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Okay, yes, i know, im a vampire

By: oreoeatinbunneh

Page 1, Ugh stereotypes, everyone thinks I hide in darkness and suck blood Not all vamps do that Im a artificial bloodsucker, the blood creeps me out. :/

Chapter 1: Creepy kid, and human school!? Help!!

I shut off my annoying alarm clock. Why the heck did I set the damn thing? Whatever, least of my troubles. It was my first day of school...EVER! When I'm 160. Lets just parents are "predictable". I walked to my vanity to find my bleach blond hair in a mess. I shrugged my shoulders with out a care. Taking my comb I brushed through my hair lightly.

my room:

I let my door creak open slightly. I wanted to sneak out before my parents woke up. Silence. I tiptoed past my parents' bed room, grabbed my book bag, and ran out the door.

I arrived at the tall building, crowded with students. Taking a long sigh, I walked into the school. Average. Blue lockers, classrooms, patterned tiles. It was simple, I could get used to this. My thoughts were interuppted by a scrawny, pale looking boy. In a way, he looked ill. I turned my head slowly to face him, hoping he'd look away like normal people did, but he didn't. "May I help you?" I asked calmly. He just stood there. After five minutes I just walked away. Talk about creepy.

Class later dragged wasn't what I expected, but it was better than what I normally did, sit at home on the couch watching those cheesy, sappy, vampire movies. Why are directers so stereotypical about vampires?

"DDDDIIIINNNNGGG!!" went the sound of the final bell. I walked out of school with the sweaty oafs, the nerds, the populars (which drowned me with perfume), and the bullies. Judging by the looks, I'm not gonna fit in that easily. I grabbed my vamp sun protecter cream and smeared it on my face and arms.

I sat on a bench and grabbed my book. Thats when at the corner of my eye I noticed what looked like a smudge sit next to me. It was creepy dude! Crap. He leaned in towards my ear.

"I know your secret" he whispered.

I furrowed my brow, "What???"

He laughed and pushed up his glasses. "That your a-" he looked around. "Vampire" he whispered.

Oh crap! how did he know!?!?!?!

"Pffft,, vampires don't exist!" I sputtered. He pushed up his glasses-again- and narrowed his eyes. "Okay...than..." he said unsurely. He grabbed his book of myths and creeped away. Weird, but hes going on my list of things to do.


GROSSEST DAY EVER!!!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! Ok, lets start from the beginning of I arrived with my slight happy self. Mr. Sullers, my english teacher was talking about a new project. "Ok class, lets cut the crap and get started." Everyone went silent. "As you know we are having an english project.." "BOOOO!!" sounded the classroom. He silently put his finger to his lips. "I will assign your partners..". Creepy dude got up and went to the front of the room. He whispered into Mr. Suller's ear then handed him a twenty dollar bill. Mr. Sullers held up the twenty to the window and winked. Creepy walked to his seat and smiled grimly. "Ok.. Trinity and...Alexander." I searched the room to find an Alexander looking type. Thats when creepy stared at me and smiled. Oh no!!!

WHY WAS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!!?? As the bell rang I rushed out of school. No way I was talking to him again. Luckily it was a shady and cold day. I sat on a bench trying to think. Thats when *cough cough* Alex..ander.... burst out. I couldn't help it, I grabbed my stuff and quickly ran. Surprisingly, he started chasing after me! I ran around the corner looking back, he had tripped on a twig. When I turned around, a sudden pang came to me. "Easy there girl, you almost knocked me down" she said. The girl brushed hair hair back and tucked down her shirt. She looked sort of like this :


"Oh my!" she yelled, staring at my bruised knee. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "My names Crystal Jones, but you can call me CJ". I nodded, brushing off my pants. "My name is Trinity" I stated. She put her hand on her chin. "Ayo Trin, you need a makeover" she announced. Before I could say anything, she dragged me to her house.

I have to admit, shes not bad at styling, heres what she did:

Before After

"Girl, you look HOT!" CJ said while admiring her work. I blushed, which was something I didn't normaly do. I waved bye and ran home before my mom got mad. "There you are!" she said as I entered the living room.

"We were worried about you hun" my dad interuppted.

"Harold, did you finish your work?" mom asked in a happy smirk.

Dad grabbed his stuff and went upstairs silently. "Mum, wheres Kimmy?!" I called from my room.

"Right here.." Kimmy said while standing at my door. She brushed back her brown hair. Sometimes I wish I was Kimmy, shes not a vampire, neither is my mom. People always think were not related. Mostly because dad and I are vampires and have bleach hair, while Kimmy and Mom have normal brown hair, and tan skin. I tooked off my sweater, and threw it at her. "So thats where MY sweater was!" she yelled as she stomped away to her room across the hall.<---Kimmy


Chapter 2: A great girl wears a great uniform

I pressed down my plaid skirt. This looked like crap.

What it looked like: (this is not me)Turns out, only on Mondays are free wear days.

I arrived at school, my ears still bleeding from the loud music Kimmy was playing in the car. "BYE!" she yelled as she drove off.

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