designer people and was always working on ours. Right now she was on a country-house-in-the-city look. We had a little white picket fence, and a huge deck, that we never use.

I opened the fence and walked to the screen door. If that old hag called my mom I'd never hear the end of it. I promised not to get in anymore fights. I walked it and silently ran up the stairs.

It was a few hours before mom came up. "Kenny." She knocked on my door, I don't get a chance to say anything before she came in. "Your vice-principal called, said you got in another fight, broke a kid's jaw. Kenny, we talked about this,"

"Mom, those guys where messin' with Charlie. And I'm so sick of 'em thinking they can just do whatever an' get away with it." I set the book I was reading down and sat up on my bed. She sat down next to me.

"Kenny, I know you want to protect people, and I love that about you, but you can't do it like this."

"Mom, there's no other way to." I was done talking about this.

Mom sighed, giving up. "Dinner's down stairs if you want to eat." She got up and left, closing my door behind her.

I looked over at the picture I had on my night stand. It was of me and my dad a few years ago, before he got sick. "I would tell her, she just doesn't understand."

I picked up my book. The only thing I liked doing was reading. No one can put limits on books, I liked that. You could read about anything, and no one can tell you no.

I don't remember falling asleep, or even feeling tired.

I woke up just enough to see that I was in a car. I could feel the bumps on the road, and the seat beat holding me in. There was an old man with a long beard sitting across from me.

I tried to say something but my eyes got heavy and I fell back asleep.



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